kyle selina

Bruce: If you push your ass against me while we’re cuddling I promise you won’t be getting sleep anytime soon.

Selina: If I push my ass against you while cuddling I promise you I don’t want sleep anytime soon.

Oswald: I sleep alone so If someone pushes their ass against me there’s gonna be some problems.

At a party once, Selina got a little drunk and started hitting on Kate. Kate flirted back and the night ended with Selina asking Bruce if he would be okay with her kissing Kate on the lips once. At first he said no but then she said, “please big boy, i’ll make it up to you.” and Bruce is not a strong man.


The Sims 4 Injustice 2 Gotham City Sirens

So much for the Gotham City Sirens

Gotham City what?

Harley Quinn Outfit

Poison Ivy Tattoo

Catwoman Suit

Poison Ivy Bikini

Poison Ivy hair

Poison Ivy Choker

Make-up can be indifferent, but should have the right colors

Make up on cheekbones you need Get to Work (Poison Ivy)

Lipstick Poison Ivy  (Must have a red color)

Catwoman Lipstick

The  all squad is going out incognito tonight!

(I really wanted to animate some people walking!)

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