kyle face

“You… you’re sure you want us on the blog, right now? Butters, are you sure?”

Kyle faced Butters with the most concern he’d ever shown in days, brow set in deep thought as his boyfriend patted Butters’s arm awkwardly on the boy’s other side. ”I mean, I don’t think the blog is a good place to, like, get everything out, but that’s personally just-”

“I… this is something everyone has to know, Kyle,” Butters half-mumbled, staring angrily at his knees, but it didn’t sound like he believed himself. And really, was he really sure he was going to do this? Just… up and tell everyone what he had seen and hope everyone was going to believe him?

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Okay so, I don’t like R*ylo. Never have. Never will. I think it’s gross. I was uncomfortable throughout the interrogation/torture scene. I also believe it’s incestuous, but even if it’s not, it’s still gross and needs to be shut down this December. Correction: will beˆshut down this December

On the other hand… the shippers are just… so entertaining. They say some of the funniest crap I have ever seen from any shipping fandom. I cannot wait to see how they are going to top the eyebrow hickey commentary. Honestly I am surprised none of them have thought to call the scar Re/y left on Kyle’s face a “love scar” or some crap like that.

I probably shouldn’t be giving them ideas as I both laugh and lose a bit of my hope for humanity simultaneously when they do stuff like this… but I cannot wait, yet also dread, to hear what they come up with next.

headcanon where it’s harley’s birthday so she drags the sirens and a couple of the other rogues along to laser tag with her. harley and ivy are the team captains but get really competitive over it and start screaming orders at everybody. everyone aims for eddie (even if they’re on his team), harvey cheats with two guns, selina feels the need to dramatically die whenever she gets hit, “scarecrow, t-tell batman-” “selina, you’re not dying” and jon is suspiciously good at the game. harley’s team end up winning but they get kicked out after concerned parents threaten to call the cops. even tho harley won ivy’s like, “you may have won the battle but not the war.”