I know we nearer to Halloween than chinese new year, but I did a little South Park zodiac thing… So, what character are you ~~ ?

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I don't really ship Kyman, but...

it’s totally there. I mean, it’s real. It’s the thing. Canon as fuck. 1000%.
I swear, I ship Style, but all I see in the show is Kyman. And I swear it’s getting gayer every season.

And, dammit, I like it.
Still don’t ship them, cuz I feel bad for Cartman, cuz I don’t think his feelings are reciprocated… His love is hot an’ spicy. Spicy as Cayenne pepper. But Kyle doesn’t love him back, I’m afraid. Although the latest episode kinda implied that he sort of has some kind of feelings, I still think Cartman’s love is strong and passonate, and he’s so desperately alone with all these feelings. I know Cartman’s a dick, but I still feel sorry for him.

Aaaaaand I remind you all that I don’t ship them. Really.
No, I mean it. I ship Style.

But damn is Kyman fucking canon as fuck!