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We’ve Got Paris - art and colors by @lyttathebug over layouts by @nickroblesart

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An epilogue of sorts to Northstar and Kyle’s Paris honeymoon. I felt like they just needed a little more time to themselves than they got in the actual story. And yes, I do love Kyle’s thing about heights. ;)

But…ugh, if nothing else, this proves I just need to bite the bullet and start playing with Illustrator if I’m going to try to letter anything ever.


So the ‘Ike watches Yuri!!! On Ice’ got me and I decided to draw this thing. I know it’s bullshit but hEAR ME OUT: CREEK PAIR SKATING (I know that there isn’t same-sex one but imagine them meeting to practice together). Alsooo I couldn’t think of Kyle & Butters coaches (I thought of David for Kyle but I’m pretty sure he would be like Pitchit aND DANCE LATINO SONGS OR SMTH LIKE THAT). Please forgive me for this idea


Evan 💯