This was emailed to me by my friend Simon LeRoulley in Caen, France. Every time I discover another person with a tattoo inspired by a lyric or song I wrote when I was battling with an issue and needed to express, mostly to myself, that a resolution is always around the corner I feel elated and a bit scared. Not sure why.

Stay Posi kids!!

TTF lineup changes...again!

Hey y'all,

So, after some discussion between the three of us, after a few more Richmond shows Kyler will be parting ways with TTF. We are bummed to see him go, and really happy we got to tour with him two times, record 4 amazing songs, and just generally chill. His writing input on the upcoming BOY’S CLUB ep was so awesome and he really took us to another level. We know he’ll keep SLAPPIN’ DA BASS with Flechette and whatever other awesome projects he cooks up. Go see him at Pibby’s and have him fix your bike.

BUT this does not mean the end of TTF!! Shannon is moving to Rhode Island in a few months and even that isn’t stopping us! Our BFF Kylewilliam (imadethismistake, The Wild, Back Stabbath, The Cottage Records) is going to be playing bass for us on any tours or dates we do after these last few in Richmond!! We are so excited to start playing with KW, he has done tons for us in the years we’ve known him, like put out our first 7" TELL YR STORY on his label, take us on tour, and drive P.S. Eliot on tour when we toured with them last March, and just be a general awesome dude. He lived with us in Richmond for a few months and it ruled. We are really excited to play and write with him!!

SO, it’s a bittersweet transition but we will get through it like we did before! Look out for our last couple Richmond shows…for awhile! First of which on March 25th at Strange Matter with JEFF THE BROTHERHOOD. Say peace to Kyler!

AND the Boy’s Club EP will be out soon on RORSCHACH RECORDS! Many thanks to Talia and Curtis for putting this out for us! More announcements on this in the near future!


Dom & Shan