That girl’s smiling face as she talked to her friends looked pitiful
She looked almost like a heroine from a manga
I fell in love at first sight
I really, really loved her.
But with my appearance, she would definitely hate me. 

Then the boy met her
I prayed that our meeting was not a coincidence 
I prayed that we could meet again
I prayed tens of thousands of times that we must meet again one day
But everyone who heard about this miracle
said there was no way they could believe it.

                                                           - KyanNyan * Hero

Request 6#: Once Again (KyanNyan)

A/N: Made it to the 6th one! A KyanNyan (That’s Harukyan/Reinyan btw, if you’re wondering) requested by Anon. This is a very legit pairing, surprisingly. LOL. Again, I apologize in advance if this sucks. (~.~) and I hope that you will enjoy reading this. Though it is kinda angsty and with an obvious reference to that other famous Reinyan pairing. 

-  Once Again (KyanNyan)-


They were good friends. They hung out together a lot of times before so Haruka’s companion was not something foreign to Reina.  So why was that lately, often she would catch herself staring at the older girl? Was it Haruka’s recent haircut that had made her seen Haruka in a different light? Reina wondered.

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