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Okay, so now let`s assume that The War Games would be going on again some time later, and these are the teams I am very much looking forward to see collide.

The (Updated) Definitive List Of Christen Press Stans™
  1. Rory “I’ll Take Her Over Any Other Forward In The League, Any Day Of The Week" Dames
  2. Tobin “She Can Score When She Wants” Heath
  3. US “Yep, Christen Press Still On 🔥” WNT
  4. Chicago “You. Can’t. Do. Better. Than. This.” Red Stars
  5. Julie “My Only Advice On Defending Christen Is To Recruit More Defenders” Ertz
  6. Lynn “I Love Christen… Christen’s Awesome” Williams
  7. Kelley “How About My Lovely Christen Press #soproud” O'Hara
  8. Crystal “Christen Press Would Make The Best President” Dunn
  9. That One Girl That Asked CP To Sign Her Bra
  10. The Rest Of Us

Honorable Mentions

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Let’s Play With Fire~2

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Part 2

Note : I’m sorry this sucked so much :(

It was another week of NXT, each women had to do a promo about stepping up to be the next in line for the title. Dakota went, Sonya did too. Oh how you would love to be in the ring with Sonya, she is one of the best. This time it was your turn, standing in your ring gear facing the camera. The red light came from the camera and you had to begin. 

“ Time to let the fire burn. Play time is over, ladies meet your maker. Step up or ship out” you smirked into the camera, a giggle following. All of sudden it stops as someone stands besides you, a scowl is placed on your lips as your gaze turns to Taynara.

“ Can I help you?” you ask, taking a step back. She has her hands on her hips looking you up and down, a chuckle escapes her lips. “ Is something amusing you?” 

“ You. You think your so strong out of everyone else here. Prove it. I’ll step up, will you back down or bark back?” 

“ See you in the ring “ you pushed past her, making sure to bump your shoulder against hers. Taynara watches you walk away, she sees the camera is on her, rolling her eyes and walks off. Bobby has watched what just happens, he follows Taynara taking a hold of her shoulder and turns her around.

“ what?” she asks. He shakes his head, “ You shouldn’t of said you wanted a match with her. You have no idea what she’s capable of.”  

“ I can beat her” She shrugged like it seemed nothing. Bobby sighs, “ Were going to be out there to have your back in case Y/N has something up her sleeve.”

“ Who could she possibly have as friends? Have you seen her? Who would want to date such a ….thing” 

“ One, she’s not a thing. She’s human being with a heart and two, I did” this shocked her that someone like Bobby would be with someone like you. 

“ Are you serious?” He nodded, averting his gaze. He didn’t really want to bring up the memories and feelings. He never did let go of the fact that he still loves you. 

“ That’s just… I don’t know what to say” Bobby shook his head, putting his hand up. 

“ Let’s put this conversation aside, for now. You need to focus on your match with her” he wraps an arm around her shoulder leading her down the hall as he talked to her, giving her little bits on information on what she should watch out for. 

You walked over to catering to grab a bottle of water when you noticed Trent and Tyler sitting together at the table and Pete just joined them. You make your way over to them, sitting down next to Pete. 

“ hey boys” you greeted them. Pete turns to you, a small smile on his lips which he rarely shows. 

“ I haven’ seen yeh in so lon’ Y/N” He says. You nod,uncapping your water and taking a drink from it. 

“ Missed me?” he chuckles, shrugging. “ Somethin’ like that” you look towards Trent who was already looking at you. 

“ So Trent, did you ask them?” He nods. You look at Tyler, Trent then to Pete and see they were all smiling at you. 

“ So it’s a yes?” they all chuckled, nodding their heads.

 “ Yay!” you clap your hands before launching yourself at Pet first, who grumbles at the affection. 

He taps your back, and chuckles. He isn’t used to your hugs, You let him go racing around the table to kiss Tyler and Trent on their cheeks before rushing back to sit down.

“ Why do they get kisses and I don’?” Pete asks motioning to the other two. “ Awe, is Peter jealous?” He glares at the use of his full name, looking away like he’s mad. You lean over to kiss his cheek. “ Better?” He nods turning his head back. 

“ Yeh two should date” Tyler mumbles, you and Pete heard him turning your gaze to him. 

“ Me date Peter? No thanks, I have enough on my plate as it is” Pete turns to you. “ ‘m not good enough for yeh?” He asks putting a hand on his heart.
“ It’s not that Pete, I don’t want a boyfriend right now”

“ Does this have anythin’ t’ do with Bobby?” Trent asks. He is the only one who knows what really happened between you and Bobby. Everyone was told that things ended smoothly between the two of you but it didn’t. It was the total opposite. 

“ What happen between yeh and Bobby? I thought things went well” Tyler said. You look down at your hands, not really wanting to talk about it. 

“ ‘m sorry” Tyler adds reaching for your hand across the table. You nod silently, not really feeling up to talking anymore. 

“Look what yeh did” Pete says. “ Yeh upset her” he adds motioning to you. “ I’m fine, really” you look up at Tyler, then look to Pete then to Trent showing a fake smile, but one that they would believe. 

“ I’m going to go” you got up from the table, putting a piece of hair behind your ear before turning to leave but not before telling them about your match with Taynara.

“ we will be there with yeh” you nod, walking off to hear Trent mumbling to Tyler about “ nice going” and hear Pete say something too. 

You shut it out though, going into your thoughts. Just going around the corner putting your back to the wall as you close your eyes seeing flashback of your break up with Bobby.

 He has been talking to his ex wife again, he’s been talking to her and seeing her more. It’s not because of his kids, but you felt like he still loved her. You fought with him all the time, losing your trust. He yelled at you and said some hurtful things, the last thing he said was he never wanted to see you and he didn’t love you.

 He felt sorry for you, that you were alone and unwanted and you only covered it up with another personality. It hurt to walk away from him, you loved him so much. You thought he was the man you would be with for the rest of your life. After Bobby, you promised yourself that you would never let a man into your heart ever again. 

“ Are you okay?” you hear. Nodding your head, slowly opening your eyes to see Kyle in front of you. He had a worried look in his eyes, he takes a hold of your hand.  

“ You’re shaking” He says, you look at your hands and indeed you are shaking. Your breathing isn’t normal either. “ what happen?” he asks, bringing you in his arms, rocking you to make you feel better. You shake your head, not wanting to tell him. 

“ Please” He begs you, holding you out of arms reach and looks down at you. “ Memories” you gasp out, “ Bobby.” You manage to get out, feeling like you were losing the way to breathe. Kyle eyes go wide as he panics, running to find Bobby.

You collapse on the floor trying to grasp how to breathe or trying to breathe. It is very hard, you grabbed onto the floor as if reaching for help. It does nothing. 

Footsteps were heard and in matter of seconds, Bobby is in front of you crouching down. He takes you into his arms, “ Listen to my heart beat. Breath Y/N. Breathe.” He says, running his fingers through your hair. 

You do as he says, listen to his heartbeat finding it soothing. It silent as you try to breathe, he’s holding you and once again you feel safe in his arms. Like you used to. 

You pull away from him, not bothering to even look at him as you slip out of his grasp onto the floor next to him.

“ Thanks” you tell him, your hair is shielding your face from him, but he takes a hold of your arms helping you up. His hands are on your elbows as you just look down at the ground feeling helpless. 

“ Y/N?” he calls out to you. 

“ Yeah?” you softly ask.

“ Are you going to be okay?” you nod. He lets go of your arms, taking a finger and placing it under your chin making you look at him. “ It’s okay Y/N, everything is alright” you nod.

“ Do you want me to stay with you for awhile?” before you could answer him, someone else does. “ She won’t be needing yeh t’ stay” Tyler says from behind him. Trent is behind Tyler as he looks at Bobby. 

“ I didn’t ask you” Bobby lets you go, putting you behind him. Tyler is chest to chest with him now, glaring at him. 

“ she doesn’t need a baby sitter, not even the man that broke her t’ pieces” Trent spats pointing a finger at him, “ I know how things ended between yeh two. Y/N is very good friend of mine, I was there to help her get back on her feet. Yeh are nothin’ but-

“ Trent! Don’t!” you yell. “ Leave it” you add making your way to stand in between the two, but taking a hold of Trent’s arm,tugging him. “ Please Trent..”
He looks away from him to you, his gaze soften seeing your eyes are glossy ready to cry. 

“ Let’s go Tyler” He says, wrapping an arm around you as he turns walking away with Tyler in toe following you two. Bobby and Kyle stand there, with not happy faces before Kyle turns to him and ask what happened between the two of you.

“ A lot” Bobby responds. 

“ What did you do?” 

“ I broke her heart and she’s never going to forgive me..” He says. 

“ Do you still love her?” 

Bobby doesn’t need to give Kyle an answer because Kyle already knows the answer.

Play With Fire~8

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Part 7

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Pete grabbed onto the back of Bobby’s shirt and send him flying into the wall. Kyle and Adam pinned Pete to the wall. 

“ What the fuck is wrong with you?!” Adam yelled. You, Trent and Tyler appeared behind the two. Glancing over to Bobby who was clutching his head with his hands in pain. 

“ Let go of him” you told Adam and Kyle. The two glanced at you then turn their gaze to Trent and Tyler. Pete sprung out to attack Bobby again to only be held by Adam and Kyle again. 

“ Dunne! Calm yourself!” Kyle says. You stood in front of Pete putting your hand on his chest. 

“ Please don’t start this, I don’t need the trouble” you tell him. Pete gaze soften when he sees your pleading look. He shrugs off Kyle and Adam and points a finger towards Bobby’s direction. 

“ Yeh stay the fuck away from Y/N!” he yells. You didn’t feel sorry for Bobby because in truth, he did deserve it. He rose his head to make eye contact with you. You brushed off the weak smile he attempted to show you. When you turn your back to him, he called out to you. Stopping in your tracks to hear what he has to say. 

“ So you jump from me to him? How pathetic can you be Y/N? Are you going to have a kid with him too?” 

You clenched your arms into fist to your sides and jaw clenched tight. Trent and Tyler took a step back to spring into action when both your hands shot out to stop them. 

“ Not now” you tell them turning around leaning down on your knees to his level. 

“ Fuck you Bobby Fish. You’re the one who is all alone with this one” you motion to Adam “ telling you what to do” then point to Kyle “ and this one as your lap dog”

“ How is Aliester doing Y/N? Heard he hates your guts. Isn’t he Iris’s god father? How does Iris feel to not see him ever again?” 

You couldn’t help it any longer, his head went to the side. The sound of you slapping his cheek could be heard in the hallway. 

“ I have news for you Fish, I fucking hate your guts” with that, you stood up and turn around to only be stopped by Adam and Kyle. 

“ One day you’re going to realize that you need us Y/N. One way or another. You are a weak little-”

“ I’d watch myself lad” Trent grabs a hold of your wrist pulling you to his side. Kyle chuckles and motions towards Trent and Tyler.

“ These two are your lap dogs too? Or do you open your legs and fuck each one. What do you get out of this?” 

“ Excuse me I-” you were cut off when Tyler sprang on him, Trent let you go and went to get Tyler off. Meanwhile Bobby is off the floor rubbing his cheek, he takes two steps and he’s in front of you. You stare into the eyes you use to love. The eyes that would give you warmth. 

“ You’re going to regret ever slapping me” 

“ I’m ready for whatever you bring” 

From behind him and down the hall, you could see the familiar black vest going through the curtain and out to the ring. Aliester was heading to his match and you were going to wait for him. Slipping past the men to the curtain, you had to talk to him. He has been avoiding you and it wasn’t fair to you. At all. 

After all, he was Iris’s godfather and he was your best friend. Watching him as he has his match in the ring, once he hits the Black Mass, you know it’s over. His opponent walks through first, giving a nod to you before Aliester slips through the curtain. He runs a hand down his face but he notices your shoes in front of him. He raises his head meeting your gaze. 

“ Long time no talk” you said first. He kept his gaze on you and not giving you an answer or saying anything. You nod telling him you watched his match. He raises his head more, you could see he still watching you with his eyes. Throwing your hands up and huffing. You had about enough of this. This was ridiculous. 

“ What the fuck did I do wrong? You are my best friend Aliester and the god father of my child. I just can’t have you walk out of my life like that. Please..” you take a hold of his arm dragging him and pulling him. But it’s no use. He wasn’t moving from the spot. 

“ Fine, don’t talk to me. You’re a fucking-” you were cut off when he cupped your face with bis his hands planting his lips on yours. 

Your eyes go wide as he kisses you. Slapping your hands on his arms and chest to let you go. He kept kissing you until you closed your eyes and kissed him. He was a pretty good kisser and a small smile lit on his face when you kissed him back. 

Eyes were watching the two of you feeling his heart crash into his stomach. His hands go into fist as he watches Aliester kisses you. Why him? He watches to see if you would pull away. When you didn’t he turned back around hanging his head, his hair shielding his eyes from anyone seeing emotion that was written on his face. 

“ Pete, yeh comin’?” He heard Tyler ask him. Pete rose his head up and responded clearing the emotion from his face swinging his back on his shoulder as he follows Tyler to the parking lot. Meanwhile you pull away from Aliester, still shocked that this happened. 

“ Aliester..” you started to say but he puts a finger to your lips. 

“ Don’t say anything about it right now. Just think about it” He says before he slips past you on his way to the locker room. You turn to watch him walk away admiring the tattoos on his back and putting your fingers to your lips. They still tingled from the kiss. You giggled making your way to the locker room. 

Another pair of eyes were watching the scene. He brings his hand up to brush down his beard and mustache, having a smirk on his face as something forms in his head. 

You can’t help it to yourself and think about your best friend. He was so beautiful with his tattoos, he was adorable and had an amazing playlist that you loved listening to. He listened, he cared, he was sweet, he loves being around Iris and he knows you like the back of his hand. 

But you were afraid. Afraid to fall for another man and to have him break your heart all over again. Just like Bobby did. He broke your heart into pieces and it took you long time to get back on your feet. 

Thanks to Aliester and Trent who were by your side. Aliester has been through your ups and downs. Through all of it, and he was there to hold your hand when you were pushing Iris out. He was there when you named her, he was there for her first words, he was there for her first crawl and for everything. He hasn’t missed a thing with Iris and with you, he shows you so much love and admiration a man has. 

But then there was Pete, you were slowly starting to feel something for him. Not wanting to push at anything and admit it to him that you had feelings for him. And it wasn’t right for Aliester too that you had feelings for Pete. How were you going to handle this? 

“ You look like your having a fight in your head. You okay girly?” Liv asks as she sits next to you in the locker room, wrapping her arms around you. 

“ It’s men” you shrugged playing with your fingers, not really knowing what to do. 

“ Do you want to talk about it?” She asks. You shrugged again. You were exhausted and it’s been a long day. She could tell. 

“ How about this. You pack your stuff and go back to the hotel and get some rest. Also take a hot shower and order yourself some room service. You need you time, and that’s okay. Leave all the drama and thinking behind for once” 

“ You’re right Live, thank you” she nods kissing your cheek before she gets up and head out the locker room for her match. 

You got up to pack your stuff when you notice a rose and a small letter.  You were confused to how it got there, your eyebrows itched together trying to figure out who this was from. Picking up turning it over in your hands before opening it. 

Meeting you was like winning a gold prize
But I choose you, when it comes to any size
The moment I saw you, my heart was sold
We fit together like a nut and bold
But who am I to you? 

You were shocked to read something like this. Who could write something like this, you couldn’t really tell who wrote it because it was done on a computer. This person wanted you to try and figure who they are.

It was just like a game. A game that will break hearts.

A Very NWSL Christmas

‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the league,
Not a player was stirring, no HAO was #freed.
Draft picks had been traded, with thought and with care,
Each sweetened the deal on who was going where.

The head coaches were nestled, all snug in their beds,
While visions of trophies danced in their heads.
They thought about game plans and on which players they’d bid,
Parsons dreamt of Portland and putting defenders in mid.

A new team was formed, they called it ‘The Pride’,
Harris and Kyle both signed up for the ride.
Morgan signed too, there was money to be made,
Swapped for Horan in a “Blockbuster Trade!”

The World Cup was held and by Canada was hosted,
Selections were made and rosters were posted.
From England and Sweden to Brazil and Japan,
Players left clubs with a dream and a plan.

With key players gone, the teams felt the sting,
But they shuffled their squads and each did their thing.
Betos scored a goal, knocked in with her head,
Dunn knuckled down and in scoring, she led.

ESPN and Fox showed the odd match,
Everything else, on YouTube you’d catch.
The sound it was awful and the picture much worse,
Fans begged their clubs for an end to the curse.

The Gals they came home and they basked in the glory,
With parades and parties and the odd cover story.
As they returned to the pitch, we saw on their feet,
Each sock covered perfectly with a yellow Nike cleat.

With Krieger & Co. each back in their spot,
Attendance at club games increased by a lot.
New fans watched nervously in fear of defeat,
Tuning in to watch players they’d never seen beat.

Some legends retired and some, they were born,
Mia’s goal record was matched by a Thorn.
Masar signed to Sweden, what about McLeod?
Angerer became a coach, is that even allowed?

Sunil Gulati appeared from below, with a black suit on and an ethereal glow;
“Here’s to the preseason, the sport and the shield,
And here’s to playing on a well kept grass field.”
“Here’s to a year of fair play and fierce passion,
And leggings under shorts in true goalkeeper fashion.”
“Here’s to equality! Well, within reason,
And here’s to the NWSL and another great season.”

“One little league and it’s ten little teams,
Of much better quality than their god awful streams.”
“Now, Spirit! Now, Breakers! Now, Thorns and The Flash!
On, Red Stars! On, Pride! On, Reign and The Dash!”
“Don’t worry, Kansas! I didn’t forget,
How you doing Sky Blue, got a coach yet?”
Gulati exclaimed as he flew out of sight -

“Happy Lauren Holidays to all, and to all a good night!”


Ashlyn Harris Knock + Beast Save