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Dane DeHaan & Dan Rad and on the set of Kill Your Darlings (March 2012)

“Dane and I had really good chemistry immediately. He was the first person that [director] John Krokidas and I had seen at the audition that day, and we turned to each other after and were like, ‘Everyone else is screwed’ […] He’s probably the best friend I’ve made on a set and I really hope I get to work with him again.”

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Kill Your Darlings set  - 19 March 2012

First-time director John Krokidas’ plans for a completely low-key production were thwarted on the second day, when a busful of Brooklyn schoolchildren spotted Radcliffe. “Seeing Harry Potter? They started shouting with joy,” Krokidas says. “All of the crew is looking at me, and I have no idea what to do. But Dan was like, ‘John, I got this,’ and walked over to the bus and told the children, ‘Hi, everyone! We’re making this movie, and this is imagination time. During imagination time we all have to be completely quiet. Can you do that for me?’” The director laughs, “And they all stayed quiet!” —Entertainment Weekly, August 2013