kyle and ken

Kyle: Oh, we don’t really use the school bus anymore.
Kenny: We have a car and three bikes. We use those to travel!

Kyle: Also, we’re in university now, but I think we’ll be done with it soon.
Kenny: I took up multimedia arts, Kyle took up journalism and radio broadcasting and Stan took up sports science.
Kyle: We also have jobs or, well, atleast we like to call them jobs. I help a friend of mine out a lot at this news company he’s at. He gives me at least 15%-25% of his salary. Stan plays basketball and does some other stuff that gives you that adrenaline rush.
Kenny: I make music. Ever since that circus idea back when we were kids, I took voice classes. I improved on my own after that.
Kyle: And he’s really fucking good. I’m proud of the amount of views he gets on his covers and own creations, and just a bit jealous of his musical skill.

Kenny: Shhh, you play the piano pretty well, you know?
Kyle: Heh, thanks, Ken.


Kyle noticed them first; the boy and the girl standing a little ways away from he and his brother. The boy was holding up his phone towards them, as if he were taking a picture of them or something. But the looking on his face told Kyle that that probably wasn’t what was happening. It might have just been him, but the boy looked upset for some reason.

Meanwhile, the girl was gawking at the twins as if she couldn’t believe her eyes. Heh. She looked as if she might faint.

Kyle nudged Ken with his elbow. The younger twin looked up towards the other duo, and instantly caught on to what his brother was getting at. Might as well go over and say hello, right?

So, that’s what they did. The twins walked over, smiling (mainly at the girl) as they approached.

“Is something the matter over here?” Kyle spoke up, he and Ken stopping a reasonable distance from the other two.

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Top 10 songs atm?

Let Me Out - Gorillaz
OK - Madeon
iSpy - Kyle, Lil Yachty
Absolute Territory - Ken Ashcorp
Get It Up - Mindless Self Indulgence
E [u].olgy - atlas
High Enough - K.Flay
Gasoline - Troye Sivan
A Little Death - The Neighborhood
Party Monster - The Weeknd
Ascension (ft. Vince Staples) - Gorillaz

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Have you guys done any other couple cosplays apart from Creek?

Aside from Tai/Matt (Digimon 01) and Tetsuo/Youji (Sweet Pool) we’ve done Furuya/Miyuki (Ace of Diamond). We’re also working on making cosplays for Billy Joe Cobra/Spencer Wright (Dude! That’s My Ghost), Style (SP obviously), and Ken/Davis (Digimon 02).


Scott Pilgrim’s Finest Hour, a video done by the Pilgrimverse cosplayers of Toronto. (x)

@formerlynightboy replied to your post“It’s cold. Scoot over and cuddle with me.”

“I-I…well…I um…Oh god…”

The twins bit their tongues to keep from laughing.

“I think he’s still cold, Ken,” Kyle said.

“Well, that simply won’t do, now will it?” Ken agreed, and the twins wrapped their arms around Ray, nuzzling their heads once more into his shoulders.


Y’all aren’t ready.