kyle spence


“I love (Y/N).”

“WHAT!” Both witches screamed in unison.

You stood in the door way shocked at what you had heard. You saw Kyle stand up and walk past the girls not paying any attention to them. Just walking straight to you.

And he placed his hands on the sides of your face and pulled you into a heated kiss.

You stared wide eyed before let yourself melt into his kiss. Completely forgetting the other two witches in the room.

He eventually pulled back and looked deep into your eyes.

“I love (Y/N).”

I Am My Own Person - Jimmy Darling Imagine

Request: could youplease do an imagine where you are jimmy darlings girlfriend and you get kidnapped by dandy mott and cut up a bit and then jimmy saves you.

Being a prisoner at the Mott mansion, was unlike anything you had ever heard about being held prisoner. You weren’t chained to a wall in the basement. You weren’t behind bars, or being tortured. You were dressed in nice clothes, and fed the nicest food the whole world had to offer. You were paid a dollar every time you made Dandy Mott really happy, however every time you disappointed him big time, he would slap you. Which luckily hadn’t happened very often in the three weeks you had been there.

It had all started when Dandy had kidnapped you from Freuline Elsa Mars Cabinet of Curiosities, aka. the local freak show. He claimed he had spotted you standing at the side of the stage during the show, and he just had to have you. So he took you, simple as that. Which was true, you had been standing at the side of the stage. You were there to watch the premiere of your boyfriend Jimmy Darling’s new joggling act. He had done so well, despite the fact that he had been so nervous right before! You really miss Jimmy here. After the show you had walked out of the tent to go back home, and he had been waiting for you.

It had been three long weeks, until one day, Jimmy showed up.

“I’m here to see (Y/N)” he said, forcing open the door that Dandy were so desperately trying to shut in his face.

“She is not here”. Dandy was shaking his head aggressively from side to side. Did he not know it was obvious he was laying? Or was it just because he knew you were standing right behind him?

"She is right behind you, Dandy”. Dandy let go of the door and instead took a step closer to Jimmy.

“She is mine”

“I am my own person”, you responded harshly, as you tried to push your way past him, to go to Jimmy. However Dandy held a tight grip in your arm, so you couldn’t come any further than standing next to him.

“Let go of her”

“I own her. Don’t come any nearer us or I will kill you”.

“She is my girlfriend”. He lowered his eyebrows, as he raised his voice. You had never seen him angry before.

“But I love her”.

“So do I, but I don’t have to kidnap her. Come on (Y/N) we are going”

“Talk to her again and I will shut you up”.

“Don’t talk to me like that. And don’t talk to her like that”. Jimmy screamed at him, accompanied by a push out of nowhere, sending Dandy backwards. Onto the floor, hitting his head on the stone tiles. You stood there holding your hand over your mouth in shock. You knew Jimmy was strong, but you had never seen him do anything like it before. “Come on, let’s get out of here” he said, as he took your hand in his, leading you away from Dandy.


Dinosaur Jr (with Kurt Vile, Al Cisneros, Kyle Spence) - Alone

Terminal 5, NYC, 12/1/12 

No, but I don’t think you guys understand how excited I am about this Zoe/Madison/Kyle thing. I know it’s not going to end the way I want it to, but I love it when non-traditional relationships are portrayed on TV. And relationships between two people are almost never portrayed. (And basically never as a positive.) So I’m interested to see where this goes. Because Zoe obviously cares for Madison and Kyle. She went to great lengths to save both of them. So I think this could be really interesting.