hellooooo, i’ve created this blog as a sort of ‘library’, because i have yet to find an (active) blog like it. my goal here is to hopefully someday gather up all South Park fanfics. This will make it easier on those who don’t want to sift through three different sites to find a fic that would easily be found under a tag on this blog. was that confusing? probably.
basically what i meant was that this is a place where you can easily find fanfics/oneshots of the ship/genre of your choosing. in addition to this, i have left the ask box open to people who have 

A) read a fanfic/oneshot and then lost the link/name 


B) want to submit their fanfic/oneshot. (it doesn’t matter if it’s on Tumblr, Ao3, fanfiction.net or Wattpad. just send the link)

this blog is currently under construction, and probably will be for the next couple of weeks. but not to worry, because the fanficiton link under fics/oneshots (mobile link for the people on mobile) will soon be completed. there you will find a list of multiple ships, and after you click on one it will send you to a page with chaptered fanfiction in lists of completed or works in progress

if i’ve created any typos or accidentally posted the wrong link, sending me an ask to show me would be greatly appreciated. (reblogging this post to spread awareness of this library would be appreciated too. wink wink.) ALSO, if there’s a ship i’ve missed, send me an ask like this: name/name.

i hope this paragraph wasn’t too confusing.

happy reading!

~Firkle (admin)