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i voted :)

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i’m going to be logging out of tumblr for a few days, just until my essay is finished. because i can’t help but be on here when i should be studying or working on it. i’ve set up a small queue, won’t go for very long but it’s there.

you can send me messages and stuff but i won’t read them and therefore answer them until friday, but they can be about whatever you want to know. i’m on open book :)

and i did a box jump on the bigger box today. then face planted, but i did it :)

What the actual fuck

That pic has blown up. I just came on here because I’m bored on my lunch break and saw that my pic has over 300 notes! Holy shit!

I feel bad I’ve been a bit distant lately. I promise I’ll get back into keeping you guys all updated on my progress. I start a 12 week challenge next week so I’ll defs be blogging about that.

Thanks everyone for being amaze, I’ll get to your questions in a bit :)