Hey, it’s kyan0’s birthday today! 

I’ve been wanting to draw Riley for a looong time and thought her birthday would be the perfect opportunity to do so! I figured Riley would be so pissed with all those confetti, silly hats, cakes, birthday stuff, that she would just throw the cake on the floor and glare at everyone like that xD

You’re awesome girl! Thanks for being so cool and also for inspiring myself and many many others with your neat and fun art ^^ Accept this little something as a token of my friendship and appreciation =]

I really hope you have an amazing birthday and enjoy your special day with your beloved ones :3

Happy Birthday, Kyan! <3

Riley belongs to :kyan0icon:

Kyan0 asked: What’s Screwball’s ideal partner and why?

He doesn’t really care what they look like or what they do, as long they’re fun, spontaneous and as loopy as him, he’ll be happy and in love~ <:


(reuploaded because huge error in screwball’s hand haha)