Happy Birthday Ukraine! :D
  • Since the week before her birthday she has been excited! She will try to hold all her feelings in but goddammit! She’s just so happy that she wants to hug everyone she sees, let her give you a cuddle!
  • As soon as she wakes up she’s as high as a kite! Her best clothes were layed out the night before and all of her darling friends would of been flown over the night before to celebrate with her!
  • The parade in Kyiw will have a very lively darling to deal with. It maybe her birthday but it’s a national holiday too! Why not celebrate with the public and bring everyone together!
  • Depending on how confident she’s feeling she might join in with the musicians! She has a voice to die for and getting the chance to her the talents of the people around her is always amazing!
  • Party wise, the (who runs the world?) Girls will throw her a nice party to celebrate with the other nations! The party is a nice cozy size, not too big but not small. That perfect middle ground.
  • All the food is amazing! If you asked anyone that attended, they would tell you there was enough food to feed an army! Of course left-overs were shared around with the locals.
  • Any responsibilities and work to be done will be done in a few days, it’s family time right now. Work can wait for once! Plus it’s always nice to have a break every once in a while.
  • For the nations that couldn’t make it (*cough* Germany *cough*) a nice phone call to her with a ‘happy birthday Ukraine, hope you have a good day’ will be voiced to her.
  • Of courses a traditional Ukrainian dance will take place (Here’s a nice one I found: X)! Anyone and everyone is welcome to join in, no matter their capability! Fun over professionalism after all~ 
  • Finally, she’ll admire the beautiful fireworks with the girls! It’s always so beautiful to see the night sky of her nation to be filled with colours and majestic shapes. Her birthday couldn’t have been better.

Special thanks to @franzandsmith! The Ukraine ambassador, are chat may have been short but the information I got from it helped me out alot, thank you so much!