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Kyle Spencer (requested)

(I wanted to try out the reins of post death Kyle since his character is a bit complex seeing as even when Fiona fixed him he was a little slow, so I hope this is decent)

It had been a rough day you were having, and all you wanted to do when you got home was sleep. Your bones were aching, your skin was dirty, and your head was throbbing from customers yelling at you at work. And it was going pretty well and all, your plans for rest. You even got a full five hours of sleep. And then–


You opened your eyes groggily as you heard the noise on your window, shifting in your cloud like sheets.


Your vision was blurry for a second before you blinked and saw the shape of a man by your window. You would have screamed and fled your room as fast as you can, but you didn’t because of the mop of curls on top of the guy’s head. It was Kyle, your boyfriend of three months. Kyle was a special soul, and you had met him at coffee shop while on break from work. He wasn’t like the men you had dated before, Kyle wasn’t the best at everything, and he was slightly slower than normal, but you had fallen for him all the same. He was guarded at first, but then he softened up, and you would think he was a puppy and you were his owner, the way he got all excited when you met.

Kyle was throwing rocks at your window even though he only stood a few feet away, stopping and placing his hand over his mouth when they thumped harshly against the glass and you could hear muffled giggles. You knew he had gotten the idea from all of the old 80’s movies you had binged three days ago and the thought made you smile sleepily. His sweet gesture did not change the fact that you were still dead tired, though, and that your limbs were like lead weights. You groaned and rolled over so you were facing the window on your stomach, but let your eyes drift shut. Behind the glass Kyle frowned before getting an idea and picking up another stone, but throwing it so hard a small crack appeared in the glass.

Your eyes snapped open and you let out a groan, getting up and dragging yourself to your window. You rubbed at your eyes lazily before shaking your head at him.

“Kyle stop that, you’re going to break my window.” You sighed before putting your fingers under the window and yanking it up so he could crawl in. He did so noisily and clumsily, stumbling and landing on your floor in a heap.

“Sorry, Y/N.” He apologized, a few seconds after pulling himself up. He walked over to you and hugged you before placing his lips on yours with a light playfulness. When he pulled away he grinned. “Go on adventure with me.”

You yawned and wrapped your arms around his soft torso, which was covered in a navy blue sweater, inhaling his intoxicating scent. “Kyle, I had a long day at work, baby. I need a little more sleep. Can we go in the tomorrow?”

Kyle frowned and pulled away, placing his hands on your shoulder and looking down at your disappointed expression. He had been warm and honestly you were so up for cuddling at the moment. “But it’s so nice outside. I want to go right now.”

You sighed, knowing that it was hard to convince Kyle when he wanted something enough. But you just didn’t think that it was a good time, because you also had work in the morning, and sleep was a necessity.

“Kyle, baby we can go tomorrow. I’ll take you to the aquarium, your friend Queenie told me you’ve never been there.”

You thought that it would make him happy, but he seemed to be getting upset, like he really did want to go right then and there, and that was all he wanted.

“NO!” Kyle yelled slightly. You flinched back, but you already knew that Kyle was a bit uncontrollable when he was angry, so you didn’t step down. He seemed to know what he did and spoke softer this time, going forward and wrapping his arms around your shoulders. “Please, Y/N. I want to go on an adventure right now.”

You looked at his puppy dog eyes and pouted lips and sighed, knowing that since the moment he threw rocks at your window that he had won. You couldn’t stand making Kyle sad. “Fine.” You sighed.

Kyle cheered and kissed you sloppily, picking you up and spinning you around.”Yay! Can we go to the woods? I heard there’s an ocean there we can see fishes in.”

You giggled at Kyle’s cuteness and nodded, knowing the stream wasn’t far from the woods, which were conveniently located near your house. “Kyle, baby, it’s a stream.”

“Ocean.” Kyle persisted, before tugging at your pajamas. You were wearing a matching set of Disney pajamas, that you had to admit were kind of embarrassing. “I like them, but I don’t think they’re good for woods.”

You nodded and pulled away. “Yeah, let me just change really quickly and we can go see the sleeping fish in the ocean.”

You started walking to your closet but were quickly stopped by Kyle when he spun you around roughly and kissed you softly, cupping your cheeks in his hands. He pulled away after a few seconds and grinned. “I love you, be back soon.”

You grinned as well and pecked the tip of his nose, causing him to cross his eyes. “I love you, too, Kyle. I won’t be too long, darling.”

Fifteen minutes later, after crawling out of the window of your room together, (because Kyle insisted) you were nearing the stream, hand in hand with Kyle. He had been pausing frequently, making the trip longer than planned, pointing excitedly to sleeping animals and birds.

You were nearing the stream when Kyle suddenly gasped, letting go of your hand and wrapping his arms around you in a protective manner. You followed his gaze and saw a pair of glowing amber eyes staring at you two from a branch. You immediately knew it was an owl when it hooted softly.

“Woah! That’s a big, scary bird!” Kyle said, pointing to the owl. “It’s the only one awake. Don’t worry, Y/N, I’ll protect you from it.”

You giggled but were interrupted by a loud yawn, that caused Kyle to look down at you. “It’s not scary, Kyle. It’s an owl, it won’t hurt you unless it feels threatened. It’s the only one awake because it’s a nocturnal bird.That means when everyone’s awake he sleeps and when everyone is asleep he’s awake.”

(owl: did u just assume my gender)

Kyle looked back at the owl while you stared happily at his face. The faces that Kyle pulled when he heard new information were the cutest things you had ever witnessed; sometimes he would scrunch his nose and furrow his eyebrows, and sometimes he would bite his lip and widen his eyes as wheels turned in his head. You tip toed and kissed the edge of his jaw, giggling before pulling away. “Alright, darling, let’s get to the ocean.”

At the word, Kyle’s eyes lit up and he followed eagerly, waving at the owl as he did.

The stream was glistening in the pale moonlight like liquid diamonds, with slivers of shadows passing and twisting under it’s surface. The scent of moss was heavily perfuming the air, and the water sloshed a lullaby. Your eyes were growing heavy just being in the place. You walked to the small wooden bridge at the end of the trail you had been following even though the water was about knee deep, looking at the long slice of water that cut through the woods. The woods were so beautiful, and you could spend hours there, and it had excited you when Kyle had suggested coming here.

“Isn’t it beautiful, Kyle?” You asked without looking at your boyfriend.

“FISHES!” Was Kyle’s reply followed by a splash.

The noise made you spin around quickly, your sleepiness diminishing into sheer panic. Kyle was sitting in the middle of the stream, his eyebrows furrowed in concentration as he tried to catch the panicked fish in his palm. You sighed but couldn’t help the grin that formed on your face at his expression. You got on your knees on the bridge, placing your hands on the edge to keep yourself from splashing into the water.

“Kyle, baby, what are you doing in the water?” You asked. And then a small joke came to mind, and you giggled. “All of these fish and you only managed to catch me.”

Kyle looked up and grinned at you, before reaching his arms out and wrapping them around your shoulders, and before you could protest, into the water with him. A small squeal left your lips as he planted kisses all over your face, the cool water seeping into your jeans and sweater.

“I got the best fish.” He giggled before kissing you on the lips, wet and open, but still full of love. “I love you, Y/N. Thank you for bringing me even though you were sleepy. My girlfriend fish.”

You laughed loudly and kissed him back. “Oh, what would I do without you, darling? I love you too, Kyle.”



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shortstackedkyman  asked:

hey, if you're still doing those 'I love you' prompts can I request #12 for Kyman, please? <3

Thank for you the request, @shortstackedkyman!

12. “Take my jacket, it’s cold outside.” (Send me a ‘I love you’ prompt here!)

There was a heaviness in Kyle’s chest that night. 

He stared out of the bus as cars passed beneath, midnight approaching. The game that lasted three hours had finally ended and they were on their way home, band and football team together because the school could only provide a single trip. Kyle brought his trombone closer to his chest as his eyes averted to the other side, where a husky athlete was sitting. 

Cartman’s hair was shuffled and his face was still pink from last-minute hustles on the field. He wasn’t the team’s best player but he certainly had the build for it. Cartman had been playing for their high school since freshman year, and it was hard to believe they’d be graduating soon. Just another semester and they’d be sailing, Kyle thought. 

Butters was sitting next to them, the first chair clarinet player, and he stretched out his arms.

“Talk about a game, huh Kyle? Maybe if we win next Friday we can go to nationals!”

“Nationals…” Kyle trailed, watching Cartman’s hands as they held his helmet. 

He wondered if they’d get that far, and what that meant for Cartman. Scholarship wise, it wasn’t bad to get a gig solely for recreational sports if it meant free tuition. Kyle knew that judging from Cartman’s GPA he was going to need a crutch if he wanted a good school.

“It’d be nice for us to go to nationals, too. Every other year that we tried, we never got straight ones!” Butters groaned. “It’d at least make us look like a band that cared.”

Kyle didn’t say anything back, because when Cartman shifted in his seat and when their gazes met, Kyle tore apart.

He could feel Cartman look at him even when he focused back on the window. Butters mentioned something about going to see Kenny up front, even if Kyle wanted to speak against it. If Butters left, than that gave Cartman plenty of room to just sweep in, and just as if it was on cue…

“Jew.” Cartman slid into the seat next to Kyle and a smell of muskiness followed. Kyle scrunched his face for a few seconds before he turned back.

“Fatass. What if I wanted to stretch out my legs?”

“Too late.” Cartman lounged where he was and Kyle rolled his eyes. 

The two of them sat in an awkward silence before Cartman set his helmet between his thighs. He stared down at Kyle’s trombone.

“The band must be getting ready for competition soon, right? Make sure you don’t trip and cost the school a win.” Cartman teased. 

Kyle wasn’t sure what gave Cartman the right to say something like that since he constantly got into accidents while playing football. He’d be benched so many times because he got smacked in the head by an opposite player. Kyle would have to fight the urge to cry from laughing in the stands.

“Right, make sure I don’t trip. Remind me which one of us messed up during auditions and didn’t even get into the band.” Kyle said. 

He remembered when Cartman auditioned during middle school, trying for percussion even though he couldn’t keep beat to save his life. He would mess around with the snares and when he finally got called up to try, he ruined it.

Even with cymbals he’d be such a klutz.

“That was six years ago, Kyle. If I really wanted to play in your stupid band, I’d get in easy with an actual instrument.” Cartman smirked towards Token who was in the front of the bus. “Like a tuba.”

“Tuba? Seriously?” Kyle bit his lip at the image of Cartman carrying out a tuba while they formed their school’s initials. It certainly fit him better than the other options. 

Cartman with a flute? He’d break it the first day.

“The bigger brass instruments are what kills, Kyle.” Cartman stretched out Kyle’s name with the tip of his tongue and Kyle hated how perfect it sounded. “Having a trombone doesn’t get you babes.”

“Did you seriously say the words trombone and babes in the same sentence? You do know who you’re talking to, right?” Kyle asked.

Kyle had been out as gay since a couple years ago, and for some reason, Cartman was one of the first people he told. Cartman ended up in the same boat, kind of. Kyle still wasn’t sure if Cartman was gay, but he figured that after short, failed relationships with the girls in their grade, there had to be something to the equation. 

Well, either that, or Cartman was just horrible in the romance department.

“I don’t see you playing a woodwind, Jew.”

“As if whatever you play determines your sexuality – you are so full of it!”

“Yeah, yeah.” Cartman flipped his hand and the topic was finished. Kyle was looking at his instrument now and wondered if that was a thing. Damn him.

“You guys did pretty good out there.” Kyle brought up the game and Cartman shrugged. He started playing with his hands in his lap.

“Eh. We could have done better, had Clyde not been such a pussy and actually went for the kill.”

“Clyde’s pretty good though. He does better than a lot of the guys who barely do anything.” Kyle mentioned.

“He’s one of our better receivers, which is why he should have done better than tonight.” Cartman mumbled. “But whatever, I don’t care as long as get to play against the big boys.”

“You seem pretty confident you’ll get there.” Kyle said and Cartman scoffed.

“Dude, we’ve won all but one game this entire season. I’d be pissed if we didn’t.”

“Well, we’ll be there when you guys get plummeted into the dirt like last year.” Kyle said as he remembered their last attempt of surviving nationals. Cartman was getting his ass beaten, and it really was the greatest sight a person could as for.

The bus passed through a bumpy intersection and Kyle turned his head towards the window. They were approaching their school now, and Kyle couldn’t wait to be in his bed. Sleeping past noon was going to be such a reliever. 

Cartman grabbed the yellow backpack to his side and shoved his helmet in.

“Took us long enough to get home.” Cartman spoke under his breath and Kyle flinched as his phone buzzed in his pants.

Taking Kenny home. Sorry to ask this but would you mind finding another ride? Xoxo – Butters

“Fuck me.” Kyle groaned as his head hit the back of the seat. Cartman turned towards him and chuckled.

“We could arrange that Jew but first I need details.”

Kyle didn’t question the intent of those words but he was sure Cartman brought the shitty truck he was loaning from…someone. Kyle didn’t get much out of that besides Cartman not having a ride to just getting one the next day. He’d probably never know.

“Would you mind taking me home? Butters bailed.”

“Of course, he did.” Cartman said as his eyes trailed to where the two blondes were sitting. “Why fuck over one when there’s two?

“C’mon, just forget about it.” Kyle found his bag and slung it over his shoulder, trombone in hand. “Can you take me or not?”

“I don’t have a problem with it but you’re going to have to go through the Taco Bell drive-thru with me.”

Kyle checked his phone and saw it was past half midnight. “Dude, seriously?”

“I’m seriously, Kyle, and you’re either going to accept I need my nightly dosage of Baja Breeze or step the fuck off.”

“Fine, whatever, just as long as you get me home.” Kyle said as the bus pulled into the parking lot and as people got off. 

The two boys started walking over towards Cartman’s truck and Kyle started shivering. It was too cold outside for this. He tried crossing his arms over his chest, why wasn’t it this cold at the stadium?

“What’s the issue? You look like you’re freezing your balls off.” Cartman laughed as Kyle punched his arm.

“Shut the fuck up, Cartman. You have a uniform and a jacket on over it.”

“Oh, so the jacket’s what you’re whining about. Well, here, just take it, since you’re crying over it.” 

Cartman passed the jacket over to a frostbitten Kyle, who was surprised at Cartman’s act of kindness but said nothing. He took it and covered himself, even pulling the hood over his head.

“My truck has a heater, so you’ll only need it for like, a minute.” Cartman said and Kyle just groaned.

“Whatever. If we have to go through Taco Bell the least you could do is let me hold onto this.”

“You’re so greedy.” Cartman said. His eyes went up and down Kyle in a pleased fashion. “I didn’t realize just how big-boned I was until I see you being devoured by my jacket.”

“Big-boned? We’re still debating on that?” Kyle smiled and Cartman flipped him off.

“That’s it – I was thinking about getting those donut things for us to share but I changed my mind, go suck your own balls.”

Kyle zipped up the jacket and shrugged. “It wouldn’t be as fun if you made me do it by myself.”

Cartman stuttered and didn’t say anything to that as they got in the truck. Kyle ended up keeping the jacket for another week.

You know, just in case he needed it.

Mentality (v6)


Aku half leaned on her in return. He sighed softly, enjoying the moment. The warm sun and the gentle breeze. He reached his hand around her back, setting on her waist.

Aku hummed softly, turning to her and smiling. “Oh lookie who’s here, mr. Sleeps-a-lot” Kyle scoffed, grinning like he was king of the world. Aku glared up at him.

“So, you broke my shoulder and shattered my arm. By spine was crushed… and I’m suing.” Kyle teased. Aku flinched “sue?” He whimpered “thousands of dollars you asshole, and since you started it I can get even more. I have insurance… And I’m sure no one will want to help you when they find out what you are.”

Aku stared at him. His hand around sasumes waist tightening out of lyles view. He was trying not to show him he was angry, but oh hell he was. “Don’t do this…” He choked out, his throat burning. “Why? Think you can don’t have enough money?” Aku shook his head pathetically. “I’ll charge you only a few thousand if you beg” Aku snorted and turned his head away.

“Fifteen grand it is.” Aku gasped in surprise. “Fifteen?…” He could barely breathe. “Oh god…” “Then beg. And… Gimme the girl.” Kyle snorted. Aku’s eyes were on fire now. “She’s not a ‘thing’ I can just give away. She’s a person.” He whimpered, tears falling down his eyes pathetically. “I can’t… I’ll beg… But I can’t just… Give you a person…she can choose…” “Then make her choose me.” “I can’t…” He wheezed.

Aku released her, bowing his head to Kyle. “P-Lea-se… F-orgive… m-e” he whimpered. “No. Full thing. Hands and knees. Grovel before me. Like demons were meant to do. Your just like them, meant to be controlled.”

Aku glanced back at sasume, ashamed he was doing this. He shifted to face him completely, getting on his hands and knees. “Pl-ease… F-forgi-give me…” Kyle placed a foot on his shoulder, crushing his wing slightly.

Aku tried to get back up only to be shoved back down. “Ah- ah, please…” He whimpered, trying to pull away. His heart racing in fear. He was pinned by his wings, his weakest spot. He was practically immobile.

“I said I’m sorry” his voice hoarse and pained. “Please stop this…”

one—-cigarette said:

 The nephilim cried out, managing to aim Ivory at the figure above him. “I want that head of yours!” he growled. “I know a few people who’d pay a hell of a lot of money for a vampire’s head!” he pulled the trigger, merely grazing the vampire’s neck.

Kyle didn’t even flinch, instead aiming his weapon at Dante’s forehead. “Put the weapon down. I don’t want to kill you, but I will.”