kyle i think will like this one

i think its so crazy that kylo has this dumb obsession with anakin and calls him his grandfather and shit… when i doubt leia ever spoke about him as her father and mustve told kylo stories about the BRAVE and AMAZING and HANDSOME bail organa. like u had one job kyle. u couldve followed the steps of ur cooler grandfather. but u had to fuck it up didnt u KYLE


“Let me tell you something about Janis Ian. We were best friends in middle school. I know, right? It’s so embarrassing. I don’t even…Whatever. So then in eighth grade, I started going out with my first boyfriend Kyle who was totally gorgeous but then he moved to Indiana, and Janis was like, weirdly jealous of him. Like, if I would blow her off to hang out with Kyle, she’d be like, "Why didn’t you call me back?” And I’d be like, “Why are you so obsessed with me?” So then, for my birthday party, which was an all-girls pool party, I was like, “Janis, I can’t invite you, because I think you’re lesbian.” I mean I couldn’t have a lesbian at my party. There were gonna be girls there in their bathing suits. I mean, right? She was a lesbian! So then her mom called my mom and started yelling at her, it was so retarded. And then she dropped out of school because no one would talk to her, and she came back in the fall for high school, all of her hair was cut off and she was totally weird, and now I guess she’s on crack.”

‘man she’s been different since you left.’ he said putting out his cigarette on the wall.
'what do you mean different ?’ he asked, he looked concerned-but after all he was a damn good actor.
'well, she’s been more confident. she’s started wearing clothes that hug her curves in just the right ways. it’s almost as if she’s fearless, she talks in class now. she’s always been like, super smart but like no one really knew -she was always so damn quiet. she’s been going out a lot. I think she’s a bit reckless as well. getting drunk on the weekends, kissing boys she doesn’t care about. she punches shit, her right hand is almost always bruised. I think it’s a wall she put up, so nothing like—this ever happens again. actually she almost told me herself.. she uh. she said she was proving to herself that she could actually live with herself. but god she’s fierce, like more than before. it’s like she’s Selina Kyle, a lone girl who’s smile would get away with murder. she’s also colder, she doesn’t get her hopes up anymore, says it’s pointless, that she’s the only one who will stay. that she picked up the pieces and became her own hero. what I’m getting at here… is how in the hell could you let someone like that go?’
—  be like catwoman (a.j.)

So the ‘Ike watches Yuri!!! On Ice’ got me and I decided to draw this thing. I know it’s bullshit but hEAR ME OUT: CREEK PAIR SKATING (I know that there isn’t same-sex one but imagine them meeting to practice together). Alsooo I couldn’t think of Kyle & Butters coaches (I thought of David for Kyle but I’m pretty sure he would be like Pitchit aND DANCE LATINO SONGS OR SMTH LIKE THAT). Please forgive me for this idea

Things I “need” for YJ S3

These are in no particular order of importance:

  • Tbh the time skip between seasons 2 and 3 of Young Justice better be like two years or less. They’ll all be adults if the show does another five year time skip. As much as I love team 2.0, I won’t be able to handle another drastic team switch. That’s just too much. 
  • Bonding for Tim, Conner, and Bart just because they are the OG YJ team   from the comics. Like have them team up on a mission or something. 
  • Barbara Gordon as Oracle, Cassandra Cain as Batgirl, and at least one scene with Stephanie Brown as Spoiler. Because Batfam. 
  • Jason Peter Todd. Because you can’t tease him that much in season 2 and then not use him in season 3. 
  • Red Hood needs to be developed throughout the season. Starting off as an antagonist/ anti-hero and work/ be worked back into the team and then in the last episode of the season, he needs to work it out with Bruce ( at least a little bit) 
  • Bluepulse
  • The return of Wally West as the actual “Fastest Man Alive” 
  • Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy need to be villains together and flirt the whole time they are fighting with the team 
  • Artemis and Bart bonding moments as themselves and as Tigress and Kid Flash
  • When Wally returns, he should let Bart stay as Kid Flash. By this time, Iris will have had the twins and this would give Barry the opportunity to “retire” and formally give Wally the mantle of Flash
  • A young version of Kyle Rayner as the team’s own personal Green Lantern
  • At the end of the season, Damian walks in with Talia and a bunch of ninjas and just says the “Father, I thought you’d be taller” line from Son of Batman. Then all of the Justice League, Team, and Batfam is like “Uh, Bruce?!” 
  • Dick Grayson has to be appropriately distant from the rest of the team at the beginning because he thinks that Wally’s “death” was his fault and that he was a terrible team leader and that everyone hates him (even though no one thinks that)
  • Roy, Cheshire, and Lian moments
  • “Original” Roy and Jason Todd are like besties
  • Tim teaching Cass how to read
  • Donna coming back and Cassie totally freaking out while Diana just smiles in the background
  • Lagoon Boy better either be off the team or have a major attitude adjustment (preferably off the team)
  • Clark and Conner are having family bonding time and then BAM Kara’s pod finally arrives on earth
  • Raven, Starfire, and Cyborg are all on the team. No explanation. They don’t even need to speak. They just need to be there.
Batfamily meeting deadpool

Requested by anon

- Bruce first reaction is strong dislike. He has a no killing rule that Deadpool just loves to break.
- Duke is the least surprise. Like honestly with the family someone coming from another comic universe isn’t even the wierdest thing that month. He just rolls with it.
- Tim is asking non stop questions. He wants to know everything. Like how did he get there. What all happened to cause him to not be killed by bullets.
- Barbara asked no questions because of course she already knows the answer.
- Damian volunteers to spar with him. Yeah they both use real swords despite Dick protest.
- Deadpool is scared of batcow. Damian uses that to his advantage.
- Luke has lots of interest in all of Deadpool gadgets. Like he is already getting new ideas.
- Kate takes him on in marksmen skills.
- Dick and him talk non stop. Like let the chattest batboy go head to head with the mer with a mouth. Everyone tunes them out. Also so much smack talk when sparring.
- Cass is amazed at his fighting abilities but hates all the chatting. She cannot get the fourth wall he is talking to.
- Stephanie finds the talking to the four wall great. She starts doing it even after she leaves.
- Harper is laughing so hard at Deadpools reaction with the family mainly Bruce. She also totally borrows some weapons.
- Alfred just makes him a spot at the table. One more doesn’t make a difference anymore.
- When Deadpool sees Tiffany he thinks of his daughter. He treats her like his daughter Eleanor.
- Selina meets him and thinks he is a little like Harley. Better those two never met.
- Jason. Now these two together is a nightmare or best buddies. Like they disappeared for awhile to go eat chili dogs and chimchangas. They spend a lot of time bonding over being the outside one in a group of heroes.
- They understand where each other is coming from.


Do you have a flaw and which one are you most insecure about?

As a female, i feel like i pick apart my body a lot. Sometimes it is hard to be kind to myself and that is something i struggle with. And that is why i am very honest with my feelings to the fans because sometimes i say “I’m enough, i’m enough, i’m enough”. But there are times that i don’t believe it. And i think that that is the hardest thing…to accept my body.

anonymous asked:

do u know what chris wood is like yknow irl cause like i know i can't judge him based on his character but i just don't trust straight white men

Let me tell you something about Chris Wood. We were best friends in middle school. I know, right? It’s so embarrassing. I don’t even… Whatever. So then in eighth grade, I started going out with my first boyfriend Kyle who was totally gorgeous but then he moved to Indiana, and Chris was like, weirdly jealous of him. Like, if I would blow him off to hang out with Kyle, he’d be like, “Why didn’t you call me back?” And I’d be like, “Why are you so obsessed with me?” So then, for my birthday party, which was an all-girls pool party, I was like, “Chris, I can’t invite you, because I think you’re a lesbian.” I mean I couldn’t have a lesbian at my party. There were gonna be girls there in their *bathing suits*. I mean, right? He was a LESBIAN. So then his mom called my mom and started yelling at him, it was so stupid. And then he dropped out of school because no one would talk to him, and he came back in the fall for high school, all of his hair was cut off, he got a nose job and he was totally weird, and now I guess he’s on crack.

anonymous asked:

Other than Hush, Heart of Hush, and anything not in the Catwoman comics; what is your favorite BatCat scene or story from post 2003 Batman or Detective Comics? And you can include New 52 and Rebirth :)

You knew that I wasn’t going to pick just one moment or story, and since I’m taking it that you meant not something in Catwoman’s solo series that really narrows down.

One of my all time favorite moments is from Detective Comics #800. 

This is what I think about whenever someone says that Catwoman only cares about Batman and not the man underneath the mask. Catwoman, probably more so than anyone else with the exception of Alfred, takes a lot of responsibility for Batman’s humanity. She even gets frustrated when he tries to act like he’s not a person. It shows that she see and accepts him as a whole person and doesn’t compartmentalize Bruce and Batman.  

I love batcat team ups more than anything and one of my personal favorites in from Legends of the Dark Knight #177-178. Catwoman unwittingly teams up with Matches Malone and doesn’t find out until the end that it’s actually Batman. It’s a super fun arc and really funny seeing how simultaneously contentious and teeming with sexual tension the dynamic between Matches Malone and Catwoman is. 

My theory is that this story was about Batman using Matches Malone as excuse to get kinky with Catwoman. Whatever the case may be enjoy it because this is probably the only time you’re going to get to see Batman (as Matches) ask Catwoman for a lap dance. 

Batman/Superman #4. 

There is a world out there where Batman and Catwoman are happily married and are raising a child together and thanks to this panel I’ve had to imagine a whole life for them. We just got a glimpse of what’s that’s like but from what we can tell they’re partners in everything they do and I think it’s really cute that even though they’re married they still flirt with each other. I’m so bitter that Earth 2 BatCat will never get the series that we deserve. 

Injustice Gods Among Us Year One #6. I don’t think this one needs much explanation. 

thisismypanem  asked:

Hi! I'm loooving your art, and your style, is SO DAMN CUTE. And I have a few questions for you jeje Can I borrow one of your korrasami drawings just for using it as my side blog icon? And can I know what brush do you use or the configuration or whatever for photoshop? And if you have any tips? Aaaaand if you have any spare time can I beg for a korrasami doodle or garnet frome su, like super cute and hugs?Thank you thank you thank you, I love your art, sorry for bothering, thank you again

I don’t mind if people use my art for icons or whatever as long as I’m credited and the watermark stays on the picture.

I use Kyle Webster’s brushes in Photoshop. My go-to’s tend to be the gouache ones. I think I use the one called “gouache a go-go” a lot.

But lately I’m not in Photoshop. I use Procreate on the iPad, with mostly the built-in brushes. I use the 6B pencil and Nikko Rull brushes a lot.

Also, your ask has made me realize that there is a severe lack of Garnet fan art on this blog.

I didn’t realize I’d written so many, but here are some of my non-romantic goth kids headcanons. They aren’t great, but who cares? I might even write more.

-Took a vow of silence when he was 13. It lasted 11 months.
-Loves Elton John. If you call him out on it, he’ll yell, “He reminds me of a simpler time!” Literally no one knows what the fuck that means, but nobody has the nerve to ask.
-Has a ridiculously weak stomach. Henrietta tried to help him by making him watch gross videos once, and he ended up puking all over her floor.
-Wants to be a philosophy professor when he grows up.
-Low-key has that “I knew about it first” attitude.
-Has genuine anger issues, even when he’s older. We all know why.

-Is not AT ALL as shy as people think he is.
-Refuses to touch greasy foods because of his acne.
-Has been thinking of a good comeback ever since Kyle called him a pussy and now has like 50 of them.
-Hid a stray dog in his room for 2 months because he wasn’t allowed to have one.
-Has an enormous bolo tie collection that he hangs on his doorknob.
-Refused to come out of his room or talk to anyone for 3 days when David Bowie died.

-Calls Michael ‘George Michael’ if she catches him listening to anything even vaguely romantic.
-Was incredibly disappointed when she learned that witches weren’t really burned in Salem.
-Has ridiculous, over the top funerals for her pets.
-Hates dogs with a passion.
-Has a notebook full of names to call her mother. Most of them include the words 'jizz’ or 'cunt’.

-Is personally offended by the existence of dubstep.
-No one brings up the emo incident anymore because he and Henrietta will literally argue for hours about it.
-Loves 'torture porn’ horror movies and knows every line of The Human Centipede movies.
-Has cuts and scars all over his hands and arms from playing with knives.

teridax4  asked:

Hey Linkara, as a Teen Titans fan maybe you can clear something up for me. For the last few years it seems like DC has been pushing Cyborg more and more as a member of the Justice League (being a founding member in the new 52, helping them out in Justice League Doom, being in the Justice League movie coming up). Why is that when he was already a member of the Titans, and why haven't any of the others become Justice League members?

Short answer: too many white people and some of them actually were on the team.

Long answer: A loooot of characters associated with the Justice League, particularly their founding members, were white dudes. The only non-white founding member was Martian Manhunter… which, you know, is kind of different from having someone of a different ethnicity since Martians are not real. It’s a bit of a problem with the Justice League, to the point where even when in the late-90s when there was a decision to re-emphasize “The Big Seven,” AKA the seven most powerful JLA members, it was still pretty much everybody but Martian Manhunter was white.

Now, already some of you may be raising your hands and thinking of prominent black heroes (or many other POC characters) who could have been JLA members in the film and were already in the League before. And you are correct to do so! In fact, I can name a few off the top of my head - Steel, Black Lightning, John Stewart Green Lantern, Vixen, and many, many more. Buuuuuut just going by those four (whom I think of as definitely ones in terms of popularity both inside of comic fans and out), there are some problems.

Now let me be clear here with these “problems.” These are not REAL problems, just the kind of problems that I feel Hollywood and DC would try to use ill-conceived logic to justify their decisions based on past thoughts they’ve given.

Steel: while I doubt that the flop of the Shaq Steel movie would affect the decision to not have him in a movie, it IS possible that that might be going through some minds. More likely is that he would be seen as redundant - while intelligent and an engineer, he’s a character without superpowers closely associated with Superman - so he could be thought of as redundant next to both Batman AND Superman.

Black Lightning: There is a thought process, much like the one associated with making the Black Ranger black - basically the idea of “that’s all their character is about!” It’s bullcrap, but it’s there. However, while that may have been EXTRA logic on top of it, Black Lightning actually has LEGAL issues associated with him, as creator Tony Isabella has said that he was not created under a Work-for-Hire contract and thus HE is the actual legal owner of the character and DC being DC has been kind of crappy about that (although apparently in 2015 they’ve started mending fences).

Vixen: I think the biggest issue here is just recognition. I think Vixen is great and she’d be a logical addition to a Justice League movie and team, but she’s not well-known outside of comic circles AFAIK. MAYBE as a supporting character from the DCAU, but unlike the next character, she only made a handful of appearances instead of being there from the start.

John Stewart Green Lantern: Now this one just has a ton of really stupid problems associated with it. One is his name, since the name John Stewart nowadays is associated with the Daily Show host, though that can be worked around easily enough. However there is this really dumb thought process, started by Geoff Johns, that Hal Jordan is the “iconic” Green Lantern, AKA the one most people associate with the character and recognize… and of course it’s kind of bullcrap these days. Even if you were a fan of the Superfriends back in the day, most characters didn’t have their civilian identities spoken aloud, so most people would probably just know the NAME Green Lantern as opposed to Hal Jordan, but a bigger issue is that a generation has since grown up NOT with Hal Jordan as Green Lantern, but John Stewart because he was in the Justice League cartoon - there were many anecdotes of people going to the Green Lantern movie and confused why this random white guy was Green Lantern - and bear in mind that even in the DCAU, Kyle Rayner was the Green Lantern before John - he was THAT much more recognizable. That movie is also probably a bit of stigma for people. While I personally liked the movie and didn’t think it was as bad as people seem to make it out to be, the lack of a Green Lantern at all in Justice League implies to me that WB is embarrassed by the film and wants to have people forget about it by not having a Green Lantern at all.

So, this brings us back to Cyborg. Why him, then? Well, for two reasons: one is that Cyborg actually DID have some association with the Justice League on TV - as a part of the final season of the Superfriends (called “The Super Powers Team - Galactic Guardians) in 1985. It’s likely that, with the popularity of the New Teen Titans at the time, he would cross over there. TV is where we get into our next major thing - the Teen Titans cartoon. Wildly popular, and whatever your feelings about Teen Titans Go, the character STILL has prominence in pop culture as a result of that and is recognizable then to both kids and adults (especially to adults who grew up on Teen Titans). He’s a non-white character with a unique skillset and powers and a great character dynamic for pathos and, if Batman v. Superman is any indication, tying him into the story they’re telling involving Apokalips and Darkseid.

And when it comes to DC comics up until the New 52, there was a bit of a thought process that said that the New Teen Titans characters, for the most part, had really elevated themselves and grown up to be the equals of the bigger hitters - Cyborg in particular. The 2003 Geoff Johns-written Teen Titans saw Cyborg taking up a much larger leadership role in the team and to many fans it felt like he had graduated to the big leagues and his placement on the JLA seemed only natural.

And it actually happened, along with several other Titans.

After Blackest Night, a version of the Justice League written by James Robinson was created that starred Dick Grayson (then acting as Batman), Donna Troy, Starfire, AND Cyborg (plus a bunch of other members, but I’m focusing on Titans here). I quite enjoyed it for the brief time I read it, but of course the book ran into some problems for whatever reason (probably editorial mandates) and the book eventually ended right before Flashpoint.

But the fact that the character, in the minds of many fans, had really gotten to the point where he was a natural shoe-in for the Justice League translated itself to both the New 52 AND Hollywood - a black character who was recognizable to the public, lacked any legal issues, and no fans could really deny his character growth put him as one of the greatest DC heroes (we’ll forgive that both the New 52 and the Justice League movie are reset his character growth to square one with no history associated with the Titans).

But yeah, that’s where I think they’re coming from here. I definitely think it’s bullcrap that he’s the ONLY one and there are many other characters who should be given a shot (hell, especially in relation to the brief list I made above in regards to lesser-known chaarcters, recall that Marvel has had tremendous success with pushing characters in movies who are relative unknowns into the spotlight), but this is what I think is going on.

Best Friend (Adam Cole One Shot)

Originally posted by smakager

Submission for @wrasslesmut‘s 14 Days of Valentine’s

Sexy times with the baybay ahead =) I hope you all enjoy <3

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dan and phil play faceapp: a summary


“any cardboard box can be turned into something beautiful”

how long before dan promos the merch

this definitely wasn’t scheduled beforehand

they stole the dvp board even though it technically belongs to their old landlord

discussing furnishings

if they still have cardboard boxes in the background in ten weeks time we can shout at them or let them know if you’re into that kind of thing

“i give this channel one week before we get evicted”


appropriate but weak phil

i’ll let you off because you’ve been moving and you’re tired

and cute

that helps


this is a video that phil basically said ‘dan can we do this’ and it’s proven dan is still wrapped around his little finger

“we have to do it while it’s still relevant” mate you’re not exactly plummeting in views bloody hell

i like the insight into his camera roll

why is the danieldreamx liveshow thumbnail there

throwback to the ladybird jumper selfie

dan stop dragging him

that attractive chin angle

“apparently phil can’t take a selfie” i fucking relate

apparently phil is slightly scared and startled all the time

and the first scream of the new dapg era is upon us

rip headphone users

someone needs to put that as a jumpscare in the comments

phil speaking about having straight teeth made me sadder than it should’ve

the old filter aka “six months into the future” according to dan

the fond look from phil

“it’s seven months into the future at least”

every old!phil trope needs to be rewritten

“if you keep your current hair you will be the coolest old guy” dan still rolling in the compliments

“let’s not be ageists”

shoutout to the over 65s watching

phil looks like his grandad apparently

“i look like me but younger but that’s not what i looked like when i was younger”

just got a full close up of dans crusty ass lips that’s another one to add to the jumpscare list

dan doesn’t like female phil

“it’s like a horrible alternate universe” someone’s gonna be scouring the au tag, have fun dan

“i’m a bit scarlett johannson-y”

“clearly your hairstyle is ready to go for the female app”

celestial glowing earrings

“i would avoid him in a dark alley” says phil about himself as a… man

“that is the phil that never got a myspace account and became a builder” now there’s an au dan is either going to write himself or search for

“normy phil”

“you look so average” dan pls we know you think he’s beautiful but we’re only five minutes into the video control yourself

dan’s turn on the weird app

'neutral face’

'dan with a soul’: “i look like a mouse person” // “you look like a rabbit person!”

phil the savage my one true love

“i like it. i wanna be friends with him instead of you” wow phil you absolute savage drag him more

“it’s like you put a hoover against your ear and sucked out your soul” phil looks legitimately scared i’m

“old dan! old danny! old danny slice” phil chants whilst looking over fondly

dan’s impersonation of his old self: “i’m old but you still would”

“derek has imploded”

“you’re like an anime child”

“let’s meet danielle!” phil is way too into this

“i look like louise! that is a picture of louise!” // “it is louise… or is it a bit of zoe as well?”

phil doesn’t know zoe and louise’s ship name

come on phil they had a shop back in the day where even were you in the old days

they both watched your videos

“do you even lesbian on wattpad?” dan revealing more of his plans for that night

okay he got the ship name in the end nice one philly

“i like to think that if i, as a female or just as dan now, embraced eye makeup, it would be a bit cooler than that, that’s a bit normal”

he’d do a smoky eye, phil was more than happy to help him draw that conclusion

calling all fic writers; this is your chance

“am i already the hunky dan i wish i was?”

phil looks so excited to see 'male’ dan

“you look… very angry” i wonder if that’s code for if phil’s into it or not

“it’s really square-ified my face like let’s give this lad a chin that he doesn’t have”

oh nice dan would fuck himself

calling all fic writers; i’m begging you please please don’t

now the camera roll pictures make sense okay here we go

phil’s aesthetic twitter icon has a creepy ass filtered smile

“that’s phol. p-h-o-l. that’s your doot there” alright dan calm yourself lad

dans twitter icon’s turn

“i hate that profile picture… because i have curly hair now, i need to get a new icon that embraces the curls” finally he’s saying stuff i can get onboard with

phil stop trying to stop him from changing it

make it your lockscreen if you want to see it everyday but let the man change his damn icon

“rabbit dan is back”

pastel dan as an old guy: “he’s so cute!” says phil

phil’s selfie with the hair dye on okay dude

“i literally think that’s what i’d look like as a girl” why does he only have one set of eyelashes tho

“that is amazingphillipa”

“ah your really cringe selfie!” // “it wasn’t cringe!” dan is getting his revenge drags in

he nailed the caption according to dan

also contact i am all over that i definitely haven’t rewound it four times

the first american names they think of are kyle (phil) and cody (dan)

i ship it

what the fuck is this last picture

sideways dan

he has like three teeth i’m laughing so much what the

pirate!dan, he said so himself

what the fuck is the smile filter……. add it to the jumpscare list

also in case you’re curious we do say stuff like that in the north, philly ain’t lying to you

aaaaaaand here’s the merch promo

i feel sad that my moon head doesn’t suit hats rip

“good luck sleeping” i don’t think you’ll be sleeping dan sounds like you have a fic filled night ahead of you

oh god the photoshop make it stop right now i hate this endscreen why am i still here

i wonder what faces they’re pulling behind the photoshop

“don’t swap faces with people because it’s really demonic bye”



Who Lives Under Briar Elementary and High School?

Briar Elementary and High is a small school of just under three hundred students, from first grade all the way to senior year. It’s spaced between two buildings and has been running since the early 1900’s, although it was just a high school academy back then.

And apparently there’s a monster in there now.

It’s just little things that leads people to believe there’s something supernatural lurking in the halls. The things that would go missing, only to turn up later caked in muddy finger prints. The food theft, mostly lunchboxes, but sometimes whole pizzas would just vanish into thin air. Hearing something crawling under the floor. And the hissing you can sometimes hear while in the girl’s bathroom in the highschool. If you go in there alone, sometimes you’ll make out whispers.

There’s three rumors about what it really is. I’ll go over each one.

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Shape of You [Kyle Spencer x Reader]

Warnings: SMUT, alcohol, unprotected sex (remember kiddos, wrap it before you tap it), gross bar & grill bathrooms (pretend this one isn’t gross)

Word Count: 1,301

A/N: Aye I’m back with some Kyle Spencer smut (yes please excuse how ?? it is, all of my smut is like wow?) Surprisingly, I haven’t gotten any smut requests for him, but I needed this in my life, so I wrote it. And quickly, let me fucking share this with you. Like c’mere Eddy, I’ll ride your pony. Just hit me up. Also, the fact didn’t proofread this and it was written at 3:45am might lead to things being a little off.

But seriously, no glove no love. Special circumstances only.

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Kyle the INFJ-A


These will be my own interpretations of each of the main four. Since these are gonna take a while I may as well separate them into individual posts by character. Besides they’re easier on people’s dashes this way.


Introverted – (”I like getting my energy from dealing with the ideas, pictures, memories, and reactions that are inside my head, in my inner world. I often prefer doing things alone or with one or two people I feel comfortable with.”)

First and foremost, Kyle is an introvert. Individuality is important to him and he is constantly looking at himself in a critical way. Even in tense situations he is constantly self reflective and tends to view things on a much deeper level on his peers. 

He’s never following the crowd. He never knows the trends, never knows gossip and relies on his extroverted friends to know what’s going on in the world most times. It’s never his priority to get into everyone’s business at school, though he knows at some level it is a necessity. 

But naturally he’s in his own world. He wants to make sure that his ideals are kept in check and he wants to make sure that he’s the one keeping them in check.

Intuitive – ( “Paying the most attention to impressions or the meaning and patterns of the information I get. I would rather learn by thinking a problem through than by hands-on experience. I’m interested in new things and what might be possible, so that I think more about the future than the past. I like to work with symbols or abstract theories, even if I don’t know how I will use them. “)

On the surface Kyle MAY want to be the “get the facts straight” kind of guy, but that’s just because he’s following in Stan’s footsteps. Kyle very often is the first one to seek and sight the deeper meaning in situations, and ask “what does that mean?” instead of “what objectively happened?” He is the first to accuse Cartman of being the cause of something or be the cause of something because he knows how Cartman is. 

When his friends see something minor happen he’ll get worried because he knows what it will lead to.

 He analyzes a lot deeper than others expect and can see signs of something repeating itself before it happens. And as we know he’s practically gone nuts over analyzing when it’s come to reality in ToothFairy’s Tats 2000.

Feeling – ( “ I believe I can make the best decisions by weighing what people care about and the points-of-view of persons involved in a situation. I am concerned with values and what is the best for the people involved. I like to do whatever will establish or maintain harmony.”)

I mean this one’s pretty straight forward isn’t it? Kyle’s the most justice-driven boy of the group. And it’s not just justice for the sake of what’s right, even though people may see it as that. Contrary to popular and his own belief, Kyle does not actually believe in Karma. He doesn’t systematically keep track of people’s wrongdoings and crucify them for that. He lives in a world of second chances because that’s based on what he feels should be done. No calculations needed. Just, in the moment. Hell, think of how many second chances he gives Cartman.

Kyle’s actions are heavily driven by his emotions. And that means it’s not rational. Even though he willingly placed himself in staggering amounts of debt for an entire town of people who didn’t know how to handle money and surely didn’t deserve it, he also knowingly exploited infants for his own personal gain and also tried to rationalize it. His actions aren’t by any stretch of the imagination rational, and surely when he gets older his consistency will even out– but – What’s important here is WHY he made these contrasting decisions.

Because of his environment. In one situation, he exploited babies sure, but everyone around him was happy and smiling. People were having fun. He was placed in a position where he could brighten people’s days with a little bit of cash and a happy go lucky attitude – one reflected from his partners. 

The other situation he acted drastically because of the environment he was placed in. Everyone around him was in complete distress. They were stressed, angry, afraid. Kyle is an empathetic person, susceptible to the emotions he feels around him. When someone feels, he feels.

His emotions completely dictated his actions and therefore he was able to make a massive sacrifice that in any other situation would have seemed completely ludicrous. His hunger for Justice is completely passion driven, whether it’s empathy or anger.

Meaning in the same regard, that he can’t force this kind of “justice” out of himself when he feels it’s not warranted, even though objectively and by laws of Karma, a certain individual does deserve his justice.

Judging – (“To others, I seem to prefer a planned or orderly way of life, like to have things settled and organized, feel more comfortable when decisions are made, and like to bring life under control as much as possible.”) 

As seen directly in A Very Crappy Christmas, Kyle heavily prefers to make plans and follow through with them. This doesn’t mean he does so all the time; emotions can get in the way, but it’s what he’s most comfortable with. With a straight forward attitude like Kyle’s, ambiguity is frustrating. Despite his vivid imagination and the vast realm of possibilities, he’s frightened by “what if’s.” They pop into his mind all the time, but if he doesn’t figure them out, it makes him anxious. 

Things have to be done. If they’re in the process of being done, or MIGHT be done, we’ll see, Kyle gets frustrated. Especially if it’s something he doesn’t like. Unlike the other boys he doesn’t enjoy stalling and pushes himself to make decisions no matter how hard they may be. 

 Kyle hates being left hanging. There always has to be an answer. Even if the answer is “I don’t know.” Even if it’s a grey area, declarations, to Kyle, are necessary.

I’ll be doing the rest of the main four soon, one by one.

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Teach Me - Part Two/?

Part One

Warnings - mentions of both mental and physical abuse, fluff, swearing, angst.

Lyla sat curled up on the sofa in the Avengers Lounge, the TV was on and a movie created background noise but she wasn’t paying attention to the picture Bucky had decided to put on. Bucky himself sat on the other end, Lyla needed space and he appreciated that, after all she had been through. All she could think about was Steve and Sam, wondering what they were doing at that exact moment, they had been gone for hours and despite Bucky telling her that they would be back soon, she couldn’t help but worry for her friends.

The purple bruise on the side of her face was hard to miss, it made Bucky think of all the reasons why Kyle could have hurt her, what did she do to deserve such violence? Bucky knew that she couldn’t have done anything, it was just the action of a man who needed to prove his dominance over her, his ownership of her; and the mere thought of it disgusted him, “Are you alright?”  Bucky asked softly, Lyla continued to stare forward blankly before she dragged her head over in his direction, “Can I get you anything? Tea?” 

Lyla’s blue eyes softened at his attempt to make her feel slightly better about the situation, she cleared her throat, “Yeah, that would be really nice, thank you,” Bucky nodded and pushed himself up from the sofa to prepare her drink, remembering the voice in the back of his head telling him it was with two sugars, a dash of milk and not cream, he returned to the sofa, his fingers brushing hers as he handed her his favourite mug, “Thank you,” she held the mug in her hands and pulled it to her lips, smiling slightly, “You make good tea,” she noted as she sat it on her lap, looking at him.

“So I’ve been told,” Lyla raised her brow, “I might have been frozen for a few decades but I can still make good tea, Steve likes it too,” Lyla held her free hand up in mock surrender as he spoke to her playfully.

“You don’t need to explain yourself to me, Bucky, I get it,” she told him before looking back at the screen and settling into the cushions around her body.

The elevator chimed, signalling that there was an arrival on their floor, Lyla slid her mug onto the coffee table and rose to her feet, pulling her sleeves past her hands and folded her arms over her chest, frowning as she did, “Lyla?” Steve entered the lounge with enlarged orbs filled with worry which softened once they found her, he sighed and in one swift movement he went over to her and wrapped his arms around her body, pulling her against his chest and nuzzling his head into her neck as she slowly snaked her limbs around his shoulders and hugged him back, “You’re safe now,” he stroked her hair softly and continued to keep her close as he pulled away and examine the bruise on her face before pulling her sleeves up slowly to see the damage on her arms which looked quite extensive from his eyes.

Sam approached the pair and sadness swirled inside him when he saw her eyes, how empty they looked, “I’m sorry for before, I shouldn’t have snapped, I didn’t mean to scare you or anything,” he told her softly, Lyla cocked her head to the side and smiled before latching herself between his arms, allowing him to cocoon her.

Lyla sniffled and blinked back her tears, “It’s okay, you were protecting me, I can’t thank you enough for that,” she paused as she pulled away, looking over to Bucky, “All of you,” she held Steve’s hand in her own as she sighed, “Did you go to my place?” Lyla asked with dread, mostly directed at Steve.

Steve nodded, “Yeah, we’ve got some of the guys to bring it up and put it in my room, just until Tony gets something sorted for you, okay?” he caressed her face, his thumb wiping away a loose tear on her cheek, “Kyle wasn’t there,” his jaw tensed as anger bubbled in his abdomen, “Do you understand how much restraint I needed to not go and find him, and kill him for this?”

Bucky had walked around the sofa and joined the trio, forming a circle in the lounge as they all spoke, “I’m guessing it took a lot,” Lyla stated as she looked down, suddenly feeling guilty, “I’m sorry that you guys got dragged into this, I never meant for this to happen,” she rambled as her eyes were trained on the ground, tears streaming down her cheeks.

Sam placed his hand on her shoulder and rubbed her back soothingly, “Don’t you ever say sorry, Lyla,did you really think that we would just leave you?” Lyla shook her head silently, “Exactly, because you’re our friend, you’re family, okay?” Lyla nodded and wiped her nose with her sleeve as she looked up and forced a smile.

The blonde super solider took her hand and she felt another wave of dread, “Come on, let me show you where you’ll be staying,” Lyla nodded and stood on her tiptoes, kissing Sam’s cheek just as Steve pulled her down the hall.

Steve had offered to give her the room, saying that he would sleep on the sofa until her room at the tower was ready, Lyla had declined and had insisted that she was okay with sharing until she got her own room. The brunette admired the decoration, the walls were a pale blue and there was a large super-king sized bed against the wall which had silver covers and pillowcases, there was a grey armchair in the corner by a table which had an open book left face down on the glass. The bathroom contained a shower and a bath which had high ends, a huge sink and a toilet, the room was pristine and white, it was so pure that it brought a smile to her face. The best part about that room was the view, she could see the whole city from where she stood and she felt like a weight from her shoulders had just vanished, “Do you like it?” Steve asked by the doorway, he leaned against it and watched as her fingers traced the skyline onto the window.

“I love it, everything looks amazing from up here,” she told him, he took a chance to look at the woman before his eyes, how despite her situation, she worried for Sam and himself, and most of all, felt guilty for letting them protect her.

Steve smiled softly and moved to stand next to her, “You need to tell me what happened, Lyla, if you don’t want to then that’s okay but I need to know, whenever you’re ready.”

Lyla pondered the thought in her mind and sighed before clambering onto the bed and sitting crossed legged, patting the empty seat in front of her which Steve sat on, “Where do you want me to start?” Steve heart swelled and he shuffled so that he sat next to her, their heads resting on the headboard.

Steve entwined their fingers, “How about the beginning,” he said, Lyla nodded and exhaled deeply before starting her story.

We met at a ball, it was in a fancy venue and he was the host, it was some kind of  fundraiser, and since I work in fashion we got invited, a friend and I. It was so strange you know, we walked in and there he was, Mr Kyle Peterson right in front of us. Between work and everything dating was the last thing on my mind, I wasn’t even interesting in dating but of course he had to go and change my mind. Kyle took me to Daniel on 65th Street and tried his hardest to get me to like him, he sent a dress and flowers over that morning, had a car pick me up, wore the best suit I’ve ever seen, and he made it so special and personal, how could anyone say no to that?

Time moved on and we went on more dates, I began to feel more comfortable with him and just happy. Then he invited me to a gala, introduced me to his employees and colleagues, introduced me to his family, everyone; he paraded me around like he had just won the lottery of life, and I loved that. Kyle met my friends from work and the more time we spent together it felt like something was missing when we were apart. So we moved in together, well he moved into my place because he liked it more than his own, it was more homey I guess. That’s when things started to get weird, he got a little more controlling everyday, called me at work demanding to know where I was and what I was doing. I didn’t think anything of it, I thought that he was taking an interest in my life or maybe he was stressed at work, the little things. 

One night I got home late, I stayed late at work to finish up some designs for a meeting with production and forgot to text him, and I have a strict no phones rule whilst I’m in the design room, so I didn’t get any of his calls or messages. When I got home he started yelling at me, telling me that he was worried sick and thought I’d been taken or something, and then it moved to accusing me of cheating on him, and everything got out of control and he hit me. Kyle apologised over and over again, saying it was an accident and that he was stressed at work and everything was getting to him more than usual, so I brushed it off as a one time thing, he wouldn’t do it again, he loved me, he showed me off to the world. It didn’t make sense.

The next time it had happened was when I got home from the gym, I told him that I’d run into you and we had a nice chat as we did our routines and he snapped again, he pushed me over the table and it smashed and all the shards got stuck into my arms and legs, and whilst it was painful and my heart was breaking, I again assumed that he was stressed, that he wouldn’t do it again.

But it became a recurring thing, if I wasn’t home on time he’d throw me across the room, push me down the stairs. Kyle stopped me from going to the gym, made sure to buy clothes which covered up the damage he caused, dictated when he wanted me, call my work and tell them I was sick so that he could keep me by his side all day. Kyle would call me at any hour and if I didn’t pick up then he would come and find me, he ruled my life, I couldn’t do anything. If I even muttered a word of it to anyone he’d find out and do it again. At first I was still able to go to the gym, it didn’t hurt that much but I just wore long sleeved shirts instead of sports bras, but the worse it got, the more it restricted my movement. Kyle took pleasure in breaking ribs by kicking me or punching me, he would smash glasses over my skin and get all of his frustrations out before throwing me a towel to clean myself up with. I was so afraid that he’d find me if I left, he knew where all of my friends lived, I had nowhere to go where he wouldn’t find me. I couldn’t leave him, I tried and it ended up with letters of abuse, silent phone calls, and two broken ribs once he found me. It was impossible to escape and I couldn’t tell a soul about how I was feeling, I felt like I was drowning and no matter how hard I tried to swim to the surface, it wouldn’t work. It was suffocating me, I felt like he was the master and I was the puppet.

I don’t know how to feel, while I’m so grateful that you guys came to help me, I can’t help but be scared once he realises what I’ve done. How can you protect me from a man who is hell bent on destroying me?

Steve’s eyes were filled with unshed tears as she told her story, not once did she look at him during it, afraid of what expression would face her if she did. There was an all-consuming rage building in his gut, it was uncontrollable and vengeful, it was pure and filled with fire as his sadness turned to anger, “I’m going to kill that motherfucker,” he seethed as he stood up, grabbing his jacket and sliding it onto his arms, “Where does he work, Lyla?”

Lyla knew better than to stop him, standing up herself and pulling her sneakers on, “I’m not going to stop you, but if you’re going then so am I,” Steve gave her a wary look and began to refuse, but she held her hand up and silenced him, “No Steve, I’m coming, you can’t stop me, okay?” With a sigh of disapproval he nodded.

“Where?” he repeated as they left the room, moving through the Avengers lounge quickly and with determination.

A voice stopped them, “There’s my favourite girl,” it chimed as the owner stood up with open arms, putting them down once he saw her face and then found the look of sheer fury on Steve’s face, “Who are we killing?” Tony asked as himself, Bucky and Sam and stood up and made their way over to them.

Steve smirked, “A guy called Kyle Peterson, you know him?” Tony clenched his jaw and nodded, “Where does he work, Lyla?” Steve asked for the third time.

Lyla looked straight into his eyes, “235 Madison Avenue,” Steve nodded stiffly as he headed to the elevator, three males following him with Lyla in tow, walking behind Bucky who held back to stay close to her, “You can’t just walk in there and punch his lights out,” Lyla stated, earning a groan from Tony and angry glances from Steve and Sam, Bucky stayed neutral, “What? You think that entering a private building with the intent to hurt the best lawyer in the state is just going to work out fine?” Lyla asked with disbelief, “Kyle is devious and manipulative, he has the DA on his side, there’s no way you can just walk in there and beat him up without him coming after you,” Steve attempted to interject but failed when Bucky spoke up first.

“Listen to her guys, Lyla knows this prick better than all of us, maybe we should hold off and wait until he comes to us?-”

“Which he will, he won’t stop until he’s found me,” The five all shared a look with one another, Lyla’s eyes plead with Steve to think the scenario through logically.

Steve hisses and shakes his head, “Fine, we’ll wait until he comes to us,” he pauses and wraps an arm around Lyla’s shoulder, “And when he does, I’ll fucking destroy him.”

Tony gasps, his hand over his mouth as he looks across at Steve with disbelief, “Did- did you just swear?” Lyla and Sam share a look before giggling profusely, Bucky shakes his head with a smirk as he allows Lyla to lean into his side. Steve scoffs before pressing the button to head back up to the main floor, “Jackass.”

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i’m lAte but happy birthday to like my biggest inspiration ever @kyleehenke ! i’ve literally been obsessed with her art since my sonic days as a small child. no other artist has really kept me motivated through several years to just keep practicing and feel confident in myself that i will improve. kylee’s like seriously the coolest person ever and literally has the best snapchat stories ever that have me laughing out loud at like 2 am. i usually never get this sappy saying things about my role models but i really think kylee is an incredible person and is seriously one of the reasons im who i am today. thank you so much for being such a huge influence on my life and so many others! keep being awesome!! ❤️