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Evil Yours, Now Evil Mine // Kai Anderson

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A/N: I’m selfishly relieved to be writing Kai again. I feel like I write him better than the rest of Evan’s characters. So! This is based off a request where someone wanted Kai to meet a girl whose only fear was her own mind. I also had countless requests for rough Kai.

Side note: This fic is my absolute pride and joy.

This is specifically for my homegurl @fragilelikeabomb0106 <3 And myself. Because I’m a Kai whore.

Warnings: SMUTSMUTSMUTSMUTSMUT! And language.

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Master List

Kai Anderson:

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Peter Maximoff/Quicksilver:

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Kit Walker:

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James March:

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Jimmy Darling:

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Kyle Spencer:

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What Do You Get for Pretending the Danger’s Not Real? / Kai Anderson

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A/N: Based off this request from anon: “Kai making the reader do the pinky thing and tell him about their dirtiest, most fucked up sexual fantasy? Then him making that a reality when they least expect it?”

My first request :’) Might come out with a part 2 to this if you guys want that. As always, please let me know what you think!

I’d also like to say that man-bun Kai does things to me that I’d never expect a man bun guy to be capable of.

Warnings: Smut, BDSM themes, mention of mental illness, strong language… Basically what you’d expect from Kai.

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Voltron At San Diego Comic Con 

This year, the Voltron crew are taking over room 6BCF on Thursday, July 20, from 10:30 AM-11:30 AM. Join executive producer Joaquim dos Santos, co-executive producer Lauren Montgomery, and stars Bex Taylor-Klaus (Pidge) and Tyler Labine (Hunk), as well as Nerdist’s own Kyle Anderson (yes, that’s me) as moderator as we debut the first episode of season three for the audience and show and tell you a bit of what’s to come.  And a really cool thing? If you happen to have gone to NYCC last year and picked up the exclusive Voltron poster, the two join together to form the ultimate in lion-based artwork.

And if you sadly can’t make any of these things, or even if you can and you just want to get your grub on, then all con long, you’ll be able to head to PETCO Park’s Interactive Zone and hit up the official Hunk food truck, serving every paladin’s (least) favorite snack: Green Food Goo! Don’t worry, though; it’s actually real tasty. The truck will be open from 11am-6pm Thursday through Saturday and 11-5 on Sunday. And, for all other Voltron things, the Lion Forge Comics booth (#1903) will be giving away Black Lion masks (while supplies last), massive 22″x 34″ 4-Color posters (while supplies last), 4-color bookmarks and will be selling Voltron Legendary Defender Volume 1 which collects issues 1-5 of the miniseries