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Do you think the boys would have tattoos? I've seen artwork with Butters having sunflower tattoos and Kenny having a back piece...what do you think would suit each one of the main boys?

Yeah I’ve seen the beautiful Butters with sunflowers! It’s by @kanoii-chi @aegisdea @kafkaeskin​ if I’m not wrong. 
Now, you come into my inbox with something this tempting? In all honesty.. I don’t think they would except for maybe Stan and Kenny imo. Then again I always feel like Kenny wouldn’t get to keep his tattoos for very long bc of his deaths so he wouldn’t bother. Either that or he’ll cherish them so much he adds another one for every year he doesn’t die haha. Rough thoughts: 
Cartman - I struggled not to make it a joke or anything anti-semitic for his. So the best thing is one with Mr.Kitty
Kenny - Pair of wings that he can’t fly with. He’s basically stuck in this realm forever *casual shrug* :3c 
Kyle - Birds of Paradise symbolising Freedom, Magnificence and Joy 
Stan - Sound Wave of his favourite lyric/quote.