kyle simone

“From the shoulder, beyond my wrist - Look out evil, it’s my fist!”
- Hal Jordan

I confess: I have absolutely no clue what Kyle has been up to in the n52. Last I read he was a white lantern so… Also, anyone knows where the quote’s from? I can’t find it.

PS: I took a pic with my phone instead of scanning it and coloured it in using the trackpad of my mac. It’s not relevant to the result but I feel like my efforts should be acknowledged.

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  • Simon Lewis: *gets on with someone outside of the clary/jace/izzy/alec friendship group*
  • Cassandra Clare: nice friend you got there Simon, be a shame if someone were to... violently kill them

No but seriously someone explain to me how Simon doesn’t get labeled abusive (which he’s obviously not) for going without blood/feeding (an action that was in his control) and attacking Maureen (but the bloodlust wasn’t something he could control). Obviously he felt disgusted with himself afterwards.

Or how Jace doesn’t get labeled abusive for being abusive (which again, he’s not either) and kidnapping/holding a knife to Clary’s throat because of Lilith possession him. These actions were totally out of his control and he felt bad for everything after he was finally separated from that spell. 

Oh but Jordan Kyle gets labeled abusive for attacking Maia during the night of a full moon after he was first bite. SOMETHING THAT HE HAD NO CONTROL OVER and regretted afterwards and only wanted to find Maia and apologize but someone from the praetor stopped him. He then joins said Praetor to make sure that what happened between him and Maia doesn’t happen to someone else. 

Literally the three situations are fairly similar in the fact that there were outside forces that they couldn’t control and that each one felt TERRIBLE after the fact. So why is only one labeled abusive, but not all three??????

Shout out to the good old days when you could go into tmi tags and there where nice/funny post about the characters, everyone respected all of them and there wasnt ship wars because everyone shipped the same ships

  • simon: i want to move out
  • kyle: okay but i'm going with you
  • jace: no, it's not necessary. i can keep a perfectly good eye on simon, thank you very much. he's my downworlder, not yours. find your own one. simon is mine, only i can mock him and boss him around. he doesn't need you when i'm here. simon, we're moving in together. without kyle. just you and me. for reasons.
  • simon: ...what reasons