The epic Calvin And Hobbes meets The Force Awakens mashup continues

Brian Kesinger, an artist at Disney and Marvel, caused a sensation on the internet last month with his mashup of Calvin And Hobbes and The Force Awakens, evoking the whimsical art style of Bill Watterson and depicting the fearsome and violent Kylo Ren as an adorable, rambunctious grade schooler, with Han and Leia as his cutely exasperated parents and the mysterious Darth Vader as his Hobbes-like imaginary friend and co-conspirator. Kesinger obviously touched a nerve with these “Kylo And Darth” cartoons, and he has continued to post new images in the series to his Instagram account.

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My Chemical Romance Dance Party with my Digital Escape


Black Cat; Part 4}
— Pickpocket —

My ‘ kitty-kat-kontacts revealed that fellas WALLET over there has just received a huge pay load. Puuuuuuuuuuurfect.
[bumps into guy] [ Oh, Im sorry there handsome.  ” ] Better put on a false southern accent to stay off the radar, It’s my new ALIAS.
[ “ It’s ok doll, w-Woah heeey sexy thang! Can I buy you a drink? ” he said smiling, his voice was super smooth ] Hmmmm If I say yes to him I’d have somewhere to sleep tonight but I better not get into a relationship already, I have too many secrets. [  Nah, I’m not a SINNER. ”  Felicia replied cattily Such a bad lie Ah well. All It took was a little brush up against him and I managed to grab his wallet , first steal of the night.
la di daaa la laaaa , love this track.
And this bitch here , she’s got nice heels on nice skirt , nice top I’m envious. That necklace however is too nice to stay on her neck. I’ll DRUG her drink and wait 10 minutes , she’ll be too high to know I’ve taken it. [ waits 10 minutes ]
[ “ Hey, I love your NECKLACE where did you get It? ” ]
 [ “ It was my moms diamond necklace in the 80s.” Her voice slurred from the drugs and alcohol ]
[ “ Niiiiiiiiiiiiice [ rips necklace off ]. ” ] She’s too much of a MESS to notice that her necklace is mine now , bye bitch.


We’re all searching for someone whose demons that play well with ours.