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How do you get that cool textured effect on your colors and shading, if you don't mind me asking. Your art is amazing, and I hope you're having a great day!!

CAUGHT ME AT JUST THE RIGHT TIME! (Seriously, just about to pack the computer up!) Don’t worry about questions, I love to answer em. 

I’m going to answer this in the context of my most recent posts, since I do change up brushes/workflows pretty often and I feel that you’re probably referring to most the recent work. If I’m wrong or you have questions about specific pieces, please let me know!

Currently, I’ve grown partial to Kyle Webster’s Claude M brush (I highly recommend his brushes, they’re well priced and incredibly handy). Here’s how it looks with one solid color (solid color above and the brush below). It’s got some good color dynamics on it! On the left I’m pressing lightly and the color shifts give it a look like construction paper, and on the right I’m pressing much harder so the color shifts are much more noticeable.

As for shading, for a good long while I’ve just been using one of the PS default brushes (I’m in CS 6, but I’m pretty sure it’s been available in most versions). It gives a subtle grittiness to things and since I like tossing Noise on pieces pretty often it helps make the shading look consistent. Here’s the brush:

And here it is in action! I tend to work with it at 20% opacity in a dark, desaturated purple/red and build up a good gradation, erasing with the eraser set to the same brush and settings, and then put the layer on a hard light.  

Thank you for the question and kind words! I hope you’re having a great day as well!!

Wendy is awesome. Like Kyle, she stands up for what she believes in and speaks out against other people’s bullshit. She’s a strong female character.

People only call her a bitch because she has opinions. In society, boys who have opinions are just boys (which is why people don’t say Kyle is too opinionated). If a girl has opinions she’s a bitch (which is why Wendy is called a bitch by fans). A boy can have opinions but girls can’t. This is the type of bullshit Wendy speaks out against!