kyle r

what she says: i’m fine

what she means: Romeo is such an amazingly talented group, they’ve never once had a bad song and all their title tracks have been bops, their dancing has always been on point and they’ve always been so in tune with each other, I mean the choreo??? for Miro?? and Target?? they’re like the definition of the word synchronized, plus each member is so well rounded? and they’re super young but they work s o h a r d and do so well!! Plus they’re actual sweethearts, like the definition of the word, I mean they hang their own photocards in a shape of a heart on their walls,,, stan 7 hardworking talented sweet boys, stan Romeo


  • wendy, kyle, and stan's child: r..r..
  • kyle: hes about to say his first word!!
  • stan: :O
  • child: r...ric122: can you draw adult wendy testaburger marsh with her son
  • stan, kyle, and wendy altogether: oh my god

Just because some r/ylor is like “I haven’t met a single racist r/ylo” doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Time and time again people have collected the racist statements made against Finn over and over again from the r/ylo community. So just because you have never seen it doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened. That is proof of nothing. Their is documented evidence that r/ylors/Kyle Ron Stans are the ones driving the racism spewed at Finn. 


What if everything Topolsky told us was true? I mean, the Special Unit of the FBI, Pierce, the alien hunter…What if he just killed Topolsky and six completely innocent people. This is serious, Max. People are dying. That list Topolsky talked about…Liz Parker’s on that list. Your sister, Isabel’s on the list, Michael, Maria, Alex… I’m on the list. You’re not the only one in danger here, we all are. We need to help each other now. And you need to trust me, `cause somebody’s out there right now. And anywhere you turn, he could be watching you.

Classic SOD Cover Date: July 13, 2004

Melissa Reeves & Matthew Ashford (Jennifer & Jack, DAYS OF OUR LIVES)
(insets) Eileen Davidson (Ashley, THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS); Grayson McCouch (Dusty, AS THE WORLD TURNS); Erika Slezak (Viki, ONE LIFE TO LIVE); Kyle Brandt (Philip, DAYS OF OUR LIVES); & McKenzie Westmore (Sheridan, PASSIONS)

You know…this day has always spoke to me in many different ways. When I first learned about Columbine I was like “What monsters! How could they do something like this?” And now I’m more like “Wow. I know how they feel and I can relate…” What they did was never the answer but I can understand it. I hate that they felt this way and that so many beautiful souls that had so much potential were taken, it bothers me everyday even though I didn’t know them personally. They ended 13 beautiful lives and their own because of pain and abuse. This just shows how it can really affect a person. Words and actions hurt. RIP to Rachel, Cassie, Lauren, Kelly, Daniel M., Daniel R, Matthew, Kyle, Corey, John, Isaiah, Steven, Dave, Eric, & Dylan. Can’t believe it’s already been 18 years.🖤🌹