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So it’s kind of crazy that I’ve had this blog for around three years now and have never properly made one of these… I know I probably missed a few blogs here and there, but please blame my forgetfulness and lack of sleep. I actually only follow around a hundred people, so even if you aren’t on this FF, there’s a reason I’m following you !

#s - J 
7kisses4u ahhyo anjaels b2ng b2ngyonggukz bangdae bap-ftw bapls bisori busanfatty captain-rivai carnisaur chowahae cjunhongs daesbulge damn-jongup dearellison fluffyoo gayvinwoo hatsumiyo kittyinabarrel hoonday hooniversal hoontokki ikiseop inmyownfiction jaekii jaesbrainbox jaeseopshi jaesob jeonkooks jung-up 

kang-junq kebeans keiops kevinwooless kimrapmons kiseoperman kiss-seop kissme247 kkarotcakes kurukiss kyeopta-kevin lms33 maknaepredator matoki-project moonjongup seopberry sorsik such-a-starlight taengkims taumu ukissource vanillatokki xtinaa1201 yeppeo-bean zelow
**(tumblr crushes are underlined in gif)** 

Thank you all for the wonderful three years here ! ♡ daematos

Hello my lovelies. It has been a bit more than a year since I started tumblr so I decided to finally do a follow forever. Bolded names are my friends (even though we don’t talk much because i’m shy orz) and italicized are my favourite blogs~ 

Well here it is ^^

# - A: 2xing  7kisses4u  27skylove  -kyungjae  awings  aeriferous  allukiss  ahhyo  awildkissmeappeared

B – G:  bleedingpetals  cheesykebin  chibird  chickabiddy  dongblebee  eundan  gayvinwoo

H – I: hokkaiiido  hooniversal  haepi  hanakiss  hugmedeadly  hatsumiyo  hana-jo  hoontokki  hmcity  hilary-96  ikiseop  inmyownfiction

J – K: jseops  jaehooligans  jaeseopshi  jaekii  kmsoos  kevinwooless  kebeans  kishiks  kissueop  keiops  kiseoperman  kaleidoscopelights  kyeopta-kevin  kebinwu 

 L – R: lulusukiss  lms33  mirenly  mintyteapot  mylifeisukiss  nine-kisses  nanazumi  oxygenic  penguism  pinkupetals  ryeou  reminiscencee  recapturedpieces  rollingmelon

 S –  T: silverhoneycat  seo-in-love  shindong-ho  s-eop  sunqhyuns  sunghyunf  sunggyu-u  sonluhan  sunieekiss   silentpea tickingseoul 

 U – Z: ubiquikiss  ukisseume  ukissbliss  ukissland  ukisseveryday  ukissthefuckingboss  whitefeathersoflight  wookiss  woovins  xuehwa  yu-kissme

Love you all and thank you for making my tumblr experience awesome ♥