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“From the shoulder, beyond my wrist - Look out evil, it’s my fist!”
- Hal Jordan

I confess: I have absolutely no clue what Kyle has been up to in the n52. Last I read he was a white lantern so… Also, anyone knows where the quote’s from? I can’t find it.

PS: I took a pic with my phone instead of scanning it and coloured it in using the trackpad of my mac. It’s not relevant to the result but I feel like my efforts should be acknowledged.

Arrows / Bats / Flashes / Wonders

  • simon: i want to move out
  • kyle: okay but i'm going with you
  • jace: no, it's not necessary. i can keep a perfectly good eye on simon, thank you very much. he's my downworlder, not yours. find your own one. simon is mine, only i can mock him and boss him around. he doesn't need you when i'm here. simon, we're moving in together. without kyle. just you and me. for reasons.
  • simon: ...what reasons

Bane and Bones by aelclightwood

Dr. Alec Lightwood, a Forensic Anthropologist in Brooklyn, ends up working alongside FBI agent Magnus Bane to figure out multiple murder cases. The team are thrown into a new case when a body shows up near Magnus’s apartment, but they’re shocked to find out that a member of their team has a connection with the corpse that could make her a suspect.

Chapter One: The Boy In The Bed

“‘I’m not the Chosen One,’ he says.
I meet his gaze and sneer. My arm is a steel band around his waist. ‘I choose you,’ I say. ‘Simon Snow, I choose you.’”

Cath Avery from Rainbow Rowell’s book Fangirl.
Writing fanfiction, all ‘tarred and sweatered’ … ♡
The drawing/painting process of this illustration is up on YouTube :)

What your favorite Green Lantern says about you:

Alan Scott: Older than the character’s existence 

Hal Jordan: Geoff Johns in disguise

John Stewart: Probably grew up with Justice League in the early 2000s

Guy Gardner: Probably an asshole, but also a good person underneath

Kyle Rayner: Knows how to use water colors properly

Simon Baz: Really good trigger discipline

Jessica Cruz: Too many feelings

Give me a comic series about the GLS but they’re always chilling at each other’s places and getting along okay

Guy just walks through Hal’s apartment door and swing open the fridge to steal a beer and is like “your piece of shit car runs now, tomorrow I’ll head to the junk yard and get ya a new fucking windshield” Hal just nods and pops a pizza roll in his mouth. Kyle is passed out on the couch with pain all over his face, no one questions it. John is chilling on the floor trying to get some work done. He’s got no clue how to incorporate all of his client’s requests but he’s fucking trying

Later on in the series Simon and Guy bond over cars although Guy stands by his statement that American made cars are shit

Jessica makes pancakes one time and somehow Guy ends up telling the story of how he got drunk Kyle drew a face on his belly and his belly, who he calls “lil Guy” supposedly told John he has pretty eyes and called Hal a bitch

There are so many Green Lanterns™ now I just fucking can’t… keep track??

But however many they’re are, I love all of them and will welcome them with open arms.

Except Guy.


the mortal instruments + Z O D I A C

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