kyle and david


Sunday’s episode of Twin Peaks is the talk of the town. Whether you loved it or found it repulsive, it seems the general consensus is that David Lynch and Mark Frost have changed television. AGAIN. For me personally, I thought Part 8 was unlike anything I’ve ever seen on television before. Shows like LOST, Doctor Who, Legion, Hannibal…they were all left in the dust. What we all just witnessed was the most surreal and vivid display of storytelling to ever be broadcast.

Twin Peaks is not what you thought it was about. It’s not about a quirky town in the Pacific Northwest or the eccentric FBI agent who arrives there. Twin Peaks is about evil. Pure, unfiltered evil that only manifested by our own doing; the development of the atom bomb is possibly the greatest evil mankind has ever been capable of. Twin Peaks is about the people most affected by that evil and the forces who try to stop it. As of now, we know that Laura Palmer is the key to stopping that evil. So if you ever thought this show was about Douglas firs, cherry pie, or Audrey Horne, I’m very sorry to disappoint you. But Part 8 has proven that there might never be a show like Twin Peaks ever again.
Any time I watch Twin Peaks season one and think about Laura Palmer: “Hey, I admire any teenage girl who could have several handsome boyfriends, be popular, be homecoming queen, be on the honor roll, cope with a demonic force, lie to her friends 24/7, get one boyfriend running drugs, drive another mad with passion, seduce her therapist, be a hardcore cocaine addict and high-class expensive escort...all while participating in the town Meals on Wheels programs.

Eh, when I was 18 I could barely manage applying to college and passing Chemistry. 

Laura was a multi-tasker.