Year End 2014

Kyle : Outdoor is free. Airtime.  Making images.  New projects.  Progressing.  Laughing till it hurts.  Making due with what you have.  Redlining.  Ambition.   

Arthur : Sunrise. Fog. Coastlines. Perseverance. Patience. Exhaustion. Healing. Strength. Change.

John : Personal growth. Freelance. Hustling. Hard times. Long days. Long miles.  Multiple Exposures. Eating. Sleeping. Still hungry.

Terry : Travel often. Print > screen. Push yourself. Wake up earlier. Smile always. Forever rolling. Less is more. Make zines. Longer rides. Support local artists.    


Havana PT 2

More from Havana.  Walking around I could notice all the amazing American cars.  They are very common.  I love how they restore out of necessity, rather than replace.  Cubans take pride in their cars and it shows!  I wonder if the embargo gets lifted, people will scrap thier old cars for mordern ones or keep on the tradition. -KEP


Looking over this set of pictures the only theme is that these were all taken along an adventure via bicycle.  I guess that sums up my life in a lot of ways.  I find myself always taking pictures when I’m riding.  Thats when I’m in my comfort zone.  As long as I’m riding bikes I’ll be taking pictures.  -KEP


I got up in this promo for Eleven Inc.  Stoked to ride with a huge messenger bag.  I have years of experience carrying around my camera bag all over these hills of SF haha.  Thanks to Mike at Mash!