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Sea Witch’s Charms: Barnacles Ring, Kyanite and Silver Ring, Hand Carved Ocean Talisman Jewelry by Moon and Serpent

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I made my own gemsona, Kyanite! Kyanite was suggested to me by my friend sushinfood.

She’s a healer and can cleanse corrupted gems to help them. She was brought along to earth for the war by the homeworld gems, but she doesn’t much care for conflict. Her body was injured during a fight and her gem fell into the ocean where she stayed like that for a long long time. Kyanite hasn’t really realized that the war is over and just chills out with sea creatures because the rest of the world is confusing as heckie. Also she once saw the Crystal Gems punch a shark and now doesn’t want anything to do with them.

While she can heal corrupted gems she doesn’t have mending powers like Rose and Steven. She can’t physically heal anyone.

Kyanite is stubborn but easy to amuse and excite.