You have no idea how much I wanted to do this meme to practise different face shapes, and I did it today at 5am. I got super tired at the end, so they are really sketchy 

This meme belong to @emisatoe!! (thanks for including my beautiful kids!!)



Hello guys! I’m opening a half-body cheeb commission! (As shown in the image above)
The colouring is pretty simple ;v; one commission will cost $8 (+ $6 for extra character)
🌟 The finished piece will be posted in this account
🌟 DM me if you’re interested
🌟 Read the TERMS AND CONDITIONS first before sending me a message

🌟 Finished pieces will not have any background! All will be transparent

Selina Kyle: What’s up?

Bruce Wayne: What’s up with you?

Bruce Wayne: I need you to break into Luthor Corp.

Selina Kyle: Okay. I'II break into Luthor Corp.

Clark Kent: [looking] What the hell?

Bruce Wayne: Mm.

Clark Kent: Okay, they gotta knock that off.

Hal Jordan: [eating popcorn and watching] Loosen up, Supes.

Barry Allen: [eating popcorn and watching] Summer of love, baby.

Clark Kent: It’s March, man. Shut up.