Hi there! The other thing I’ve been mulling over is a personal logo/brand!

The fox is the animal world’s symbol of cleverness, and it happens to be my favorite color as well. I drew the above sketch all the way back in freshman year of college, in 2010. I liked his shape so much I kept him all these years and decided to put him to use here. Ann helped me figure out a lot of basic illustrator stuff too, which I thank her for!

Upon showing it to my sister, she said it looked like a pen. Which might have been a rather good moment of inspiration. More to come!

In review, because I kid you not, here in Hawaii we are 2 and a half hours away from 2014

-I saw cool art this year

-Gravity was really good

-I expanded my music collection massively and tons of great stuff came out this year: looking at you, The Knife and Daft Punk especially

-One of my former best friends wants to kill me

-Kissed a boy (a lot) and I liked it and I want more plz

-2 very strange relationships with soaring highs and crushing loneliness that have now come to a close (related to the previous 2 on the list)

-My old laptop collided with the ground and thus its destiny: hello new Macbook Pro goodbye money

-I actually transferred my job location early this year and I’ve saved an immeasurable amount of gasoline

-I still like my friends a whole bunch

-I got high for the first time didn’t I

-I think I want to know what I want to do with my life career-wise

Now sitting in my cold living room, belly full of food, listening to my year-end playlist, which is essentially Lose Yourself to Dance on repeat.

Happy New Year y'all.