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As I’m sure you’ve all noticed we’ve been on another Hiatus since New Years. In the past months we have come to a decision about how we will continue with the blog from here. From here on the format of the blog will be changing, Instead of asks we will be focusing on posting South Park cosplay photo stories, gif story sets and videos. We will still be posting content but content of our own choosing much like the story gif sets we have posted in the past.   

With that in mind we will no longer be focusing on a set story or plot. We don’t have the time and availability to continue on a cohesive story in a timely manner. We will still have our ask box open and accept requests for content! This means you can request content of a certain ship, a reenactment from the show or anything you can think of. This blog will no longer have determined ships and will be open to a variety of ships! In the past we were stunted by choosing between the controversial Kyman and Style but now with this new era we can support both on this blog :)

We hope you look forward to the new changes and content! Look forward to some Super Craig and Wonder Tweek. We will be wearing them to Sakura con 2017 in a few weeks :) if you see us say Hi!

So thank you again for all your support! and here’s a bit of an answer for your late question.Thank you for the well wishes! As you all wanted to know how the kyman date went we will probably do a gif set for you of a Kyman date <3

~Rhys and Adrian

superhusbands4ever replied to your post: me, bitterly: wow lmao here are some infinity war…

I don’t know if you read the wiki leaks about possible spoilers for Thor Ragnorok but if they’re true… let’s just say people getting angry at Loki wouldn’t be unjustified. I honestly wonder if people get so blinded by Tom that they forget Loki is supposed to be a villain.

I absolutely have not read anything abt thor ragnarok because i Do Not Care about loki at this point but


the people who Really Intensely like loki and, like,,,kyle ron and his ginger space nazi friend whose name i can’t remember,,,like that Particular Brand of moderately attractive genocidal white boy,,, and are incapable of admitting that they’ve done bad things and that them having issues with like. their Dad doesn’t actually excuse Attempted Genocide and Unquestionably Shitty Behaviour,,,,,and get upset when other people in fandom aren’t super into shipping them with the people they’ve hurt and tried to kill in the past,,,like. this kind of person lowkey genuinely scares me a little? it’s scary? just because you think he’s pretty doesn’t mean he’s a good person and doesn’t mean the world has to forgive him? Scary Times


♥ Kenny + Kyle fusion ♥

haha i spent way too much time thinking this out.. here’s what i have in mind for their personality:

  • book smart & street smart
  • acts really snobby, but is actually super caring
  • lots of grumbling and mumbling
  • lots of near death experiences
  • loves their little siblings
  • nerdy pick up lines
  • v perceptive
  • really hung up on doing whats right
  • spends a lot of time on the internet
  • that one guitar asshole that sings love songs
  • frugal
  • very poor health; gets sick easily
  • family is extremely important to them
  • terrible dancer (but loves going to raves)
  • struggles w/ faith and reality

> [ Creek Fusion ] <


So an anon wanted to know about cuddling pre-death and post-death Kyle Spencers and ohmygod yes cause Kyle is precious and I love him and oh my goodness ya’ll it’s my first NON X Men thing! This bean is moving on up!


  • Kyle likes being both the little and big spoon
  • He holds your hand and whispers about what life is gonna be like
  • “I’m gonna marry you so hard and we’re gonna buy a house and have so many kids and I’m so excited Y/N.”
  • He blows raspberries on your neck and stomach
  • His favorite thing is when you fall asleep and he can just hear your breathing
  • He hums 80s love songs to put you to sleep
  • He wraps his entire body around you because all he wants to do is protect you forever and ever and ever
  • He is utterly in love you with
  • The first time he tells you that is when you’re cuddling and he thinks you’re asleep
  • “Y/N I’m such a dork and I don’t know how to tell you this so I’m gonna tell you now but I am just completely in love with you.”
  • “Love you too Kyle.”
  • He literally makes a squealing sound


  • He is always the big spoon, although sometimes, when he’s very confused about the world around him, he’ll be the little spoon
  • Now you listen to his breathing when he sleeps because he’s really truly alive
  • He grunts in his sleep and it’s honestly the cutest thing ever
  • He still hums those 80s songs, even if he doesn’t know what they are or why he’s doing it
  • Sometimes you wake up from a nap and you’re on top of him wrapped in his arms
  • He loves you but doesn’t know how to say it so he just holds you, hoping you’ll understand
  • Since spoken language was getting difficult you taught him some sign language
  • When the two of you are cuddling and holding hands he signs “I love you” into your hand
  • You end up crying because you love him too

STAN: Okay, we’re back!

STAN:  As you guys can see we moved the camera to the living room and gave Kyle some privacy.
PATTY: Was it really that big a deal that we were recording him?
STAN: Well… it was to him. He’s been through a lot. We gotta respect that.
STAN: Let’s answer a question.

STAN: Oh… uhh…
STAN: Well about that, I… haven’t really talked to him about it… I mean he probably knows through the blog…
PATTY: Guys, don’t give him a hard time. It’s only been two days since Kyle got attacked and Stan’s had his hands full…

STAN: No, I should probably call him and tell him what’s up.
PATTY: …Really? Didn’t you say he knew?
STAN: Yeah I mean… he might but I gotta make sure, right? He’s stressed out by all this too…


BUTTERS: What is it.

STAN: Hey Butters, uhh.. how you holding up? Everything okay over there?
BUTTERS: …You better have a damn good reason for callin’, Stan.
STAN: Yeah, actually uh.. I– Well, I don’t know what you heard but… the reason why Kyle’s in the hospital is because… well… Trent tried to kill him.
STAN: And we can’t find Cartman anywhere now… Kyle said when Trent attacked him he was wearing Cartman’s jacket.

BUTTERS: …Yeah. I heard. What about it?

STAN: What about it? Dude. Kyle’s hospitalized. Cartman is missing and probably dead! I know you’re still upset over Kenny not coming back but you could show a little sympathy for our friends.

BUTTERS: My FRIENDS? What about your friend, Stan?

BUTTERS: It’s been a whole month of Kenny “not coming back” and I’ve gone out every single night trying to find him! I checked the pond, I’ve checked the bar, I’ve checked the arcade, I’ve checked in that storage shed he keeps all his stuff in! EVERY SINGLE NIGHT! I CRY MYSELF TO SLEEP EVERY SINGLE FUCKING NIGHT BECAUSE I’M FUCKIN’ SCARED FOR HIM! I’M FUCKIN’ TERRIFIED!
BUTTERS: But you were fine weren’t you? All you had to do was hole up in [*beeeep*] and everything would be hunky FUCKIN DORY!

STAN: Calm down dude it’s not like that–
BUTTERS: No no no! Tell me somethin’ Stan! I’ve been dyin’ to know this!  How did you sleep when you heard Kenny was out there, running for his life from a monster that YOU created? Ya wanna tell me your big secret behind s’posedly caring about Kenny and still being able to sleep?!
STAN: No, Butters, you don’t understand– Cartman told us Kenny would be–

BUTTERS: You gotta be the stupidest bunch a idiots to just up and say don’t worry just cuz Eric fucking Cartman says so. You turned a blind eye to Kenny and turned him into a fucking T-shirt design because it made you fucking feel better. That’s it.

It took Kyle getting hospitalized to make you actually fucking care. And ya know what? You deserve it. It’s your fault that Kenny’s missing. YOU, Stan. And it’s your fucking fault that Kyle almost fucking died too. Get that through your stupid head and wise up.

And don’t fucking call me again.


PATTY: Stan..?

Kyle: Hey, guys. I was just cleaning out some things from inside of our closet and I found some pictures that you guys might find interesting. I did when I found one of them…I think you’ll understand why. These are all from Abel’s birth so that pretty much gives away a lot. 

Kyle: Here’s one of them. Stan was there when it all happened. He wasn’t really into it, since he threw up about six times just entering the hospital with us. He was very uh, awkward around Abe when he was just born. All I remember him saying was, “He looks more like Cartman every time I look at him.” And he totally wasn’t fucking wrong. 

Kyle: All Eric did was this with him that day. It was really the cutest fucking thing I’ve ever seen. I’ve never seen him so happy in all of my life. He kept fighting with me to hold him, even though Heidi had to feed him and crap like that. He wasn’t happy being separated from him, and especially when he had to be fed. I don’t blame him…That entire day was pretty awkward. 

Kyle: The first person Abe ever laid eyes on was actually both of us, even before he saw Heidi. Eric broke down into tears, seeing his son staring back at him with such amazement. 

Kyle: Abe was pretty fat for a baby when he was born. He definitely took after Cartman in that department. And he was very clingy to his Clyde Frog toy. He still is. But this kiss…Holy shit. He wouldn’t stop kissing me that entire day with Abe in his arms. It was the sweetest I’ve ever seen him.

Kyle: …I really don’t have a lot to say about this one…This is the only photo of Heidi we own, after Eric “accidentally” burned the photos Kenny took of the three of us. I didn’t even know we still had it, to be perfectly honest. But this is actually the closest all three of us ever were. We all were so exhausted from that day. I had to calm Cartman down so many times, he wouldn’t stop pacing around the room and complaining about labor taking too long.

Kyle: I kind of miss that day to a point. Except for Eric arguing with Heidi over everything…I was on his side one hundred percent but there was only so much you can take of a whiny two faced bitch and your childish husband. Thank Christ we don’t have to see her anymore.

anonymous asked:

Sorry to disturb but i fell in love with your art style a few months ago (plus you're rly nice)..but i was wondering what's the name of the brush/effect that you use on most of your drawings?

hi! thank you so much!!! <3  the only real effect i use on my drawings is adding noise to them. for brushes, i posted a while ago about brushes i use, but i did actually get some new brushes this month and i have a new favourite. from kyle’s ultimate dry media set i have been using Bone Dry and i really love it? 

i usually work pretty big with rougher lines, like you can see here in a closeup of my yuri drawing from earlier this month. 

5 Months

Pairing: Adam Cole x OC

Description: k so basically Adam is your best friend and he has been giving you the cold shoulder lately and you try to talk to him about it before his title defense against Kyle O'Reilly and he loses which makes the situation worse than it has to be.

A/N: Lowkey had this saved for a while but didn’t post it sorry!!

There he is… your best friend and the man you could say you’re in love with. You two locked eyes creating slight tension between you to. The tension thickened the longer you and Adam looked at each other.

You were sitting on stacked crates at gorilla waiting for Adam. Once you hopped off the crates and started making your way towards him, he shook his head walking away from you. This made you quicken your pace easily catching up to him.

“Adam! Hey, stop!” You exclaimed grabbing Adam’s arm causing him to stop, once he did he sighed dropping his head slowly turning around, “What’s up with you?”

Adam opened his mouth, no words came out, “You’ve been giving me the cold shoulder lately, why?” You narrowed your eyes at him slightly, “Better yet, I’ve called, have you even bothered to listen to my voicemails, what about my tex-” Before you could finish your rant, he put his hand up causing you to stop talking.

“(Y/N), just stop.” Adam whispered loud enough for you to hear.

“Adam Cole to curtain!” one of the stagehands said calling Adam to his match.

“I have to go.” He explained hurrying away.

“I’m not done talking!” you shouted after him.

“Really? Well I’m done listening.” Adam shouted back.

“Ugh, whatever.” You huffed crossing your arms over you chest.

It was he end of the match and Adam bursts through the curtain in frustration with his head hanging low. Everyone on was congratulating him about the match, despite the fact he lost. Knowing the type of person Adam is, you knew that he would give them a small smile to show he wasn’t affected but deep down he is.

You followed him to his personal locker room, in hopes of comforting him.

“…Adam?” You knocked lightly on the door slowly opening it after. You heard a heavy sigh, that wrenched your heart into knots of nervousness.

“Yes, (Y/N)?” He responded in a low tone running his hand through his long, brown hair.

“Are you okay? I mean, it’s obvious that physically you aren’t but, mentally are you?” You rambled, internally cursing yourself for speaking so fast.

“Yes (Y/N), I’m fan-fucking-tastic.” Adam said standing up walking slowly towards you fists clenched.

Once Adam was within arms length of you, you put your hands on his chest hoping he would stop coming towards you.

“Can we talk about earlier? Please?” You practically begged him,“You don’t have to talk just listen.”

Adam looked down at you, studying your facial features as you did the same to him.

“No, I’m going to talk and you’re going to listen.” This made you gape you mouth in shock, he rose his hand to your chin, making you close your mouth then he pointed to his seat.

You quickly nodded sitting down where Adam was sat previously.

“I cut you off because I don’t need you anymore.” he said nonchalantly leaving you dumbfounded.

“What do you mean you ‘Didn’t need me anymore’?“ Your voice was now trembling yet, still strong, “Was I just a fucking object Cole!”

“You know that’s not what I meant.” Adam rolled his eyes then put his hair in a man bun.

“The what do you mean-, Adam what did I do?” Now you were on the verge to crying. You hated this. Adam had a calm look like none of this was bothering him. But you, it’s killing you.

“Maybe you should just leave, it would be better for the both of us,” Adam rose his hand pointing to the door, “just go before I get-”

“No! I’m not leaving until-” you tried fighting him but it didn’t work, at this moment you wished you just listened and left but it’s too late for that.

“Get out now, I don’t want any part of you! You were great at the time but now, you’re just a cold self-hearted bitch,” coming from Adam these words spat at you like poison, but aren’t new to you, “you are a spoiled brat that can’t do a shit thing for herself.”

Now you were really crying because Adam had never cursed at you. You didn’t know what to do except break down, some of it was true, you were a spoiled brat but in no way were you cold and self hearted you loved to do things for people even when it had no personal benefit.

“Is that how you really feel?” You whimpered wiping your tears.

“Yeah that’s how I feel.”

“My turn,” you inhaled a deep breath getting ready to rant like you had done before, “You know what Adam I don’t care anymore, feel what you want because all I’ve been doing is love you, that’s right I fucking love you, and I’m used to this, getting put down before anyone truly knows anything, maybe my texts didn’t matter to you but to me, all that mattered was you, I should’ve stayed in Japan with Kenny, he was right about you and now that I know that he was right, I have no reason to be here anymore, goodbye Adam.” Your cheeks were tear stained but you still had to leave. Staying here in Ring Of Honor wasn’t going to be good for you or anyone else.

It’s been 5 months since you stepped foot in a Ring Of Honor wrestling ring.

5 months since you’ve seen the young bucks.

5 months since you’ve seen Adam.

Japan has been good for you. You and Kenny have moved in together. You were also the new Bullet Club member, since NJPW doesn’t have a Women’s division currently, you’re just a valet but you still love the atmosphere of wrestling.

NJPW gave you a scouting job to keep you occupied when you aren’t valeting BC You went over back to the United States looking for under appreciated talent saving their names and in-ring names for keepsake in case they’ve made it big before taking any chances with NJPW.

Everything is going so well, but honestly you had a feeling it wasn’t going to last long.

facedownteddybear  asked:

I feel like I have to figure out what I am but I don't feel like I am something... I don't really know how to make sense of it. Like, I'm born a woman and I'm uncomfortable with my body but then I don't want to be a man because I feel like I just wouldn't be comfortable then either so then I'm just in between but still alive. Oh I just realised it's because I have a body and that is my problem. Sorry about the confusion.

Sounds like you might want to research Agender, Bi-Gender & Demigender

Also here is a helpful video on being non binary (: 



Hello there, little Cupcakes!

First of all:
Thank you for your support and all the nice words you had for us in the last few months.
You made our year special and gave us a lot to laugh about. (In a good way) <3

You made us feel good and right about what we do.

To sum this super fluffy post up:
We love all of you little, precious sugar drops!

We wish you all merry chrismas and a happy hanukkah.
And for those, that are not celebrating any of these: enjoy the hollidays and have a relaxing and joyfull time.



I have been super excited to post these icons for awhile now, and now here they are !! they were super fun to make :’)
(didn’t forget about tweek and craig don’t worry)
feel free to use them, just please credit me!!

Being in the Coven and meeting Kyle and falling for him

Originally posted by ungifable

-meeting him at the frat party

-falling for him (cause how could you not??)

-Madison kill him and it’s really hard for you

-He gets resurrected and you have to try to teach him everything over again

-Madison starts ‘dating’ him and you get super jealous

-Fiona “fixing” him


-super protective

-Madison tries to kill you

-omg does he get mad 

-”Why would you even try that”

-almost kills her tbh

-going on romantic walks

-post death kyle is soon good omg

-him finally telling you about his mom

-being so proud of him


-he loves cuddles too

-kyle is such a babe omg

Kyle: Hey, guys. Abe and Eva wanted to share their little story about their first fight. I don’t know why but I guess they just wanted to talk to you guys and wanted to share more on why they’re so close.

Abel: Hi everyone! Eva and I wanted to share one of our worst yet favorite memories together.

Eva: Yeah! When we had a biiig fight! 

Abel: Last year, when it was almost Eva’s birthday, we got into a giant fight over something. 

Eva: I stole Clyde Two for a princess thing with my daddy. and Abe got really mad at me for not asking. 

Abel:She stole him from my bed, and I wasn’t happy about it. She did it before she would come up to me and ask if she could borrow him for the day. I always said yes since I know she would never hurt him. 

Eva: I was being bad that day…that wasn’t what made Abe really angry with me…When I was playing with Clyde Two, he ripped apart. His head came off and I was really scared that Abe was gonna be mad at me. I didn’t mean to rip him, he got caught on something. 

Abel: And I was. I was insanely angry, I went really overboard with how angry I got. I didn’t scream or anything, but I remember feeling so hurt and ready to attack her. Clyde Two is really important to me, and I love that frog more than anything. Instead of attacking her, I attacked the next important thing, her precious pink dinosaur that sparkled. I tore it apart, to the point it couldn’t be put together again.

Eva: I cried and cried all day after he destroyed pinky…I was so angry with him, I didn’t talk to him for five days.

Abel: Papa grounded me for a few days, telling me that I should think of something to make up for what I did. I was a mess for those few days, and my guilt was taking over me. I did the worst to my sister and I didn’t think she would ever forgive me. 

Eva: Daddy and Papa tried their best to make me happy since it was almost my birthday.

Abel: Then I got an idea. I was gonna make her something. It probably wouldn’t help her since that dino meant so much to her but it was worth a shot. I took some old socks from my room, her room and my dad’s room that were missing pairs and Papa was going to throw away. I also found some of Pinky’s skin Eva kept on her dresser. After hours of stitching, bleeding and stuffing fluff into the toy’s head, it was done. On her birthday, I came into her room, with some supplies in case the stitches came undone and I needed to add stuff, and I gave it to her. 

Eva: He fixed my heart with his present! I started crying when he gave it to me. Papa and Daddy were so happy that we made up! 

Pokémon GO Headcanons

Heeeey guys so because I am totally hooked on Pokémon GO and so is Von @ttweeks, we made a lil list of our headcanons concerning the game and our OTPs (Style, Creek and Bunny). I know that there will be actual canon stuff about this, but while we wait for that episode to come out, let’s just have fun, yes? So buckle up, you are in for a ride.


- The teams for the two would be Team Mystic for Kyle and Team Instinct for Stan.

- Stan is most definitely the type to gently force Kyle out for long ass walks to Catch ‘em All and hatch his 10km eggs (just to get a fucking Eevee and feel defeated af).

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[continued from this post]

CLYDE: OKAY here’s the follow up to my last post.

CLYDE: So yeah, Craig looked devastated, almost like he couldn’t decide what he was more angry about– his clothes or Eric for some reason??? even though Eric had nothing to do with the coffee??????? idk, man.

CLYDE: And like, Craig went all “Oh my god you buttface Tweek, ugh.” only it was more like “Holy shit! What did you do that for?!”

CLYDE: And so of course, Tweek immediately started to freak out for a number of reasons that don’t even really need to be listed.

CLYDE: At this point, everyone who was watching started to walk away because things were getting a little awkward, and they didn’t want to sit around for things to get any worse. I would have, too, but it was too good.

CLYDE: So but yeah, Tweek was like “What did I do that for?! I should be asking you the same question!!! WHAT WAS THAT?!?!?!?!?!”

CLYDE: Then Craig just said “Don’t worry about it, it’s nothing.” but he was obviously still angry.

CLYDE: Eric, just like the last five minutes of this exchange, was dying in the background.

CLYDE: This was the point where I tried taking a close up picture of Craig, which…

CLYDE: Y’know.

CLYDE: And then he threw my phone over the brick fence near by, like an asshole.

CLYDE: Anyways…

CLYDE: Craig started taking off his jacket cause the coffee was gonna soak through. 

CLYDE: Have I mentioned that Craig tucks his shirt into his pants? Because that’s hilarious. He’s like an old man.

CLYDE: So anyways, he started complaining and shit (like an old man) and said something like “Now my clothes are covered in your coffee and spit, dude!” then he took off his jacket and threw it onto the ground.

CLYDE: Then Eric started bursting with laughter even more. I think Kyle was getting angry at him. He looked like he was, anyways.

CLYDE: But then Eric just shouted, and I quote (perfectly, may I say) because it was pretty funny, “This can’t be the first time you’ve been covered in Tweek’s coffee and spit, Craig! Get it!!! Did you– did you get it, Craig? That’s a dick joke! Because– because your dick is probably covered
in spit and coffee, because you see, Tweek–”

CLYDE: He only got that far before Craig started stomping up towards Eric, and I was 100% sure that THIS time he’d beat Eric’s ass, but then Tweek stood in front of them both and said like (watch my perfect quoting again)

CLYDE: “Agggh, calm down! I don’t even understand what’s going on here! I can’t handle this, I dropped the rest of my coffee and now I have nothing to calm me down you two are going nuts what’s wrong I'm going to explode from pressure– oh my god, exploding is bad, I can’t explode, that shit’s dangerous!!–”

CLYDE: Hahahahaha, Tweek’s reasoning for everything is so insane, I love it.

CLYDE: But honestly, I could relate. Cause I was so confused, too. There was so much going on that I didn’t understand…

CLYDE: But yeah, then Craig was trying to calm Tweek down and was all like “Tweek, calm down! You’re not going to explode!”

CLYDE: I wish you guys could hear my voice, because I’m doing voices for these guys right now. People say Craig and I sound a lot a like, but that’s not true. I’m giving him a Macho Man Randy Savage voice.

CLYDE: Okay, so yeah, anyways…

CLYDE: After Craig said that, Tweek was just like “Tell me what’s going on!” but all Craig said in response was “This is all lard-butt’s fault!” and then freaking LAUNCHED himself at Eric. He kept avoiding answering what was going on, which was suspicious.

CLYDE: I was just a bystander, though! I can’t complain. The only question I should have been asking then was if anybody had any popcorn cause hahaha, oh man…

CLYDE: Nobody else was around, actually. Kyle, Stan, and Kenny all left after Kyle started getting mad. And everyone else left right after Tweek spat coffee all over everybody, like I said.

CLYDE: So I guess asking that question, while being extremely hilarious and awesome because I am both of those things, would have probably proved ineffective because nobody would be around to hear it.

CLYDE: Except for Tweek, Eric, and Craig, but asking them was kind of out of the question.

CLYDE: Man, was I hungry, though.


CLYDE: …Where was I…


CLYDE: Craig lunged at Eric!

CLYDE: …Or he tried to, and then Tweek started freaking out and held him back. Eric didn’t look like he was pleased about the fact that Craig was trying to beat him up.

CLYDE: Which is funny because Eric gets beat up a lot, I thought he’d be used to it by now.

CLYDE: But then the most insane thing happened! And by insane, I mean something totally awful and I’m glad I wasn’t involved because… well…

CLYDE: What was happening and what it looked like they were doing probably wasn’t the best thing to have the principal walk up on. 

CLYDE: Did I mention the principal is really tall? Like, taller than our old principle. Man, I miss Principal Victoria. Kind of.

CLYDE: I mean, she beat PC Principal, anyways.

CLYDE: But uh… yeah.

CLYDE: All three of them were shitting their pants in front of him. I think almost literally for Tweek.

CLYDE: And– and then


CLYDE: Okay I actually maybe shouldn’t share that part. Like, all of that just then, Craig and Tweek are already gonna have my ass about it when they find out I told you guys. 

CLYDE: Maybe you should ask Eric. He might even tell you what was actually happening, since he seemed to be the problem. But uh… yeah. To avoid getting my ass whooped even harder than it’s already going to be, I’m going to leave the principal part out. 

CLYDE: …To sum it up, though, the principal said some things, Eric said some things, Craig got in trouble, and then shortly after Craig and Tweek started to beat each other up, and then Tweek got in trouble too.

CLYDE: Man, it was awesome.

thejokeristhebosshere  asked:

top 5 batman villains

  1. Harley Quinn (what… a surprise)
  2. Killer Moth (you read that right)
  3. Jonathan Crane (I don’t post about him a lot, but he’s a fave)
  4. Poison Ivy (I’m not gonna risk mother nature’s wrath and leave her out)
  5. Mr. Freeze (he is so underappreciated and I love him)

honorable mentions: the Joker (only Hamill and Ledger tbh, I couldn’t give less of a shit about comicverse Joker, that’s why he didn’t make the list), Selina Kyle (she’s more of an anti-hero in my eyes) and Condiment King. 

Ask me my Top 5 anything!