We bought the kid a talking Kylo Ren toothbrush. He likes that it looks like a lightsaber and lights up red, but he does not like the talking. He has to keep pausing to shush it, thus preventing proper brushing. He’s just shouted, “George! George! Tell Kybo to stop! It’s not fair. Tryna make me turn to the dark side. Meanie.”

This just in- The Knights of Ren have terrible dental hygiene and that’s the true path to the dark side of the Force.


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  • [three year old wanders into office whilst I'm working on a Kylux portrait commission]
  • Kid: George? Why you drawin Kybo Mlem with a sunshine man? Where's Gemnal Hugs?! Where's the shouty man?!?
  • C2SW: that is General Hux.
  • Kid: nooooooo, tha's a happy sunshine man!! Kybo will be lonely!!
  • [opens folder of 150+ Domhnall Gleeson reference photos]
  • C2SW: see? It's the same guy.
  • Kid: that's stupid... Give 'im a hat.