kyle myers


This is the Twin Peaks sketch from the 1990 SNL season episode hosted by Kyle McLachlan.

Halloween (1978)

Very cool that I recognized P.J Soles from the Ramones Rock N Roll High School movie playing Lynda in Halloween, one of Laurie’s friends. Both of her friends are conveniently played by basically 30 year old women while she is played by Jamie Lee Curtis, who was only 20. This movie made the other movie monster franchises possible, the plot being about an escaped psychopath returning to his old hometown on Halloween, stalking and murdering teenagers. Since I know a lot of backstory on this already, it’s hard to believe that if there had never been any sequels, you’d never know why he was really following her, because they literally do not give a reason.

Rating: F. The dog dies.

  • "South Park" season 19 finale: Ike saves Kyle from Leslie using his clown skills, the Whole Foods turns out to be a giant mecha that Jimmy has to fight, the town is destroyed, Garrison and Jenner win the election, Stan and the others battle evil PC vampires, Tweek and Craig tell everyone that they weren't really dating, Cartman's mom and Clyde's dad get married, Principal Victoria turns out to be an alien whose species was gentrified into near-extinction and Kenny gets killed by a swarm of rabid mongooses.
  • Literally half the Tumblr posts afterwards: NOOOOO! MY CREEK!