Gem: Kyanite Facet-L07A Cut-7MD (located at right eye)

Nicknames: Kya, Nitey, Kyan, Nite

Gender: NB (they/her)

Age: 50,000~ years

Height: 6"5’

Weapon: Morning Star/Flail

Alignment: Homeworld (Blue Diamond)

Status: Soldier (previously a General)

Known Relationships: Iolite/Lite (former friend), Iolite/Lily (friend), Iolite/Lilac (friend)

Known Abilities: Unknown

Personality: Kyanite is known for being a laid-back, charismatic gem. They generally don’t have too much trouble getting along with other gems. They’ve learned how to keep a cool head, and won’t hesitate to act in dire situations.

Backstory: Kyanite was once a beloved and well-respected General, but they always put their duty to Homeworld above all else. They never shied away from making difficult choices, even if it meant sacrificing their safety or their comrade’s safety. One of these choices ultimately led to Kya receiving a small chip in their gem and losing their eyesight during the Great Gem War. This hindered Kya’s abilities, but not enough for their superiors to deem them completely useless. Instead of being shattered, they were demoted to a low-class soldier.


- Kyanite dissipates their gauntlets when they’re not in battle.

Note: Bio will update as the story progresses.


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10 Stunning Minerals for Space Witches

Row 1: Aqua Aura Kyanite (x), Azurite (x)

Row 2: Bismuth (x), Black Star Diopside (x)

Row 3: Blue Goldstone (x), Celestite (x)

Row 4: Flourite (x), Selenite (x)

Row 5: Spectrolite/Labradorite (x), Titanum Aura Quartz (x)


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