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“We’ve done this dance a long time. Too long…. Aren’t you at all curious?”

Gerald Broflovski, and the Thematic Connection Between S19 and S20

In a lot of ways, Season 20 almost feels like a mild reset compared to the last season of South Park - the ads have only once been mentioned, PC Principal hasn’t been in focus at all, and we’ve not seen ShiTpaTown again yet.

Rest assured! There’s a very strong connection in theme, but it’s not as blatant as one might expect. Let’s look back to the end of the last season… Nathan described PC as the act to “Spruce everything up, get rid of all the ugliness in order to create a false sense of paradise. “ Matt and Trey discuss this on the commentary track as well - all the same ugliness hidden beneath a pretty layer.

Now, how does that relate to the new season?

Gerald Broflovski, in a nutshell, embodies this issue today.

When we see Gerald running around town, he’s extremely well-adjusted. He’s kind to everyone, he’s smiling, he doesn’t care about any of the abuse around him - he doesn’t even need ‘member berries’ to help him cope. He has a good relationship with his wife and children, is friends with many in the town, and is a reasonably successful lawyer.

And yet we, the viewers, know his double life.

We know that Gerald relieves his stress by writing hateful, misogynistic and sexually-charged messages online towards women he doesn’t know. This sadistic “inner ugliness“ allows him to “spruce himself up“ in reality and indeed create that “false sense of paradise“ by burying his hatred in a way that’s uncommon among South Park characters.

That is, perhaps, what has made Gerald such a strong antagonist - in a universe where unquestionably racist characters like Herbert Garrison and Det. Harrison Yates are in positions of power, where Eric Cartman is unstoppable… it’s so much harder to suspect (or accept that) someone as seemingly innocent as Kyle’s Dad is capable of such deplorable things.


Kyle’s dad manages to keep his identity as a troll a secret while he takes his online abuse global - WEDNESDAY at 10p ET ComedyCentral

Please Please Please

Make Kyle’s confusion be

“Dad/Mom, I don’t know why my friend becoming nicer and having a girlfriend is bothering me so much.”

For the love of God.


The police question Gerald about Cartman’s disappearance from Twitter - WEDNESDAY at 10p ET on Comedy Central