Yoon Kyesang message to g.o.d members~

This makes me want to cry a happy tears, so sad yet so happy I can’t describe my feelings..
Yoon Kyesang oppa made a surprise video for g.o.d members n the fangods n it’s really a touching moment.. ㅠㅠㅠ
The translation of the vid is not helping either.. :“”))))

“ “Actually, I made this without the members knowing. Shall we listen to it together for a while?,” the singer-actor began. “I’m looking at g.o.d right now. There’s a saying that time heals all wounds. It really seems to be true. Tae Woo, Ho Young, Danny, and Joon hyung whom I have gotten so used to being with, there was a time that we were separated. We were so used to each other like friends who separate and promise to meet again. As I look at hyung and the other members, I thought, it really was the case for us,” continued Yoon Kye Sang.

The singer-actor then addressed each of the members:

Yoon Kye Sang to Kim Tae Woo
“My younger brother Tae Woo. You’re the youngest and cutest in our team. I’m really amazed that you’re a father now. Because you’re a father, you came to find me and told me to come back to g.o.d countless times. It must not have been easy for you to do that. Knowing very well that since you’re the youngest, you like your older brothers very well and yet, I was like a fool who was disappointed at things and was like a crying baby boy. I want to tell you this now. Tae Woo, among all of us, you’re the one who’s mostly like an adult and you made g.o.d happen once again. Thank you, Tae Woo,” said Yoon Kye Sang to g.o.d member Kim Tae Woo.

Yoon Kye Sang to Son Ho Young
“Ho Young, who’s always smiling and always thinking of others first before himself. How can you be just like how you were before? Nothing’s changed aside from your body. Your body is so much bigger now but your heart is like that of a flower’s. I loved you very much. That’s why it was so hard for me to run towards you once again. When we separated, I think I wanted to tell you as much as you wanted me to let you know. That’s why we hurt so much more. Now that I look at it, I think that was foolish (of us),” Yoon Kye Sang said to g.o.d member Son Ho Young.

Yoon Kye Sang also brought up how he felt upon hearing news of Son Ho Young’s suicide attempt last year following the death of his girlfriend. ”When you had difficulties, I was really very angry at you. I also regretted. That’s why I found you and wanted to tell you a lot of things as your hyung, but now that we’ve finally met again, I can’t do that. Because as your hyung, I wasn’t able to do anything for you during those times. Actually, I hoped that the sorry feelings I had for you didn’t turn into anger,” said Yoon Kye Sang about the feelings he had when g.o.d member Son Ho Young was in a very low point of his life.

“Do you remember the time when, together with the members, we went to see you? The moment you saw me, you said, ‘Hyung, I thought about it a lot. Can’t we just go back to the way things are before?’ I just want to be in g.o.d. Let’s do it.’ I wasn’t able to say anything. What should I have said? My heart was in pain and I was so sorry, I felt that there wasn’t any need to explain anything. That’s why, like that, I said ‘Let’s do it.’,” continued Yoon Kye Sang.

“Ho Young, my beloved Ho Young. Thanks. Thank you for accepting me once again as your hyung and for giving me the chance to be g.o.d again. As always, you hit the finishing blow. Your body is not the only thing that’s scary, your heart is also frightening. It’s good that your true feelings are scary, Ho Young,” added Yoon Kye Sang.

Yoon Kye Sang to Danny Ahn
“You always organized everything and took charge of things the wisest way possible. You’re also somehow timid. I was always careful around you, maybe because you’re my same age friend. I was worried that you might be hurt with the things I say. I didn’t want to see you looking sorry. I was always envious of you. Your passion was really good and I respected your urgency. That’s why I tried so badly to become like you. To my friend whom I’ve met again now after 10 years. You also did some growing up. That passion and urgency changed into softness. I think now that we are together again, it cheers me up knowing that we already know and understand each other whenever our eyes meet. That’s why all of a sudden, I look at you nowadays. Now, your existence has become a big source of strength for me. You’re a friend whom I can depend on a lot. You’re also a friend whom I can live together with,” said Yoon Kye Sang to g.o.d member Danny Ahn who is the same age as him.

Yoon Kye Sang to Park Joon Hyung
“Our Joon hyung. The hyung who has purity in him. The member who has worked hardest in g.o.d is hyung, of course. Because you have fed all of us and made us live. At that time, I didn’t know very well how lonely and hard it was for you. Because everything was not sufficient. You were filled with dissatisfaction and when you make a small mistake, you thought that everything was an excuse. I’m sorry, hyung. As time passed and I grew as old as hyung was then, I think I understood a little about how hard you must have felt during those times. At that time, your body wasn’t that well, especially your waist. You had a lot of hardship not being able to talk about your feelings with someone when you had hard times. Thank you and I respect you, hyung, because you didn’t give up until the end and thought of us as family and became responsible for us,” said Yoon Kye Sang to the oldest member of the group, Park Joon Hyung.

“But what happened? Did you go and come back from a different world in those ten years that I was away? You didn’t age at all. You are the same hyung as the one from before. What medicine do you drink? When you embraced me, I felt that I came back home, just like how it is after working hard for how many years and coming back to meet your parents. I think I would tear up and I don’t know how long I could hold it. Thank you. For me, you are like the existence of having the biggest house. Thank you for embracing me again. Now, dance gently. Your waist is not well. I would know because my waist is not that good too,” added Yoon Kye Sang.

Yoon Kye Sang to Fans
Finally, Yoon Kye Sang sent his message to their fans. “To my members who are this important to me and to our fans who have received everything again, I am very thankful and I cannot express my gratitude in words. Just, let’s not separate again, okay? Let’s just live together,” said Yoon Kye Sang. ”

Yoon Kyesang oppa, thank you for coming back n laughing happily again n making those crazy face again n singing n rapping again n be back together with your brothers again..
Danny, Hoyoung, Taewoo n Joon oppa, thank you so much for bringing back Kyesang oppa, for not giving him up, for always ask him to be back with sky blue family..
g.o.d oppadeul thank you so much for coming back once again, for making album, singing together, being adorkable again, for keeping your promise, for living well…
I love you guys, so much!!
N fangods is coming back once again, sky blue family is together again, n now let’s make sure not to get separated again, let’s live happily together once again..
Keep live well, keep dream high, never give up, so we can get the result that we want in the end, Fighting!!

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