kyle krueger

Freddy vs. Jason (2003)

If we’re being completely honest, this is my favorite one. It was made after the year 2000, obviously, so special effects are spectacular. It also pits Freddy and Jason against each other. Horror movies between 1996 & 2006 are the best. They weren’t all super gory, or about ghosts, or stupid “found footage.” I feel like they were all monsters and slasher films. This was also the last time Robert Englund played Freddy, which sucks because he was the best Freddy. He didn’t have a mask, it was just his face. He was frightening without giving me nightmares. I guess that’s not a good thing, but for me it is. This movie is about Freddy needing kids to be scared of him again so he wakes up Jason and sends him to Elm Street to scare everyone back into remembering him. And then they compete in killing them all until they just try to kill each other instead. Really Jason is the villain in this movie and Freddy is the hero. It’s just a good campy horror movie.

Rating: B. This was the first Nightmare on Elm Street movie I ever watched when I was a kid…. Ok when I was like 12.