kyle marffin

Did I tell you folks that I discovered that an author I adore is on Tumblr? Kyle Marffin wrote Gothique, which is a wonderful vampire novel. It portrays the 90s goths fascinated with vampires scene very well, and I won’t lie: if a club like Gothique were to open near me, I would be there every weekend.

Coming up next, I’m going to reblog part 1 (of 5!) of a series of reviews Mr. Marffin made about a vampire novel that I just this minute ordered from Amazon: Deliver Us From Evil by Tom Holland. If an author I admire is talking about a gothic novel (in the classic sense of the term) about vampires, you’d better believe I’m going to go order it. 

candy-corpse  asked:

Hi aunt Jilli, I was wondering if you might have any book suggestions for someone who enjoys Caitlín R. Kiernan and Poppy Z. Brite?

Yes, yes I do! Firstly, go get yourself a copy of Still Life by michaelmontoure. It’s the best vampire novel I read in 2013, and is a spiritual sibling to Caitlin and Poppy’s work. 

Gothique by Kyle Marffin is also excellent, and makes me nostalgic for the goth scene of the late 90s / early 2000s. 

The Blood Opera sequence by Tanith Lee: Dark Dance, Personal Darkness, and Darkness, I. I reread them at least once a year, and I’m still really mad that they’re not available as ebooks.