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Musical Theatre is simultaneously the most heterosexual and the gayest thing on the planet.

We have shows about strippers, war, and serial killers, filled with gorgeous, flexible women in tight revealing clothing, but at the same time, so are the men. And Patti LuPone is there.

Whenever I Eat:
  • Tastebuds: What's the matter, lost your appetite?
  • Stomach: Well, yes. I'm full.
  • Tastebuds: Oh no, you are not full. I'll tell you when you are full and I say that you are not full until you have eaten the entire cake.
  • Stomach: But --
  • Tastebuds: No buts, you haven't got time for but. Eat.
  • Stomach: But I can't eat it all!
  • Brain: Tastebuds, he'll be sick!
  • Tastebuds: Well, he should have thought of that before he made a pact with Satan and decided to taste the cake! EAT.

In elementary school, I had a speech impediment that everyone thought was a British accent so they all thought I was cool and worldly until a British family moved in down the street and everyone suddenly liked him more and called me a liar even though I never told them I was British