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Dating Selena Kyle would include

-Sticking together and taking care of each other

-Things move so slow between you

-But you love being in each others company

-First kiss after one of you was in danger

-Making fun of Bruce for his crush on Cat

-And being like Ivy’s older sister

-Competing who can pick pocket the most

-And picking really nice things as presents

-Coming up with super clever ways to get out of trouble

-Taking care of stray animals

-Cuddling together at night ‘only to stay warm’ of course

-Its so comforting knowing you have each others backs

-Holding hands and running

-Flattering each other to embarrass one another

-Honestly not knowing what to do if either of you are in trouble

-Would go to the ends of the earth for each other

-Scaring the crap out of bad guys

-Not really having labels for each other just knowing that you really like being with one another

-Walking around the streets talking for hours

-Just being sassy and sarcastic with each other

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  • Clark: I have no idea what to get Bruce for his birthday. What do I get for a man who has everything?
  • Selina: Bruce will appreciate whatever you give him, Clark. He's your best friend.
  • Clark: You say that, but that's not what he tells me. Give me a hint, Selina. What did you give Bruce last year?
  • Selina: I don't think you want to know, Clark. You wouldn't understand. It has to do with sex.
  • Clark: ...I'll buy him some more books.
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