kyle gallagher


中洲屋台 by Kyle Gallagher

All of these newbies watching “Shameless (US)” for the first time on Netflix got me like ...

It’s obvious that I’m lying?

My sincere advice to them when the pain kicks in: Stop and watch “Hit The Floor” instead because, whilst I am laughing at you for falling for the shit the rest of us fell for before you, you deserve to know some rainbows really do have pots of gold at the end …

[Note to self: Make more Dersha, Slete, and dance routine GIFs.]

You want a shamelessly sexy show with heart, and with a more statistically accurate number of P.O.C. characters, and compelling storytelling that also has a queer couple that won’t end up being shit on, because the creator/head writer/multi-episode director/executive producer is gay himself, and that storyline is literally his entire life’s dream to create and do justice by? That’s the show you’re really looking for.


The question is: Shame. What is its origin? And why are we hounded by its miserable shadow?