kyle bonner

New God Flow
Kyle Bonner

Kyle Bonner -  New God Flow (Rough)

A rough little teaser of what I’m working on right now.


Forget a god I’ve got faith in my self,

I am the captain of my soul, don’t need anyone else.

Have I been 20 years liven, or been 20 years imprisoned?

If you didn’t understand, shut the fuck up, pay attention.

I lost faith in the world when my little sister died,

I shed a single tear then forgot how to cry.

I sat out on my roof and I asked god why?

But I never asked again cause I got no reply.

My problems multiplied when I fractured my skull, 

Only a teenager but I felt so old.

Cold on the inside, but didn’t show it, 

Sinking into depression and I didn’t even know it.

Hit the bottom when a close friend passed away,

Now I’m questioning my purpose, nights blending with the days.

A year full of struggle, man I thought that I got better,

But it all came back just a few years latter.

Now I’m all alone, at college, far from home,

Thinking I can deal with this shit now that I’m grown.

Wrong. Apathetic but desperate to feel, 

Turning to these girls hoping that they can heal.

Alive in the sheets, die again in the streets, 

Every once in a while wanna join the deceased.

Now the sinners in my life thinking that they can preach

I don’t want you in my life and you got nothing left to teach

Let me know what you guys think?