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I want a relationship like these

I want Love like Ron and hermione

Love is that which holds everything together. It is the basic ingredient. Like, if you were cooking chicken, love would be the chicken of your recipe. Love is the reason why you are making the effort of bringing in the other ingredients. However, if this ingredient gets too much importance, it would be wrong. Like, you cannot have only chicken in your dish, right? You need to add spices, and other ingredients. Just like that, a relationship with only love, will meet its end in a dump!

I want a Romance like harry and Ginny

There is a very good saying for men in relationships, if you want your woman to be your princess forever, be her prince forever. That means, the couple needs to keep the romance and the charm alive. Romance is the break from the mundane everyday duties. The vacation from regularity that you need. So, keep a regular balance of romance, to maintain a good relationship.

I want a friendship like jess and leslie

Friendship is that ingredient which adds the magic to the relationship. If two people can be lovers and friends at the same time, they have a complete relationship. Friendship allows the two to laugh together at their silliness, yell at each other for the mistakes and cry with each other for the losses. How complete do you feel in company of a friend? That is the feeling that you will have with a partner, if you both share friendship in your relationship as well!

I want passion like Edward and bella

Sex is very important in a marriage. True statement. However, more than the sex, passion is important. There should be a longing in the couple for each other. It is passion that makes each touch, each kiss, each blink of the eye mean a lot more than that which meets the eye. You see those aging couples walking hand in hand, it is the passion that keeps them there. The passion to stay together despite the odds; that is what makes for a good relationship.

I want a true look in my soul like kyle and lindy

If you were in an accident and somehow your outward apperance changed, I want my partner to look at me for who I am. To help me see my true beauty

I want Sacrifice like Peeta and katniss

Love isn’t love if you’re not willing to sacrifice something for it. It may be as big as giving up all of those you own like wealth and material things in exchange for a simple life with the one that you love, or something as small as giving 5 minutes of your time even if you’re very busy just to talk to your special someone.

I want Empathy like will and ronnie

Lack of empathy in a relationship would spell doom for it. You need to have a basic know how about the other person. How they think, how they react and how they behave. It is this empathy that makes a couple manage living with each other for a longer time. It is this empathy that helps a couple do those small, small things that make the other person happy. Have you heard those women who go “Oh, that is just how he is!” or men say things like “That’s my girl”? That is out of empathy!

I want understanding and acceptance like sean and kailini

Understanding and acceptance go hand in hand. In a relationship, it is important to understand the other person. Why they did what they did? It is the understanding that overlooks the jealousy. More so, acceptance is required in a relationship. If you cannot accept the person for what they truly are, then the relationship will be a farce. A balanced relationship is made by two people who understand each other and accept each other with the flaws.

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