kyahhh cute


Kim Eunsoo (Model): Wow…. Xiumin really;;;;His looks are astounding TT

I fell in love.

EXO Hwaiting!

Soldier. I like EXO. 89-er. J-gun.

It's embarrassing to admit, but I started liking EXO after watching their Weekly Idol episode. I’m straight…. (but) Xiumin is my style. I thought he was a lot younger than me, but he’s actually the same age as me..

Fanaccount of 140113 Idol Star Olympics Championship

1. While they were playing futsal, a Xiumin fanboy behind me yelled “Xiumin hwaiting!!!!” He was really loud….kekekeke


…Somewhere above me, a fanboy yelled “Yah!!! Xiumin!!!!!!!” Xiumin turned his head our way and looked at him…kekekeke

Thai Fanboy

Q: I like EXO’s Xiumin.

Hello, I’m a guy and I’m the same age as Xiumin.

While I was on the internet, I came across some group called EXO that debuted a couple years ago?

When I looked them up, one member (Xiumin) really caught my eye….

Please understand..

Q: I’m a guy but I really like EXO’s Xiumin.

It’s just that Xiumin is so cute

and petite

that I want to protect him…

I really like him. What do I do?TT

I’m a guy but..I like Xiumin so much..that I’m about to go crazy….

Q: I think I’m about to be Xiumin’s fan.

My older sister’s obsessed with EXO, so I looked them up, and came across a picture of Xiumin….He was so adorable that I was dumbfounded for a few seconds and thought he was a girl. Honestly, he looked so cute (young-looking) that when I asked about his age, someone told me he was 24 years old? I couldn’t believe that he was older than me;;

EXO would like fanboys, right?… 

I’m a guy but I really like Xiumin

I’m a guy but I really like Xiumin. His smile is so adorable. I really like him.

Ah, I’m not Luhan.

My older brother is an obsessed Xiumin fanboy.

My older brother is a twenty two year old college student. He started liking Xiumin after watching “Wolf” on TV one day and now, he always watches Xiumin videos in his room until dawn. I can’t sleep because his room is next to mine. Recently, he’s also bought EXO’s Growl album in order to see Xiumin TT TT He even went to Myeongdong to buy a couple albums in order to go their fansign. Nowadays, he collects Xiumin photocards and spends 90% of what he earns from his part time job to find his photocards. He also had a girlfriend but he kept ignoring her for Xiumin, making excuses, breaking his promises, and ignoring her on kakaotalk….From the moment he wakes up (at 6am), he’s on his computer, looking up Xiumin stuff. In the afternoon, he tells me he’s going out to meet his friends but he goes out to buy hats and clothes that Xiumin wore before. After he comes back home, he goes back to looking at Xiumin stuff… He keeps telling me to like Xiumin as well (…) What should I do about this? I want my brother to leave the house and live on his own, but because he spends all of his money on Xiumin, he lives at home.. Plus, he’s also starting to like D.O and Baekhyun, and I think I’m about to go even crazier. Should I chase him out of the house? Whenever I’m about to sleep, I always hear “Hello, we are EXO! I am Xiumin!!!! Thank you~ Eureurongeureurong” from his room ….I’m even starting to memorize their songs TT TT TT

Somehow I became a fan…..

I don’t really understand myself .. I’ve never even liked a female idol this much before…

(I am a male student.)

I don’t understand why I search ‘Xiumin’ a couple times a day T T T

My friends think that I’m a bit weird.. /laughs/ I understand.


I always lurk around to see if there are other Xiumin fanboys. 


Do you guys think fanboys are weird? If you do, please don’t think that way~~ I feel lonely ^^

My older brother is a Xiumin fanboy

My brother is a 21 year old college student and lives at home… I’m so sick of him.. The reason why I got into Xiumin is because of my brother.. I can’t even sleep at night because I hear exo’s song and Xiumin’s voice coming from his room ..^^… He’s always watching exo’s variety shows and programs (…)

He has a girlfriend but I pity her. I want him to leave our house quickly…why did he pick a college that’s near our house?

Do you guys not like Xiumin’s fanboys?

Hello, I’m a Xiumin fanboy. I’m not gay. Please don’t think I’m weird because I’m a fanboy. I really like Xiumin hyung…

Girls fangirl over IU and Krystal so why can’t guys like male idols without being considered gay?


Ah~ I extremely like Xiumin


I failed my test… ah Xiumin

(curse) (Our) Minseok hyung…

Xiuming-hyung TT TT What do you think about fanboys?

Ha..I was a fanboy of Girl’s Day, but I feel like I fell into hell this time..It’s my first time liking a male idol like this TT.

Haa (curse) 


Girls think fanboys of male idols are gay? TT But girls fangirl over IU so why can’t guys like male idols without being considered gay?

Baozi-hyung TT TT TT TT TT TT

hangh TT TT TT

What am I supposed to do? I’ve fallen for you.

I always look for Xiumin-hyung on Nate Pann. 

It’s all because of Pann!!!! How can anybody not fall for you when there are so many ssibdukk** pictures of you (on the internet)?

Xiuming hyung. I love you ♥♥

**ssibdukk = charming (attractive, cute, pretty, etc.)

I’m a guy, but I really like Xiumin

Hello. I’m a normal junior high second year student.

This might seem really weird

But I really like Xiumin

I don’t think I’m gay..

It’s exam week, but I think I’m about to go crazy because of this hyung. His face is pretty… you guys (fangirls) understand, right? Xiumin’s appeal?

What do I do… What do I do..?

His shouting skill from Mama era is so cute.. My photo gallery is getting fuller and fuller (b/c of his pictures). Is there a way I can stop liking him?.. Because of Xiumin, I’m starting to like the other exo members. Chen hyung.. I really like Xiumin and Chen. What do I do.?

+) I have one more thing to say

Is it weird for fanboys to go to fansigns..?

Xiumin Fanboy kekekeke

I came from Sehun’s talk !!!!!

At my school, there’s a Xiumin fanboy


He resembles a bear, and he’s a bit plump and cute. He came to my classroom and turned on EXO’s radio appearance. When Xiumin said “honey~”, he shyly had his hands in front his mouth 

and kept saying “Oo-mini hyung…Oo-mini hyung. Xiumin TT TT kyahhh~~~~~~ You’re so cute TT TT”

Wow, seriously, Xiumin makes even guys fall for him…

Even though I’m a guy, I really like Xiumin

Hello, I’m a Xiumin fanboy (oong-nam)..

I don’t know when I started to like Xiumin, but I kept saving his pictures on my phone until one day, I found that I had 2000 pictures saved on my phone….I have a lot more on my computer.

What should I do? I’m not gay.

I only like Xiumin. My wallpaper, kakaotalk background, and phone theme are all Xiumin.

I never even thought a female idol was all that pretty before.  But when I saw his picture for the first time, I thought he was really pretty. 

One time, I pretended that I had a sister to buy his photo card. This is embarrassing to admit, but I even bought makeup to get his photocard.

What should I do .. I worried a lot about whether I should post this, but I decided to post this anyway. Do you think it’s weird that I like Xiumin?


130902 Sukira Radio Broadcast 

Starts from 1:15 and ends at 3:03

R: What do you think about doing WGM?


R: Are there any celebrities that you want to be paired up with?

H: I don’t really know any female celebrities that well.

R: Me too.

H: But… you know… Ryeowook really takes care of exo.

R: Of course. Wait, does that mean you want to do WGM with an exo member?

H: I bet the viewer ratings would be really high then.

R + H: (laughs)

H: But, as you know, Ryewook really takes care of exo (…) Exo is our hoobae, but I’ve only seen them two times at weddings. Whenever they greet me, I always greet them back and run away because I haven’t learned all of their names (pause) but Xiumin!

R: Xiumin? Does that mean you want to do WGM with Xiumin?


R: You’re too much. People say that Xiumin looks like Sohee (T/N: Heechul is a huge Sohee fan)

H: Fine. Are you gonna go all out like that? Put me in the show with Xiumin. Add Sok-chun hyung (T/N: an openly gay celebrity) so we can make a love triangle. Call him!


Xiumin’s also a DBSK fanboy!


Exo Reaction To Talking About You In An Interview

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(Kyahhh!!! This is so cute omfg!!!) 

Note: In some of them you are an idol and in others you are not. 


Even though it would seem like Sehun would boast about his girlfriend, i don’t think he would. He’s so young and apparently hasn’t been in any serious relationships, so if he loved you enough to go public about your relationship then it’s obvious he’s serious about this and he wants to cherish what the two of you have. “How are you and your girlfriend doing?” The MC would ask casually as a smile tugs at Sehun’s lips, looking down in embarrassment because of the thought of you seeing the interview, but really these facts won’t stop Brathun Sehun from appearing “Honestly, she probably misses me a lot by now,” “What’d make you say that?” A member would question, probably Chen as Sehun nods slowly to himself “Cause i miss her a lot right now.“ 

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Like Sehun, he would really cherish your relationship a lot, although he wouldn’t boast about, it’s apparent that he’s happy with how things are going. And honestly Kai is such a sweetheart, i feel like he doesn’t have a certain ideal type and just worries more about personality and if he likes you then wow, you probably are the cutest and nicest girl ever. When asked about you, he’d probably make cute little remarks ”She looks really cute when she’s playing with Monggu!“ Or ”For some reason she looked extra pretty today.“ Or my personal favorite ”We mostly fight over who gets the last chicken!“ 


Ah yes, Tao, our little princess. At first when he gets asked about you he’d refuse to talk about you and becomes really shy, but when they show a few video clips of Tao doing aegyo to you backstage or out in public, he’ll laugh his signature laugh yeah the one that makes our ovaries explode  and bury his face in embarrassment in the neck of a nearby member Baekhyun So is it true that you do aegyo to her in order for her to buy you something?” the MC would ask with a laugh as Tao strongly denies it but his members would say otherwise “How about doing aegyo for Y/N?” he’d act like it bothered him even though he enjoyed doing aegyo because he gets to see your adorable blushing face everytime he did so.


We all know how he is on interviews. His blank expression when he has absolutely no idea what to say and he just becomes so squishy and awkward. The same would happen if he were asked about you in an interview, the members would probably be casually talking about their album and so on until the MC asks ”I heard you have a girlfriend! Mind telling us a little bit about her?“ Kyungsoo wouldn’t even know it was him they were asking until Kai has to nudge him to snap out of it. ”Uh….uh….“ A small smile would find it’s way on his lips as a blush creeps onto his face ”She’s…uhm…“ ”Don’t mind him, he’s actually really happy and wants to boast about his overly cute girlfriend but he just doesn’t know how to express his feelings into words.“ Kai would save the day as usual as Kyungsoo and the members laugh at Kai’s comment, knowing well it’s true. Kaisoo 


This giant is basically an open book! He’d talk a lot about you, only the simple stuff though like, obviously your name and how long you’ve been together and you’re dating spots. Ofcourse he’d only reveal things that don’t really matter too you and him, he’d keep the important information to himself like how many moles you have on your thigh and such. “Is there any special place you guys like to go to from time to time?” the MC asks as Chanyeol shakes his head with a smie on his face “It won’t be special anymore if i tell you guys.its the bedroom


Chen’s a troll. Once a troll always a troll and is forever a troll. When asked about you, he’d probably tease and make fun of you a lot ”Your girlfriend just had a comeback!“ ”She could be crowned dancing machine by all the NG’s she got!“ Of course they would all be jokes and you’d be completely fine with it because well, you did the same to him on your interviews ”What are your thoughts on EXO’s Chen’s dancing during Love Me Right at Inkigayo?“ You’d answer this with a long sigh “Well, It’s good that he tried.” And MC’s would be really amused and the members and viewers alike both would always be laughing whenever you guys talked about eachother. 

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A mix of Chen & Kyungsoo, since at times Baek can get shy and flustered when talking about personal matters. It’d probably go something like “I heard that our Baekhyun-shi has got himself a really cute girlfriend!” The MC would say as Baekhyun chuckles in the way that he does as he looks at his members for help “Do you mind telling us a bit about her?” The MC would ask and after realizing his members weren’t going to help him because of the little shits they were Well, she’s really short, sometimes she’d have to parachute just to get off of a chair.” This joke would cause everyone to laugh and Baekhyun instantly regrets this, knowing he’s definitely gonna get a beating from you when he gets home.


He’d be all smiles and giggles when talking about you. He’d be a mixture of shy and ‘That’s my baobei!’. Whenever a bully like Sun Hong Lei i love him compliments you just to see if the little lamb would get jealous, Lay would just be all smiles agreeing to whatever came out of his mouth “She’s my baobei after all!” Knowing how Lay is on interviews he’d probably let a few personal things out accidentally like “How did you feel about her dancing?” “Honestly it…made me uncomfortable in a certain area.” He’d say with a chuckle not realizing that he’s an idol that needs to keep his image and everyone in the room would go nuts. 


Suho would be professional about it whenever he was asked no matter how hard the questions were, he’d keep his cool, being the leader and all “Any thoughts on marriage?” An insensitive MC would ask “Right now both our schedules are really busy and hectic, unfortunately we don’t even have the time to go on a decent date but we’re happy. The thought if marriage…hmm i wonder?” This would probably go on headlines though, but in the end he’s still Suho after all so when confronted with these sort of questions “Fans have talked about you looking at her chest area a lot,” Suho would bang his head on the table in embarrassment as the MC continues “We have a few photos to follow up this rumor.” Suho would lose all his shit when he sees the obvious horny him looking at your chest “Delete those pictures!” He’d cry out. 


He’d be laid-back and proud that you were his girlfriend, but i feel like he’s the type to boast about it in a subtle way. For example “I heard Y/N modelled for the Vogue China!” The MC would clap as he shows the audiences the magazine of you on the front cover “Aiyo, She looks really pretty…” he’d say as he takes the magazine from the MC’s hand “Aiyo…” he’d look up, smiling goofily and losing face as he looks at you on the cover again wondering how in the world he ever got you to say yes to being with him “I’m a lucky man.” Kris likes to give a call whenever he misses someone so after the interview i’m petty sure that he’ll give you call, just because he misses you and to tell you how much he loves you.


Ahhh, our humble Luhan…wouldn’t be so humble when talking about his girlfriend, you! He’d probably talk about you before the MC even asks about you ”Who in the group likes eating sweets?“ ”Oooo! Y/N does!“ The members would laugh at how cute their hyung was as Luhan continues praising you, but when asked about himself he becomes shy and stops talking completely, because humble Luhan is humble.


Minseok is really reserved, like we don’t know much about his private life and that’s okay. This is why i don’t think he’d date an idol, because he seems like he prefers things reserved. Whenever MC’s would ask about his girlfriend, i feel like the members would shamelessly help their hyung because it seems like they respect Xiumin a lot and would do their best to help their cute hyung since they know that Xiumin doesn’t really like sharing personal stuff “I’ve heard the eldest has a girlfriend-” “YAH YAH YAH! You skipped ME!” Sehun would say and it wouldn’t really bother Sehun that he’s being like this because Brathun.

Hope you enjoyed! 。◕‿‿◕。 

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