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DC Bombshells (2015-2017) + LGBT characters

Preferences & Headcanons .001: Some ‘Dating Them Would Include’ Headcanons!

Fandom: DCEU

Characters: Diana Prince/Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, Lois Lane, Katana, June Moone & Enchantress

A/N: I imagine the reader as being female or female aligned (using she/her pronouns, being a female at birth), so I’m sorry if it’s offensive! I just imagine them all in WLW relationships! - Ellie

✧ Diana

⋆ Her being protective as hell.

⋆ Dancing in front of everyone at every ball you go to.

⋆ You introducing her to new things because even though she’s immortal and she is up to date, she’s still a little clueless on some things.

⋆ Both having to comfort each other about tr*mp. She vows to make not only America, but the world safe for all people; and you vow to help her.

⋆ Making her playlists.

⋆ Dancing to older songs.

⋆ Her singing songs to you that she came up with when she was younger.

✧ Harley

⋆ Her being a total flirt.


⋆ She’s a huge snuggler and loves being snuggled.

⋆ Bragging about you to everyone.

Floyd and Ivy being jealous.

⋆ Might as well settle on polyamory as she loves all three of you. You don’t have to be with them; or you can all foursome. (Of course, Ivy only moves on Harley and/or you. She’s gay!!)

⋆ Her kisses your cheek while you sleep.

⋆ She peppers your face with kisses all the time. And also when you’re sleeping, trying to wake you up, during the do, etc.


⋆ Honestly, whether or not you, Floyd, and Ivy all date Harley doesn’t matter when it comes to squaring up the Joker. You are all in it, and he’s getting squared up. Bye bye, asshole.

⋆ I love my gf memes! Sends them to you all the time!

✧ Ivy

⋆ Her being a little cold, but she will open up.

⋆ Protecting you till the very end.

⋆ She loves spending time with you, but she does need her independence.

⋆ Naming her favorite plant after you.

⋆ Having a bunch of plant babies because….. yeah.

⋆ Flirting with you all the damn time.

⋆ Her having her arm around you in public, and if any straights complain…. R.I.P.

✧ Selina

⋆ FLIRTING 24/7!

⋆ Sex anywhere, anytime.

⋆ Her saying “I love you first”.

⋆ She’s a classy gal. Take her out on fancy dates to restaurants. Doesn’t matter if you have no money, she will pay, or….. you two decide to go out with Bruce together and then…. leave him to pay.

⋆ She loves you with all of her heart, and would die for you.

⋆ Hearing that she was sent to jail, crying, and then feeling her arms wrap around you… You’re just ??? but then it turns out she broke out. And you’re the first person she went to.

⋆ Being jealous of Bruce, and vice versa.

⋆ But there is polyamory.

⋆ You can all date each other, or it’s just you two x her.

✧ Lois

⋆ Her working herself too hard and you have to tell her to take !! a !!! break !!!!

⋆ Her writing a piece about you. Whether you’re a civilian, hero, or anybody.

⋆ Lois just looking at you with all the love in her eyes. She whispers to herself, “God I love you.”

⋆ Picking each other up and twirling the other around.

⋆ Late night dances where you’re in your pajamas, and sliding across the floor.

⋆ Cafe dates!

⋆ Clark shipping the hell out of you two.

⋆ When she’s in trouble, you pray to Superman that he’ll save her. And vice versa.

✧ Tatsu

⋆ She’s a little closed off when you’re deep into the relationship. Of course she was really closed off, but she won’t open up for a while.

⋆ She traces little things into your skin.

⋆ Rough sex.

⋆ Her being protective as hell, maybe even more than Diana.

⋆ Digger flirts with you two and then he’s like “OHHH THEY’RE DATING OKAY.”

⋆ He asks for a threesome and she literally almost kills him.

✧ June

⋆ Taking you out on adventures.

⋆ Being like Nate and Elena from Uncharted.

She’s Nate.

⋆ Rarely gets jealous.

⋆ Huge nerd. She’s always blushing, fidgeting, and being nervous around you.

⋆ Rarely fighting, because why would you?

✧ Enchantress

⋆ Treating you like you’re a God/dess.

⋆ Wearing the most top of the line clothing.

⋆ You two live like Queens.

⋆ Anybody dare disrespect you will not live to truly pay for it.

⋆ Lifetimes of love, passion, care, trust, and hope.

⋆ Thinking she looks damn fine when she possesses June; but thinking she’s beautiful no matter what.


Cal’s gonna help me. 

Hugh Dancy as Cal Roberts, Kyle Allen as Hawk Lane, The Path - The Father and the Son (S02E03)