kye sangha

This is a bit of a joke…I know I have no talent for abstract art. I went back to the museum and stared at the Kadinsky. Really tried to suss out how he had managed to get the delicacy in the lines. His painting has a lot of depth, but is not impasto, unlike many of his contemporaries. I also ran around and soaked in the Homers, and spent a huge amount of time on the top level, blowing on the Calder mobile and watching it move. I know I was under close scrutiny by the docents, but no one told me to stop, so I had at it. And then I even got a couple of other people in on the action! Now that was fun!

A not very flattering, but unfortunately rather true to life, portrait of a woman in my “neighborhood”. It’s not much of a neighborhood. More like a collection of homeowners, individually doing their nails and watching tv. Everyone is so damned entitled, with their SUVs and non-sustainable lifestyles. God, after 6 years of this I can’t wait to move!