“Chicago based designer Kyle Poff is one of those rare talents who no matter what he applies his touch to it always turns to gold. We’ve been lucky enough to have him create a wallpaper for us previously, but now I wanted to speak about some of his newer work that he’s done for Compartes Chocolatiers, a local Los Angeles chocolate brand.

What I love about Kyle’s work with Compartes is that he’s taken a branding idea that Mast Brothers have perfected and turned it on it’s head. Instead of more refined patterns Kyle has created a series of bright, slightly fucked up patterns that make your eyes go wonky. It’s not to say that they’re not beautiful, but it’s a difference in taste between the Los Angeles location of Compartes vs. the Brooklyn style of Mast Brothers. Overall I’d say that the work Kyle has done is something that’s much more appealing to me personally.

Check out a few more examples of his work for Compartes like the classy business cards he did and another packaging design for Love Nuts.”

(Source: The Fox is Black)