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Devin Booker, Kyle Lowry and Jrue Holiday are leaning in for gender equality

RebelCaptain Playlist – “Welcome Home”

Something Out of Nothing – North of Nine // I Love You Too Much – Diego Luna (Book of Life Soundtrack) // Take Me – The 3AM // Subtle Love – birthday // Magnetic – Canopy Climbers // Love’s On The Way – Sebastain Kole // Stay A Little Longer (Demo) – Brothers Osborne // Here With Me – Susie Suh, Robot Koch // In The Meantime – Randall Kent // Compass – Kyle & Devin // Here With You – Jake Nauta // Done with Bein’ Done – Daphne Willis // Everything’ll Be Alright – Time for Three // I Was Made For Loving You – Will Gittens, Jennifer Chung // Blue – Vocal Few // 10 Hours – Warren Barfield // Lego House – Ed Sheeran


Mind Fucked pt.5- The Others

By- Whitebird

I blasted the insides of Thomas’s ass like a fire hose of Spunk as he screamed in pleasure, his hole still obviously showing that he is a straight guy by the way it squeezes my dick. I pulled out and turned the shower off, leaving Thomas still heavily breathing while leaning against the modern looking shower wall, his abs bouncing with each breath.

“Damn kid…”

I wiped off my dick and nodded at him, “aye, there’s more where that came from, get your ass together and get down stairs.” I slide on a shirt and pants, underwear in hand and walked down the grand staircase to the back sliding door, leaving Thomas the straight gym rat heathing in heat.

When I got into the back I slowly walked over to the other guys and started to elevate their horniness. At first, they were subtly kneading their crotch, but two minutes in, the fucking pack of gym rats were practically dry humping the table while trying to continue their little poker game. That was my cue. I approached the table and worked my magic.

“Hey, are one of you the owner?”

All three of them turned around. The one sitting in the middle stood up and looked me up and down while grabbing his cock.

“Sorry man, but uh… Aren’t you a kid?”

“High schooler?”

I smiled and shrugged,“ yeah, but I guess you’d be surprised at what I can accomplish. I’m sorry, what are your names?”

In order from right to let the guys chime out,




I shook all their hands and then smirked,“ so uh, am i intruding on some kind of circle jerk or something?” All three of them all suddenly looked down and realized they were still practically jacking off there cocks with talking to me.

Matt stood up and looked at me straight in the eye,“oh crap sorry man I’m not sure what’s going on, we’re not gay or anything, just-”

“Really horny, no, I get it” I said as I clutched the underwear behind my back and made the jocks even Hornier, so much to the point they started humping the air.




Suddenly I took my underwear and tossed it right on the table in front of them, and raised my eyebrows at the gorillas, almost challenging them to fight their instincts more then they already are.

Matt was the first to jump. He grabbed them off the table and smelt the pocket where my dick was rolled his eyes into the back of his head, followed by the other guys trying to also get ahold of the underwear.

“Guys, guys… Fuck already…”

Before I could even finish my sentence, the horny men were already nude, Devin over Matt trying to get his lips around Kyle’s cock. Their horniness became so wild they couldn’t even talk, just grunt and moan as they dog piled and fought over one another’s dicks and asses like animals in heat. Suddenly, I pulled down my pants and almost like a beacon, all three of their eyes became fixated on my dick.

And so, my day ends, a groups of three horny jock bros faces buried deep into my crotch, with Thomas’s huge elephant dick jack hammering into my skull. And to think, once i hypnotize my ‘wardens’ into letting me live in this mansion, this will be my life 24/7😏

To be continued…


The Little Team That Could: In a season plagued with injuries and with the appearance of so many new, young, and untested faces on the roster, it was easy for the naysayers to assume the Patriots would have a tough year. Well, it hasn’t been an easy path. There has been a huge learning curve and shaky ground tread upon during the 17 weeks of play. But here we are once again: postseason, and the Patriots keep on pushing their way forward, stubborn and determined, hungry for more victories. Today was just a statement. Win or lose as they move forward, they’ve proven they are once again the gold standard in the NFL. They can make something out of nothing thanks to the leadership of their tenacious veteran quarterback, the cleverness of their coaching staff, and the brilliance of their head coach. So keep going, Little Team That Could. You have the entirety of Patriots Nation supporting you always.