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Just The Two Of Us (Part 1)

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Love Bites

Take Care of You

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Love Struck


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Me Or Him

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Always A Gentleman

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On His Lips Like Liquor

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Broken Down

Too Close For Comfort

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Doomsday's Favorite Wrestlers: A 2013 List


ACH burst into the major Indy scene this year, establishing himself in places like PWG and signing to ROH where he quickly became a fan favorite. Whether it’s his attitude, high flying ability or even DBZ, video game, and comic book references, he’s quickly embraced wherever he goes. 

AR Fox

One of the best workhorses of the Indy scene today, AR Fox never disappoints when it comes to risking it all in every match he has. Whether it is in DGUSA/EVOLVE, CZW, Beyond Wrestling, or PWG, h makes it his goal to either steal the show or shock and awe. He’s one of the top guys to look out for in 2014.  

Kevin Steen

One of the biggest draws in Indy wrestling, today. People continue to love him for being an asshole who loves to run his mouth. From his in-ring antics, to his Weekend Escapades (insert link), or his “Kevin Steen Show”(found on Highspots), people love to see him. His build and ability is what ultimately draws him and is why he’s my favorite wrestler. 

Prince Devitt

Prince Devitt became a heel in a big way this year. Dumping his tag team partner and establishing arguably one of the best heel stables in wrestling today, The Bullet Club. His ability is what draws, but his heel tactics developed this year is an added bonus. 

Yujiro Takahashi

He’s a personal favorite of mine. A brash and cocky heel. His stint in the G1 Climax is what ultimately sold me on him as not only is he a very capable wrestler but oozes charisma. Him walking down the ramp with a different pair of girls every night, his antics with random ladies in the crowd, his overall swagger on the mic.

Daniel Bryan

I was hoping he’d hit it really big in 2013 and he did. Established himself as one of the top faces in the company and the most over. Catchphrases galore as well as a new finisher. He’s been one of the most consistent workers in the WWE, today. 

Sami Zayn

He’s one of the main reasons I watched NXT in 2013. His matches were always something to look out for every since he debuted on NXT TV. Whether he captures the NXT Title, gets called up to the WWE main roster or both, 2014 is poised to be a big year for him if 2013 is any indication. 

Adam Cole

Whether it is ROH or PWG, he is one of those guys that are “must-see”. Virtually sitting at the top of the Indies at the moment, his matches with the likes of Kevin Steen, Sami Callihan, Drake Younger, Michael Elgin, and Kyle O'Reilly have shown that he his arguably the best. 

Kyle O'Reilly

O-O-O-O'Reilly!!!!!!! Tag team champion in ROH and one of the best in PWG. His technical skill martial arts background is only rivaled by few in the Indies as well as the “Big Leagues”. Next to Adam Coles, his star burns the brightest and he’s going to burst into 2014 in a big way. 

Drew Gulak

One of the most respected technical, hard-hitting wrestlers today, this has been a great year for Drew Gulak. From his matches in Beyond Wrestling and DGUSA, to his CZW Heavyweight Championship run, it’s hard to over look him now. 

Johnny Gargano

Johnny Gargano has had some great matches this year. From his match with Shingo in April for DGUSA, to his matches with Kevin Steen and Roderick Strong in PWG, to his most recent match against a debuting Chris Hero in November for DGUSA. One of those guys deemed as the future of the business which is a rightful claim.