kyan yutaka

HYDE at a New Year’s Party with Kyan Yutaka(Golden Bomber), Hitsugi(Nightmare), Aki(SID), Hiro(My Firts Story), Shinya(Dir en Grey), Shun Shioya, DAIGO, Pele Kusada and Syuusuke Saito.

“Great New Year’s party with HYDE and the artist team!
The last party of the year is a wonderful meeting!
It was the best time to eat and drink a delicious wine at a men’s dinner!
I will do my best to have such a happy time next year.
Thanks for your support.”



they actually cut this little moment from the broadcast (probably for time) but during curtain call, at Wakatsuki Yumi’s introduction, someone in the audience keeps calling out her name, and these two have the best reactions

Kyan-Yasha goes on the alert trying to figure out where it’s coming from, and Waka-chan goes full Kagome on the guy calling her, shushing him and telling him “Osuwari!”