kyle spence

Me, when someone tells me I can’t be in love with fictional characters/people, who are older than me. ;-;


“I love (Y/N).”

“WHAT!” Both witches screamed in unison.

You stood in the door way shocked at what you had heard. You saw Kyle stand up and walk past the girls not paying any attention to them. Just walking straight to you.

And he placed his hands on the sides of your face and pulled you into a heated kiss.

You stared wide eyed before let yourself melt into his kiss. Completely forgetting the other two witches in the room.

He eventually pulled back and looked deep into your eyes.

“I love (Y/N).”


Dinosaur Jr (with Kurt Vile, Al Cisneros, Kyle Spence) - Alone

Terminal 5, NYC, 12/1/12 

No, but I don’t think you guys understand how excited I am about this Zoe/Madison/Kyle thing. I know it’s not going to end the way I want it to, but I love it when non-traditional relationships are portrayed on TV. And relationships between two people are almost never portrayed. (And basically never as a positive.) So I’m interested to see where this goes. Because Zoe obviously cares for Madison and Kyle. She went to great lengths to save both of them. So I think this could be really interesting.