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South Park Puberty Collection


south park edition of this post 


DEAR GOd!!!111!! I’m lame.  

Sorry for spam art. :’(

Anyway, I’ll do more of this but for right now I’m just going to put the rest of the other characters on a mini hiatus (depending). 


Mysterious Gems new designs, coupled with a height comparison chart! 

From left to right on the top picture:

Ruby (Eric), Citrine (Kenny), Moonstone (Stan), Emerald (Kyle), Turquoise (Butters),

…and Wendy, who isn’t actually a MG, but hey, she hangs out with them.

On the second picture:

Spinel (Pip), Jade (Tweek) and Sapphire (Craig)

and for height comparison since I didn’t put any static heights, Ruby is the size of Rose Quartz, and Turquoise is the size of a regular Ruby. (Eric-Ruby is a freak ruby.) 

more mysterious gems drawings… (that all need updating)

 Things i like

*kenny with missing teeth

*noticably chubby clyde

*eric with stretch marks 

*busty bebe

*flat wendy

*craig with braces

*tweek with bags under his eyes

*stan with very very blue eyes

*tall token

*kyle w freckles 

*jimmy with really really messy hair

*really short nicole

*red w body hair

*butters’ hair being shaved on the side

*pale af damian 

*feminine looking pip

*kevin being noticeably half asian 

*bradley w weirdly pink-ish colored eyes


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