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Ellsworld: Ken and Kyle (Kim and Katya’s Genderbends)

Did anyone ask for Ellsworld’s Kim and Katya? No? Well here we go!

Meet Ken and Kyle, two bisexual boys who love each other. So a bit of design for Ken I got help from @supresmash3ds (Marc) of what his hair style would be and that he would be the strong muscular one while Kyle was the pretty boy of the couple.

Kyle: Oh, we don’t really use the school bus anymore.
Kenny: We have a car and three bikes. We use those to travel!

Kyle: Also, we’re in university now, but I think we’ll be done with it soon.
Kenny: I took up multimedia arts, Kyle took up journalism and radio broadcasting and Stan took up sports science.
Kyle: We also have jobs or, well, atleast we like to call them jobs. I help a friend of mine out a lot at this news company he’s at. He gives me at least 15%-25% of his salary. Stan plays basketball and does some other stuff that gives you that adrenaline rush.
Kenny: I make music. Ever since that circus idea back when we were kids, I took voice classes. I improved on my own after that.
Kyle: And he’s really fucking good. I’m proud of the amount of views he gets on his covers and own creations, and just a bit jealous of his musical skill.

Kenny: Shhh, you play the piano pretty well, you know?
Kyle: Heh, thanks, Ken.



“Yes, well, it’s a good thing I was only speaking poetically. I don’t actually have a heart– ‘artificial’ or otherwise.”

They better not try to say that that “explains a lot.”

“My blood is circulated through different mechanisms. Having necessary organs in one’s chest makes one unnecessarily vulnerable. And what about your own designs? Have you given any of your robots the sentimental touch of a beating heart?” He can’t imagine that they have.


Scott Pilgrim’s Finest Hour, a video done by the Pilgrimverse cosplayers of Toronto. (x)

anonymous asked:

Have you guys done any other couple cosplays apart from Creek?

Aside from Tai/Matt (Digimon 01) and Tetsuo/Youji (Sweet Pool) we’ve done Furuya/Miyuki (Ace of Diamond). We’re also working on making cosplays for Billy Joe Cobra/Spencer Wright (Dude! That’s My Ghost), Style (SP obviously), and Ken/Davis (Digimon 02).

Despicable Me 3 (2017)

Trailers for Despicable Me 3 had me worried. I enjoyed the first two films, I even liked Minions (though not as much as the others). They’re good films, but if you compare them to other animation studios’ firsts: Shrek, Toy Story or Coraline, you see that they could be better. The good news is that Despicable Me 3 is on the same level as the first two. It still has the laughs, the clever developments and that little peppering of emotion throughout.

After failing to capture former-80’s-child-actor-turned-supervillain Balthazar Bratt (Trey Parker), Gru (Steve Carrell) and Lucy (Kristen Wiig) are fired from the Anti-Villain League. Discovering that he’s had a twin brother all along and that Dru (also voiced by Carell) aspires to become a professional criminal, Gru sees an opportunity to get even, and to get his job back.

A long-lost twin is the lamest addition you can make to a series. It couldn’t have been a half-brother stemming from an affair his father had, maybe the one that split Gru’s parents apart? If we get a “Despicable Me 4”, how many more characters will we add to the series until it turns into the “Ice Age” franchise? My other criticism is that the humor and emotional depth of this picture are no better, nor any worse than it was before. I was hoping to see an improvement but at least the quality has been maintained.

Overall, the film is successful. Gimmicky Balthazar Bratt actually works well. He’s no wackier than some of the goofy villains we’ve seen in comic books over the years (think Calendar Man, Kite Man, or the Gibbon). The film also makes it clear that despite his cool soundtrack and nostalgic value… he’s a loser. A capable one, but a loser nonetheless. You want Gru and Dru to band together and stop him. Yes, that’ll mean a predictable revelation about betrayal followed by peril and finally a reconciliation, but that’s ok. I would’ve minded had it not been for the way the characters are juggled. There are a lot of character moments and it’s done efficiently. While Dru and Gru are out playing supervillain, the Minions (voiced by Pierre Coffin) are given their own goofy tale, Lucy and Margo (Miranda Cosgrove) are on a mother-daughter adventure while Edith (Dana Gaier) and Agnes (Nev Scharrel) are off on their own quest. Unlike the later Ice Age sequels, this film finds something for all of its characters to do.

It ends in a definitive manner, which all but confirms that this is Steve Carrel’s last performance as Gru (save cameos). Despicable Me 3 ties up the story nicely, has some neat additions, and all the trademark elements that endeared you previously have returned. (3-D Theatrical version on the Big Screen, July 4, 2017)