Luthor’s brilliant, beautiful & bald daughter Wonder Woman, and other dubious stories, by Mark Waid, Ty Templeton & Dan Rasler. 1999′s Elseworlds 80 Page Giant was never officially released due to concerns about Kyle Baker and Elizabeth Glass’ tale of the infant Superman and his time in the Kent’s microwave. Only 400 copies of the comic ever made it into the wild and, thanks to the splendid Jon Browne, I ended up with one of them. I’ll post the remaining Waid/Templeton/Rasler faux-covers later this week.


365 Day Movie Challenge: May 23, 2012

Movie: Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny (2006)

Director: Liam Lynch

Starring: Jack Black, Kyle Glass, Jason Reed, Ronnie James Dio, Dave Grohl,

Meat Loaf, Ben Stiller, Paul F. Tompkins, Tim Robbins, and John C. Reilly

Plot: An aspiring rock duo tries to break in to the rock and roll history museum to steal the Pick of Destiny, a legendary guitar pick that holds the power of satan.

Review: Again. I feel disappointed. This movie could’ve and should’ve been awesome. At times, it was. I loved whenever the band was actually playing. Their songs are hilarious and the two actors have a lot of fun playing wannabe rock stars. And, whenever they did something crazy like drug trips or middle ages flashbacks. Those were awesome. Lastly, I freaking loved the cameos. Especially Robbins as “The Stranger,” Poehler as the grumpy waitress, and Stiller as the guitar salesman. They were definitely highlights. However, I felt like the other 50% of the movie was just bleh. It felt really dumb and pretty unfunny at parts. So, yeah, definitely a lot of mixed feelings.

Also, it might’ve just been me (I am from North East Ohio), but the fact that they used “The Rock and Roll History Museum” and not the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame constantly bugged me. I really couldn’t get over it.

Grade: C+