kye bumjoo

what2do – chill k-hiphop with groovy beats (x)

the ceiling (ft. moowoong of baechigi) – kye bumjoo // no makeup – zion.t // ordinary love (ft. park boram) – park kyung // ? (q mark) (ft. choiza and zion.t) – primary // what2do – dean, crush, jeff bernat // sometimes (ft. baek yerin) – crush // hold me tight (ft. crush) – loco // attraction (ft. dynamic duo) – bumkey // don’t flirt – winner // i am you, you are me – zico // on your body – ven // no need to talk – taewan // as long as you’re not crazy - infinite.h // wind (ft. beenzino) – lim kim // excuses – g.soul // don’t be shy (ft. choa, iron) – primary // wi ing wi ing – hyukoh

140603 - Twitter

[KYE BUMJOO] Sorry for doubting you even for a moment Woo Jiho.. 



[KYE BUMJOO] Just now at Chungjeongno

[KYE BUMJOO] My spies tell me that you’re having a good time with ladies there..

[ZICO] (photo of himself at the studio)

[ZICO] Excuse me?

[POPTIME] ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㄲ

Trans: bontheblock

[130929] Twitter ZICO & Nusoul

[ZICO] 앨범나오면 
Nice day 가사 완벽히 암기해주세요
이거 그냥 박살내는곡임ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
아 ㅋㅋ연습하다가 흥분해서 발작할뻔했네

[KYE BUMJOO to ZICO] 내 태어나서 겪은 가장빡센 코러스가 아니었나 싶어…….


[ZICO] When the album comes out
please memorise the lyrics to ‘Nice day’ perfectly
It’s just a shattering songㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Ah ㅋㅋWhile practicing I got too excited and nearly had a spasm"Having spasms yet is a no no ㅋㅋㅋ

[KYE BUMJOO to ZICO] I think it’s the most strongest chorus I’ve heard since I was born…….


[ZICO] Cuando el álbum salga
por favor memorizad la letra de 'Nice day’ perfectamente
Es solo una canción demoledora kekekekeke
Ah keke Mientras practicaba me emocioné demasiado y casi tuve un espasmo “Tener espasmos aun es un no no no kekeke

[KYE BUMJOO a ZICO] Creo que es el estribillo más potente que he escuchado desde que nací…….

Trans: bontheblock
Trad español: 7wannab

[131010] Twitter Kye Bumjoo & ZICO

[ZICO] 와우! “[KYE BUMJOO] 미국 빌보드에 제 라이브 클립이 올라갔네요^^!


[ZICO] Wow! “[KYE BUMJOO] A clip from my live is up on the American Billboard^^!" 

[ZICO] ¡Wow! ”[KYE BUMJOO] Hay un vídeo de mi live subido en American Billboard^^!“ [ENG]

Trans: bontheblock

Trad español: 7WannaB


Kye BumJoo released the MV for the song Something Special

[130927] Twitter ZICO & Kyung

[ZICO] 계범주 섬띵 스폐셜 대박!!!!^-^!!!!!@

[ENG] Kye Bumjoo Something Special daebak!!!!^-^!!!!!@

[ESP] ¡¡¡¡Kye Bumjoo Something Special impresionante!!!!^-^!!!!!@

[KYUNG] 진짜좋음 누소울 계범주찡 화이팅!!!!

[ENG] It’s really good, Nusoul Kye Bumjoo-jjing fighting!!!!

[ESP] Es realmente bueno, ¡¡¡¡Nusoul Kye Bumjoo-jjing fighting!!!!

Trans: bontheblock
Trad español: 7wannab

TWITTER 140204

[ZICO] Work starting today

[KYE BUMJOO to ZICO] Fighting, going soon to Z&Pop’s studio to bow profusely

(T/N: Bowing for Lunar New Year)

[KYE BUMJOO to ZICO] After enjoying the rookie singer life a bit…

[ZICO to KYE BUMJOO] Yes sir~~!! game over !!

[POPTIME to ZICO] When are we getting together


TWITTER 140702

[KYUNG] Ah we had decided not to get too excited this time but the title song this time is really really real crazy……….

[KYUNG] It’s seriously real good phew….. Anticipate as much as your heart desires

[KYE BUMJOO TO KYUNG] Oppa, you’re hyped after hearing the guide, aren’t you?