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Kyary Pamyu Pamyu performs her new single “Easta” on CDTV


SCANDAL’s HARUNA & RINA; On Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s “Nandacolle TV” (19th Feb 2016)

Along with guests, Ieiri Leo and Scenario Art’s Kumiko, Haruna and Rina appeared on Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s “Nandacolle TV” programme! The show mainly has everyone discuss random events or things, posing the questions ‘What’s this?’ to all. This episode is also an all-girl episode, for the first time ever. To watch the full video, click HERE.

  • 1) The Difference Between Guys and Girls- What’s this?: Scenario Art’s Kumiko mainly speaks here. She also says how her band (Scenario Art) came about to include 2 guys and a girl today.

  • 2) Snow Day - What’s this?: The photo features SCANDAL’s TOMOMI on a snowy day. Haruna says that the members generally all like snow and when it falls, everyone’s tension becomes really high. However, for herself, she absolutely doesn’t like snow at all. On the contrary, her mood dips drastically because of it. She explains that back at her hometown, it usually snows heavily and although she is overly used to it, back in the days when she’s still studying, they make it a must to go to school even when the snow’s all piled up, so she has a lot of miserable memories. So when she receives such a photo (of Tomomi in the snow), she becomes irritated. At a side, the other guests are amazed at how Tomomi managed to build such a tall snowman. Rina then also exposes Haruna, saying that just some time back, she wrote a winter song about “how she loved the snow”. Haruna explains that it’s actually written by Mami, who loves Winter and had decided to put these thoughts into a song. However, as the vocalist, there’s this side of the job to it; so during the time, she had to psyche herself that she loved the snow and loved Winter in order to sing well.

  • 3) Birthday Encyclopedia - What’s this?: Haruna says that once, coincidentally when she was at a restaurant, she got interested in this book and was curious about her own birthday. To her surprise, the things written inside were spot-on, that it was practically perfect. Inside, it wrote on that she possesses a voice that draws people in, which made her really happy. It also says that the job she has now is one that gives her confidence. KPP is surprised at how they even write things pertaining to one’s voice inside the book, so Haruna prompts her to then find out what’s under her birthday as well. Haruna then reads out loud some of KPP’s birthday traits, regarding her job options and how well she’ll thrive in the entertainment industry.

  • 4) Safety Promotion Stamp - What’s this?: For 3 times in a row, Haruna’s sushi plate is being selected. When she first came across it, she wondered, 'What is this exactly?’ Without thinking, she bought it, but it turned out to be something done by a 72-year-old man on an Excel sheet. Apparently, the man came across the idea when he was working and made this in order to raise awareness. It made her sort of glad that she bought it, but she has no idea how it’s supposed to be used. The hidden MC said, “He probably would never have thought that a member of SCANDAL would buy it.

  • 5) Sunglasses - What’s this?: Ieiri Leo mainly speaks here. She talks about how she has very little confidence when wearing sunglasses. For KPP, she says it’s a must-have item for herself, which she uses to hide her gaze.

  • 6) Driving License - What’s this?: From this year onwards, Haruna will be working to get her driver’s license. The moment she announced it, immediately on the next day, she went to driving school. KPP says that she’s actually gotten hers already as well. For Haruna, the reason why she wanted to get it was because she thought of doing marine sports this year, and if it gets warmer, she could even go diving. In order to do more of that, she wanted to get her driver’s license first, then get a car afterwards too. Ieiri Leo suddenly jumps in saying that, “It was really fun”, which surprises everyone, but actually she was saying that stuff like scuba-diving is fun.

  • 7) Fruits Daifuku - What’s this?: Kumiko recommends this famous fruits daifuku. The insides included fruits from orange to pineapple, which everyone says that it was indeed delicious. The MC also playfully asks the girls if they’ll all like to touch up their make-up now.

  • 8) Miracle Fruits - What’s this?: Ieiri Leo says that this is sold at a supermarket near her home. Upon eating, it goes from sour to sweet afterwards. Rina says that it resembles that of cherries.

Video upload w/ thanks to 2xCantarian-san @ G+, translation summary and screencaps by fyscandalband.


Kyary Pamyu Pamyu performing her new single “Sai & Kou” on Music Station!


November 24, 2015 [7:03 PM] I’m going to be appearing on Best Artist! Don’t! miss! it! (top)

November 24, 2015 [8:03 PM] I was in a SUPER hurry ‘cause I got… uh… abducted…

November 24, 2015 [8:18 PM] Me and my little sister Hamada Bamyu Bamyu-chan 💓 (middle)

November 24, 2015 [8:19 PM] Team KAWAII. I’m so happy.. (bottom)


Kyary Pamyu Pamyu sur Best Artist 2016!

  • Crazy Party Night

The second part of Episode #4 of “Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s WTF TV” (talent).

livedoor: Kyary admits on "Oshareism" that she doesn't have many friends

On June 29th, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu appeared on the NTV talk show “Oshareism” and revealed that despite her flashy stage persona, she actually lives a very quiet life.

“You don’t have many friends, do you?” asked MC Ueda Shin'ya, to which KPP replied, “Yeah, I pretty much only have one friend.”

She also admitted that when that one particular friend is busy, she usually spends her time by herself, going to yakiniku restaurants and other places alone. Most of the time she does it while reading manga, with a [medical] mask and sunglasses on and a hood pulled over her head. “You cook the yakiniku with your mask on?” Ueda said in surprise. “I eat through the gap in my mask,” she responded.

She also reflected on the time she rode on a Ferris wheel by herself. “There was this period of time when my love life, my family, my friendships, nothing was going right. I wanted to take a good hard look at myself. That was around Christmas time,she said.