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Teasing Kylo Ren would include:

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  • Stealing/Hiding his lightsaber.
  • Using all his hair products.
  • Almost getting killed because you bought green hair dye instead of black hair dye. 
    • Hiding his helmet.
    • Putting Millicent into his helmet and carrying her around the base.
    • Stormtroopers and all the others running away when they see you, knowing you did some mischief.
  • Funny nicknames.
    • (Emo) Trash baby.
    • Ben Ten/ Big Ben.
    • Mr. Glowstick.
    • Voodoo Doll.
    • Darth Vader wannabe.
    • Tantrum Queen. 
    • Drama Queen.
    • Darth Tantrum. 
    • Darth Emo.
    • Kyle Ron.
    • Ben Ren.
    • Benjamin (Solo). 
    • (Emo) Fuckboy. 
    • Crylo Ren. 
    • Sex metal Barbie.
    • Sith-baby. 
    • Darth Buckethead.
    • Lord pissbaby. 
    • Whiny pissbaby.
    • Homicidal Queen.
    • Kylo Bae. 
    • Punk (ass) bitch. 
    • Boss bitch. 
    • Warrior baby. 
    • Princess Vader.
    • Dark Lord of all.
    • Fanboy Ren. 
    • Pseudo Darth Vader. 
    • Lord Garnier Fructis hair.
  • Making comments on how he struts.
    • “Walk walk fashion baby”
    • “Walk walk murder baby”
    • “Walk walk emo baby” 
    • “Show me that booty of yours!”
    • “Strike a pose!”
  • More comments. 
    • “So, how’s your hair?”
    • “Your roots are showing.”
    • “So, what’s daddy (Snoke) doing?”
  • Jokes.
    • “Ben there. Done that.”
    • “I’ve Ben Solo since forever.”
    • “Han Yolo.”
    • “Where’s your babysitter?”
  • Bad puns.
    • “Look in your shirt and spell ATTIC.”
    • “Spell ICUP out loud.”
    • “Spell IAOP and say -ness.”
    • “You put hot in psycHOTic”
My favorite Space Conflict characters:

Mannequin Skyscraper aka Dark Bader.

Lucas Skyscraper.

Princess Lazy Organism.

Ham Co-op.


Qui-Gone Too Soon.

Adobe-Wang Cannoli.

Sudoku Tango.

Dark Syphilis.

Count Doodoo.

Massaged Mattress.

Jar of Binkies.


Cannon Jurassic.

Zebra Oreos.

Panda Bear A Medal.

General Mischievous.

Kyle Benjamin.




Poetry Damnson.


Dark Mole.

Bubble Feet.

Jango Bells.

Israel Bridge.

Harold Symbols.

Sabrina Wrecked.

Maced Window.



“Are you looking for secrets? Is that what all this was about? Well, maybe I can help you. You want to know what the ultimate secret is? The secret of knowing who killed you.”

The Orchid’s Curse, Twin Peaks 2x05

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