kyle r


what she says: i’m fine

what she means: Romeo is such an amazingly talented group, they’ve never once had a bad song and all their title tracks have been bops, their dancing has always been on point and they’ve always been so in tune with each other, I mean the choreo??? for Miro?? and Target?? they’re like the definition of the word synchronized, plus each member is so well rounded? and they’re super young but they work s o h a r d and do so well!! Plus they’re actual sweethearts, like the definition of the word, I mean they hang their own photocards in a shape of a heart on their walls,,, stan 7 hardworking talented sweet boys, stan Romeo


What if everything Topolsky told us was true? I mean, the Special Unit of the FBI, Pierce, the alien hunter…What if he just killed Topolsky and six completely innocent people. This is serious, Max. People are dying. That list Topolsky talked about…Liz Parker’s on that list. Your sister, Isabel’s on the list, Michael, Maria, Alex… I’m on the list. You’re not the only one in danger here, we all are. We need to help each other now. And you need to trust me, `cause somebody’s out there right now. And anywhere you turn, he could be watching you.

A reylo fanfic

Kyle ron was in his bed crying while listening to the my chemical romance bc he’s a fuckin emo. He was covered in tears and Polysporin to heal the gross face scar he has. As kilo was commenting to himself how under rated “the end” off of the black parade is his bedroom door swung open. It was Rey!! She looked real cute. Kyle asked “wtf r u doing in my room” Rey walked up to him and stroked his cheek. Then wiped her hand on her pants bc it had Polysporin on it. Rey wisperd,,, “something I should have done a long time ago,,,” she took a step back then whipped out her light saber then cut him in half. Kylo Ron’s earbuds fell out of his ear as the top half of his bod hit the ground. Then everyone in the McDonald’s cheered and Rey high fived Luke and went to go hang out and watch a movie with finn and his bf poe.

Just because some r/ylor is like “I haven’t met a single racist r/ylo” doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Time and time again people have collected the racist statements made against Finn over and over again from the r/ylo community. So just because you have never seen it doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened. That is proof of nothing. Their is documented evidence that r/ylors/Kyle Ron Stans are the ones driving the racism spewed at Finn. 

Kyman Texting
  • Kyle: *Sees Cartman lip syncing, to god knows what song, and gets out phone*
  • Kyle: What r u doing?
  • Cartman: *Stop lip syncing and texts Kyle back*
  • Cartman: Wouldn't u like to know Jew!...
  • Kyle: That's why I asked dumbfuck! 😂
  • Cartman: Well someone's eager today! 😉
  • Kyle: Oml!
  • Cartman: Why don't u wait till tonight to get eager? 😘
  • Kyle: CARTMAN! WTF!
  • Cartman: Lol why not?
  • Kyle: Because I'm not a slut, and plus I'm a virgin...
  • Cartman: I can change that 😉😘✊🍆💦
  • Kyle: FUCK YOU!! What the fuck is wrong with u!?
  • Cartman: Nothing, I'm perfectly fine Kyle...
  • Kyle: Yeah right, are you horny or something?
  • Cartman: Only for you!~ ✊✊🍆🍆🍆💦💦
  • Kyle: STOP ITTTT!!!!!
  • Cartman: Whatever you say Master! 😏
  • Kyle: 😒😍😘
  • Cartman: All it took was a little obeying huh?
  • Kyle: What? No! I sent the wrong emoji!
  • Cartman: Surrreee~
  • Kyle: Shut up! 😡😡
  • Cartman: 😂😂