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Better Babysitter (TG/AP)

              Jimmy and Kyle were sulking in their room, waiting for their annoying babysitter to arrive. Their parents had gone out for the night and called the babysitter over on short notice. The boys hated their babysitter; she never let them play video games or watch the movies they wanted to, and she always made them go to bed super early. They’d do anything to get rid of her, and thankfully Kyle had swiped a shriveled monkey’s paw from the flea market his parents had taken them to last weekend. He had heard the old woman selling the monkeys paws talking about their wish-granting abilities, so he grabbed one when she wasn’t looking and planned to use it to get rid of their current babysitter. He pulled it out from beneath his bed and showed it to his brother.

              “Hey, Jimmy, check this out. This thing is supposed to be able to grant wishes, so I’m gonna wish for a new babysitter!”

              “Haha, okay,” Jimmy said, scoffing at the thought. He was younger than Kyle, but he considered himself more realistic than his older brother. “Well, what’re you waiting for? Make the wish.”

              “You just watch, little bro,” Kyle said, holding up the monkey’s paw. “I wish we had a babysitter that let us do whatever we wanted!”

              The words of Kyle’s wish echoed in the room, surprising the boys. Suddenly, the monkey’s fist closed and disintegrated into dust. The dust slipped through Kyle’s fingers and began to swirl around the room before enveloping Jimmy. Jimmy screamed as the dust moved faster around him, tearing his clothes and transforming them into a plain, white garment that looked suspiciously like a dress.

              “What’s happen- ack!” As soon as Jimmy opened his mouth, the dust flooded into him and caused him to cough and gag. He fell onto his back as he caught his breath again, sputtering out puffs of dust with a few coughs. “What did that thing do to me?”

              “I, uh, I don’t know. Are you okay?”

              “Yeah, I think. But what’s with my cloth- ooohhhh!” Jimmy began to moan as he felt his chest begin to tingle. The two boys looked at Jimmy’s chest as it began to expand. He threw his arms up as his bones began to crack, growing longer and wider, and leaving him with a torso that looked like it belonged to someone much older than he was. His moans grew louder and more feminine as two mounds of flesh began to protrude from his chest. With a sudden burst, he thrust his chest forward as two sizable breasts grew beneath his enlarging nipples. The boys stared at Jimmy’s ample new cleavage as Jimmy continued to moan, his new breasts sending unknown pleasures coursing through his maturing body.

              “Why is this happening?” Jimmy screamed, noticing how much older, yet girly, he sounded.

              “I don’t know! I’m sorry!” Kyle yelled in panic. “I’m so sorr-“

              “OW!” Jimmy yelled as his legs began to ache. He kicked his legs out in pain as they extended slightly. He felt another tingling coming from his crotch as it began to retract between his legs. It felt uncomfortable and pleasurable at the same time. His heart began to race as his thrashing body caused his breasts to bounce and jiggle on his chest. The sensations coming from his crotch and chest began to blend together, sending more orgasmic feelings coursing through his body. He couldn’t help but moan even more as he continued to grow older and sexier. He felt his boy parts slip between his legs as a fleshy clit took form, growing damper by the second. His legs were still aching though, and combined with the pleasure coursing through his body, the sensations flowing through him caused him to convulse and kick his legs violently as they snapped and extended. Each kick added a few inches to his height, while at the same time inflating his ass. He felt his behind grow enough to raise his lower back off the floor, his spine cracking and taking on a feminine arch as he grew.

              He looked at his brother as he continued to grow older and more feminine. He wanted to cry for help, but as he opened his mouth, all that came out was a feminine moan.

              “Hu…huuuuuuumph…” Jimmy moaned between breaths. Kyle couldn’t help but notice how sultry his little brother sounded now. Kyle himself was just hitting puberty, so seeing his younger brother turning into such an attractive specimen was making Kyle exceedingly confused and uncomfortable.

              “Jimmy, I’m so sorry…” Kyle said on the verge of tears. “I shouldn’t have stolen that thing. This is my fault.”

              Jimmy wanted to say something to his brother, but he felt his face beginning to change as his mind began to grow foggy. He felt his hair grow down his neck and tickle his back, turning a dark blonde in the process. His eyes widened and slanted as they took on a sultry, alluring appearance. His lips thinned out as his nose cracked and shrank a bit, planting itself cutely about his mouth. His face tingled as makeup applied itself to his mature new face. He had aged well into his twenties in a matter of minutes, and as his new reproductive system flooded his body with new hormones, he began to have entirely alien thoughts. He felt his new clit grow damp as memories of cute guys hitting on him entered his mind. His memories of being the best student in school became memories of being the sexist girl in school. He wanted to fight it, but as images of jocks fucking him in the locker room after school flooded his mind, he began to give in. His clit was so wet and so sensitive, and as he slowly began to rub it with a manicured hand, his name began to fade. Jimmy slowly turned into Jade as memories of going to college and meeting her boyfriend formed in the new girl’s mind. She quickly came and screamed in orgasm as Jimmy embraced his new identity. The new girl leaned up and stood over Kyle. She stared at the young boy ogling her exposed crotch and smirked.

              She only took this babysitting job for the easy money, and at least this little brat never gave her any trouble.

              “My boyfriend is coming over tonight, so I’m gonna go get changed.” She said with an authoritative tone. “You can play video games or watch TV or whatever. I don’t care. Just don’t bother me unless it’s an emergency. And don’t tell your parents, unless you want me to take your video games away.”

              “Ji- Jimmy? Are you still in there?” Kyle said hesitantly. “Please, little bro…” Jade didn’t respond. She simply walked into another room and began to change into a bikini for her boyfriend. This kid’s parents were loaded and had a pool in the backyard, so she and her boyfriend were going to have a ball with their private pool for the night. She loved her job, and while Kyle was still confused and traumatized by what he just witnessed, at least his wish was fulfilled. Just not exactly how he expected it, or wanted it, to be.  

The Juicery

“You’re really into juice and green drinks correct?” James asked, looking at Harry. 

Harry nods, smiling at the crowd in front of him, “yes, yeah, Y/N makes the best when I’m at home, but when we are apart I have to find for myself,” Harry chuckled, “when I make mine it’s so watery.”

“So why do you drink them?” James laughed. 

“I uh, I met Y/N at this place called The Juicery, I went in as much as I could just so I could see her,” Harry admits. 

The crowd starts to laugh, but it was true. Harry had been in LA for some promotion when it had gotten too hot and he knew a smoothie would be amazing. He stopped by a little cafe where she worked. When he walked in she had grabbed his attention. 

She was standing near the register, leaning against the counter, she was smiling and talking to the other worker who was cleaning the blender. He remembered exactly what she was wearing. Her hair was pulled into a ponytail, a red headband holding back the lose strands, a black shirt with a little logo on the side, a white apron tied around her blue skinny jeans, and a smile on her face. 

“Greg literally convinced me the other day that you, him, Jack, Soph, and Lila where all going to London without me, and I was so sad I didn’t get an invite,” Y/N pouted, “like none of you guys considered to invite me.”

“It was just a prank, you’re too gullible,” Kyle responds, tossing the dirty rag into a bin. 

“You guys pick on me too much, last week you all lied and said you were moving to Texas, you know, one day I won’t be around, you won’t be able to enjoy my funny one liners,” Y/N giggled, “love me while you can.”

Harry cleared his throat, grabbing her attention. She turns, the same warm smile on her face, “hi!” she greets, “what can I get you?”

“What do you recommend?” Harry asked, reading her name tag, “y/n.”

“I personally love the mango banana smoothie, it’s not on the menu, it’s my own creation,” she says. 

“Don’t do it bro,” Kyle shakes his head, “she has no taste buds, it sucks.”

“It does not!” She says, shoving him playfully, “go take out the trash.”

He rolled his eyes, grabbing the trash bag and walking into the back, “but my second favorite is coconut strawberry,” she says.

“I’ll have that,” Harry smiled, “how long have you two been dating?”

She gags, shaking her head, “since never,” she laughs, grabbing strawberries and cutting them up. 

“So you’re single?” Harry asked. 

She blushed, “I am, but I don’t go out with strangers, even if they are famous,” she informs him, slicing the last strawberry and dropping it in the blender, “sorry.”

“Guess I’ll just have to come back till I’m not a stranger,” Harry says, a smirk on his lips. 

“I guess so.”

“Yeah, I’ practically lived at the juice bar for weeks,” Harry says, “had to convince her to date me. I didn’t even like coconut.”

James laughs again, “well it looks like you got your juice girl.”

“Yeah, she’s lovely,” Harry smiled.


If Heidi and Butters become a thing, this is how I think people will react:

Kyman fans: Alright, Kyle. Make your move, bro!

Heiman fans: No…No…NOOOOO!

Butters x Heidi fans: It’s finally canon…I’ve been waiting 20 years for this moment…!

Creek fans: Blah, blah, blah.

Style fans: Kyle, I swear to glob, if you ask Cartman out, I will MURDER SOMEONE.




cat got your tongue { Little birds should stay away from big bad kittycats (listen here)

momma’s gonna kill for you { I’m going to kill you for everything you’ve done to me. All the times you’ve made me feel useless and small (listen here)

so many people to kill, so little time { If you are strong enough, you will survive. That is the law of the jungle (listen here)

Kyle Spencer (requested)

HIii, so I know I’ve been really inactive lately, but I am still alive! This lovely person requested a Kyle Spencer imagine and I am here to fulfill your fangirl needs!

Also it was not specified, but i was feeling the fem! reader!

(a lil triggering for rape:: hope you enjoy!


“Come one, Y/N! We– well you haven’t gone to a party in ages and everyone misses you!” Your boyfriend Kyle nagged to you as you combed through your hair. 

You had just gotten out of the shower after a long shift at work, and when you came back, your boyfriend was instantly on you that there was a party going on in three hours that was going to be “the best one yet”. Like they always claimed. But you were tired of parties, because it was dangerous there for any vulnerable person, because anyone could slip you drugs or force you to snort cocaine. Parties were all about peer pressure. And you just wanted to cuddle and watch Disney movies.

You shook your head and slipped your robe off, revealing your undergarments before you walked to your closet. “Kyle I don’t have anything to wear.”  

It was a lie, just recently you had went shopping and you had tons of new outfits to flaunt, but you just didn’t want to go. 

Kyle made a noise and walked over to your side, placing one hand on his hip and the other on your shoulder. “Baby, you have tons of clothes! I mean, look, this is new! Huh? I’ve never seen you wear this before. And it’s super sexy. I know how you’re all about body confidence.” 

You looked at the berry colored lace romper, with the plunging neckline and the exposed back. It was very sexy. So sexy that it had been sitting in your closet for a while now, since you never knew the proper time to wear it. Then you thought about it. If Kyle was suggesting you wearing it, he must have been okay with it, and you had one talent. Saying no.You were sure that you were able to turn down drinks from strangers and stray from the cocaine fanatics. Then your eyes came up to Kyles face and you sighed. It seemed the battle was won. You were going.You had lost this round. Kyle’s adorable begging face was the last and winning bullet.

Kyle sensed the change in your demeanor and let out a happy laugh, putting the hanger on the bed before coming and lifting you up. “Thank you, honey sweetie pie sugar. You know I hate walking into parties alone, I love you.” 

You tried but failed to hold back a grin as Kyle peppered kisses on your face and neck, and when he started to stay on the curve of your neck too long you giggled and pushed his chest. “I can’t wear the romper if you give me a hickey, sugar baby sweetie toots.” 

Kyle grinned and kissed you sweetly on the mouth. “I love you, Y/N.”

“I love you too, Kyle.” You gave him one last peck before he let you down. “Now give me an hour and a half to get ready.” 

Kyle groaned playfully before nodding and then throwing himself on your bed. “You do you, baby. I love you with and without makeup. Do your thing, my sweet.” 

You grinned and walked over to your vanity as Kyle closed his eyes and laid back. 


Three hours later you and Kyle were driving over to some unknown house and you were both in comfortable silence. You knew that music would be blasting like crazy at the party and you were glad to have even a moment of silence before your ears were ringing from the chaos. You smiled and rested your head on Kyle’s shoulder, as his hand slipped over onto your thigh. 

“You’ll protect me right Kyle?” You asked, your hand snaking onto your thigh before you started to play with his fingers.

“From what, baby doll?” He asked, turning his blinker to go right on. 

“From bug eyed cocaine addicts and horny single maniacs? You know, the people that make parties an unsafe place?” You intertwined your fingers with his and he squeezed your hand lightly as his thumb began to rub on your knuckles. 

“I’ll always protect you, Y/N. There’s always a danger anywhere we go, and I swear I’ll always protect you. No matter the situation; because you matter more to me than anything.”

You lifted your head off of his shoulder and gave him a kiss on his jaw, which he caved into, turning his head for a quick peck on the lips. When he turned back to the road he slowed down before parking behind a long line of cars. You quickly unlatched your seat belt, the music already pulsing through the seats of the car and climbed on top of Kyle’s lap.

“Listen Kyle. You’re so fucking sweet and I love you so much.” You said quickly, grabbing onto Kyle’s surprised face. 

He grinned and looked into your eyes, before his forced his head forward and you ducked your head to meet in a passionate kiss. Kyle’s hands landed on your hips and his fingers dug into the lacy material, before he pulled back, panting. 

“Okay, sexy baby doll, we gotta go before you get me hard. That outfits already got me all bothered.” Kyle’s eyes drifted to your exposed chest and he shifted uncomfortably. 

You giggled and opened the door, about to get out before Kyle pulled you back harshly. “And I love you too, Y/N.” 

When you were both heading to the entrance of the grand house you were slowly starting to regret your decision. There were loads of people so that even the lawn was full of drunken college kids, all laughing and throwing up and then passing out in that exact order. Paranoia was starting to bubble up. What if you drank so much you did something stupid and ended up going viral online? What if someone forced you to get high with them? To do heroine? To have a threesome? You were terrified. You hadn’t been to a party in ages, and it was like this was your first all over again. 

“Baby, smile a little bit. Remember me? Yeah? Kyle, sworn protector and the best boyfriend ever?” You looked from the entrance of the house to see that Kyle was facing you with a small worried smile on his face. 

“Yeah, no okay. Sorry babe, I was just-” 

“Worrying about bug eyed cocaine addicts and horny single maniacs. We can leave if you want, alright sugar bunny cutie?” 

You instantly shook your head, knowing that Kyle would be sad if he missed anything or if any of his friends and frat brothers got hurt. You forced on a smile and tugged at your curled hair. “It’s fine, bunny cutie sugar, let’s just have some fun.” 

Kyle grinned and grabbed your hand before starting to search for a familiar face.You spotted some people from your college and turned quickly before they could see you and kept yourself glued to Kyle until you two reached the kitchen of the grand home, where Kyle let out a holler and tugged himself out of your grip. You looked to see a group of Kyle’s frat brothers, who were all dressed the same, with frat t-shirts with popped collars and khakis. Kyle was wearing the same but you had convinced him that the popped collar was not in, and never would be. 

“Kyle, my man!” Steven Kurt yelled out, lifting his beer in the air and enveloping Kyle into a bro hug. “Just the man I wanted to see! Hey bro, you got any weed?” 

You stiffened as the question hit the air and Kyle coughed loudly before shaking his head. “Na, man. I brought Y/N around, man. You know she doesn’t like for me to sell anymore.” 

Steven and the gang all turned to you as you stood there with your back straight and a fake smile plastered on. Eyes were instantly raking your body up and down and all around as Kyle grabbed two beers from the fridge. 

When Steven was done eyeing you, he smiled and shook his head at Kyle’s hands, before grabbing a red solo cup that they had all been shrouding over, speed walking over to you so he reached you before Kyle. 

“Y/N, a special brew for a special lady.” He bowed slightly, staring you in the eyes all the while, a smirk on his face. 

You grabbed the cup reluctantly so you would not seem rude. Some part of you was hesitant because you didn’t know Steven all that well, but the other part of you that flashed pictures of Kyle’s face when he was begging you to come filled with disappointment made you shrug your shoulders. Steven was Kyle’s friend, and from what you knew pretty cool and he didn’t seem like the type of person to do anything bad.

You brought the cup to your lips and took a large gulp, causing the group of frats to cheer right before Kyle walked over with a worried look and the two beers. 

“What was in that, man?” Kyle yelled to Steven over the yells as you let out a whoop and shook your head from the horrible taste.

Steven shook his head and looked over to Kyle with a smirk as the boys crowded around you, guiding you to the dance floor. “Nothing man, just bourbon and coke.” 

Steven tried to follow but Kyle yanked at his arm. “No, what the fuck man, I know all about your ‘special brews’ and that’s my girlfriend asshole! What was in there?”

“Chill, man!” Steven shoved Kyle off of him and into the island before smirking even more. “You once said what’s yours is ours, right?” And then he sauntered out, leaving Kyle speechless and horrified. 

Half an hour later you were on the dance floor, feeling slightly dizzier than what a half cup of bourbon and coke should have made you feel. Multiple times when you went to the bathroom Kyle had walked over and insisted that you leave the party with him, but you always pushed him away, arguing that he was the reason you were there in the first place. “Lighten up!” You had yelled at him as you sat on the toilet and he sat facing the inside of the shower. “I’m not even drinking a lot, Kyle. I don’t want to get too drunk. Let me have some fun, please honey pot?” 

You eventually left him without an answer. 

But halfway through an incredibly bass-y song you were starting to sweat and lose focus of your eyesight, and you could feel bile swimming up your throat. You stumbled through the crowd, pushing with haste at a familiar boy with curly blond hair who caught you when you almost fell, running to the bathroom. You fell through a white door and fell onto a carpeted floor, throwing up your dinner and a brown substance. You fell to the side of it, as you felt footsteps coming nearer. You slowly regained your vision but your limbs were feeling incredibly numb.

“Aw, fuck Ross, she threw the shit up, what the fuck! You said it would work!” A voice that seemed far away as you tried to move. There was a loud thump and you felt body heat next to you on your vomit. 

“Ew! The fuck, man! It’s a different kind of shit, dick wad! It should still do the trick.”

“Well it better fucking work because I had to knock the shit out of Kyle so he would leave us for a few. He’ll be back, though, I promise. Now go and guard the door. I got a lot for this bitch, walking in wearing that damn outfit knowing that it would make someone horny. She was begging for this to happen.” 

You slowly started to come to your senses, and you tried your best to move, but your body seemed out of your control except for your fingers. There was shuffling and you opened your eyes, just as arms wrapped around you and placed you on something that your body sunk into. A bed that wasn’t yours, with a face above you that was not your boyfriends, slowly tugging at the hem of your romper.

“What the fuck? How do you take this shit off?” Steven, you recognized, was starting to get agitated as he began roughly tugging at the bottom of your romper, and you whimpered as the lace rubbed harshly on your skin as your shoulders began to gain feeling again.

“Steven,” You groaned out as the lace started to scratch too harshly at your skin, making you whimper in pain.

The tall brunette stopped tugging at your romper and shuddered in pleasure and ground his hips into yours, causing tears to prick your eyes. “Fuck, say my name again.” 

“Steven please stop!” You raised your voice the best you could, tears pricking your eyes. 

Steven stopped and growled, suddenly flipping you onto your back, where the button and zipper to your romper were. He started to work on them, ignoring the loud pounds on the wall that had started up. “Don’t cry, Y/N. I know you’ve wanted this for a long time. I see the way you laugh at my jokes, touch my arm, and look me up and down. You want me.” 

Tears began to run down your face at the horrible experience that you were about to go through, hoping that the feeling wouldn’t return to your bottom half. Then suddenly his fingers stopped and there was the sound of another zipper as he started to yank the shoulders of your romper down with one hand.

“HELP!” You gained the courage and energy suddenly, just as the door of the room was thrown open and Steven was suddenly fell to the floor suddenly from the force of you pushing up and the shock of the door banging open. 

He lay on the ground, dick out, just as a blond guy you recognized as Kyle, your boyfriend, ran forward and kicked him square in the side of the face. He yelled something you didn’t quite catch as you fell to the floor as well, your romper halfway down without a care, only the thought of escape on your mind. You dragged yourself with your arms as feeling regained to your thighs.

“What’s mine is mine, Steven. You sick ass bastard.” 

You glanced back quickly, sobs escaping your body, to see that Steven was knocked out cold, and Kyle was advancing at you quickly. You started to hyperventilate slightly, your breathing increasing as you tried to move your knees to get away quickly. 

“Baby, Y/N, it’s me.” Kyle sobbed out, placing his hand on your bare back. 

The touch made you cry harder as you let yourself fall back on the ground to escape his hands. There were loud sobs behind you as you silently cried into the carpet, letting your mouth open in a silent scream. “Y/N please, I’m so sorry I let him touch you. Baby, please it’s me Kyle.” 

The touch returned, this time warmer and calming, and you still sobbed, but did nothing when the fingers traveled to re-button and adjust your romper and close it up. 

The next parts were a blur, and you let yourself black out slightly, and the next thing you knew you were sober, dressed in night wear, and in your bed. You were still crying, but Kyle was sitting at the edge of your bed, scared to touch you, with his own tears climbing down his cheeks.

“K-kyle?” You asked, not meaning for the sobs to start back up. Kyle closed his eyes in pain as he saw the bruises lacing your thighs and the red marks on your shoulders. You hand’t even felt the squeezes that he had been doing on your legs. “Kyle, please just come hug me. I need a hug, bottle baby, please.” 

Kyle cried harder and crawled over to you, gently pulling you into his arms, placing kisses on your head softly. “I’m here, baby. Always, honey sugar. I love you, Y/N. I’m your protector, remember?” 


Sorry it’s a bit rushed at the end.

Thanks for the request @thoughtfullyyoungduck !! Hope you enjoy!

anonymous asked:

Prompt: Ali leaves the two of them alone for one afternoon & all sorts of shenanigans ensue. She comes home to find the house in complete disarray & shark week playing on the tv. She doesn't get far before hearing giggles coming from inside the monstrosity of a fort in the living room. Approaching cautiously, Ali peaks inside to see Kyle & Ashlyn in match pair of shark Ethika's, eating junk food. The two are her giant kids, but sometimes they are easier to love than other times. ♦️

Kyle had decided to spend a week in Orlando to visit Ali and Ashlyn. It had been far too long since they had all seen each other. After Kyle’s first three days in Orlando, Ali decided to make some plans with friends so that Kyle and Ashlyn could have some quality ‘Bro Time.’ Before Ashlyn, there was no one that could compete with the siblings, but it became clear from the second that Ashlyn and Kyle met that there was a special bond between them.

Ali should have known that leaving these two alone for an extended period of time would only bring trouble. When Ali got home from her day out with a group of friends, what she saw when she walked in the house shocked her. She knew that she was going to have a mess to deal with, but this was something else entirely. At this point Ali was just thanking her lucky stars that the house was still standing.

After doing a quick scan of the house, Ali could see a fort in the middle of the room which is where she would most likely find her girlfriend and her brother. It wasn’t likely that they hadn’t heard her get home considering that the SING soundtrack was blaring on the radio and old Shark Week episodes were playing on the tv. Ali took this moment, knowing that no one knew she was here, to inspect the rest of the house. There was pancake batter splattered all over the kitchen counter, a flour hand print on the door of the refrigerator, a puddle of blue paint on the deck surrounded by blue footprints, two nerf guns lying on the couch with all of the bullets missing, a trail of goldfish crackers leading inside the fort, and all of Kyle and Ashlyn’s  clothes were strewn across various surfaces.

Ali sighed and shook her head in disbelief. She was trying her best to stay calm. If she was being honest with herself, she knew that this was partially her fault. She never should have trusted that those two could behave as adults without her. Without any warning, the music that had been blasting through out the house stopped mid song. Ali turned around to see Ashlyn’s head popping up between two sheets that were tied to the couch.

“Hey, babe! When did you get home?”

Ali’s mouth dropped at the sight of her girlfriend. Her hair was sticking straight up in what was supposed to be a Mohawk and there were three streaks of purple paint running down each of her cheeks. Before Ali could say anything, Kyle’s head peaked through the hole that Ashlyn had made in the roof of their fort.

“Oh hey, Al!”

The tips of Kyle’s hair was painted red and he had yellow polka dots painted on his neck and a green painted hand print on either of his shoulders.

“Ashlyn Michelle, can I talk yo you for a minute?”

The extremely calm tone of Ali’s voice and the use of not only Ashlyn’s full first name, but her middle name as well told both Kyle and Ashlyn that they were in a lot of trouble. Ashlyn looked to Kyle for some kind of support but her just sunk slowly back into their pillow fort, hoping that if Ali couldn’t see him, she would just forget that he was there.

“You can’t hide for long Kyle Krieger!”

Ashlyn dipped her head back into the fort and crawled out of the makeshift door on the other side. She was wearing nothing but her shark Ethika boxers and a black tank top.

“Care to explain what all of this is?” Ali said calmly as she gestured vaguely to the area around her.

Ashlyn’s eyes never left the ground as she spoke. “Me and Kyle were having Bro Day.” Ashlyn whispered.

“And what did I tell you and Kyle before I left the house this morning?”

Ashlyn looked up at Ali and smiled, making sure that her dimple was on full display. “That you love us and to have fun!”

Ali crossed her arms over her chest, telling Ashlyn that her attempt to get her off the hook had not worked. “Besides that.”

“Not to make a mess.” Ashlyn hung her head again.

“I’m going to pick up dinner for us all. If this place isn’t completely spotless when I get back-”

“We’ll clean up, I promise!” Ashlyn didn’t even want to hear how Ali was thinking of ending her previous statement.

“Good.” Ali grabbed her keys off the counter and walked towards the front door. “Kyle, you get your butt out of that fort and clean up my house right now!”

Kyle came tumbling out of the fort, successfully knocking most of it over as he ran to the kitchen, yelling a “Yes ma’am!” over his shoulder. There was nothing scarier than an angry Ali Krieger. Kyle had been on the receiving end of her wrath far too many times.

By the time Ali got home, the house was even cleaner than it was when she left the first time that day. Ashlyn and Kyle had both washed all of the paint off of their faces and out of their hair and the clothes that they had thrown across the room were back on their bodies. There was no more pancake mix or flour covering the counter tops in the kitchen, Ashlyn had just come inside from cleaning the paint off of the deck, and the nerf guns were nowhere in sight. Kyle was picking up the goldfish crackers that had been spilt earlier that day and the sheets and pillows had all been returned to Ali and Ashlyn’s room and the guest room, where they belonged.

Ali walked over to Ashlyn and kissed her on the cheek. “Nicely done you two.”

Ashlyn, Ali, and Kyle all sat around the island in the kitchen eating the dinner that Ali had brought home for them.

“Yeah, we promise we’ll keep it this clean next time.” Kyle said around a mouthful of food.

Directly following Kyle’s statement, a dollop of whipped cream fell onto the middle of the island. They all turned their gaze to the ceiling of the house where there was a rather large blob of whipped cream dripping down onto them.

“Oh.” Ali sighed, with a hint of irritation in her voice. “There will not be a ‘next time.’”